Raping Chay

It is extremely difficult being a high school teacher these days. No I am not talking about students with guns or any of that nonsense. The biggest problem are the female students. They just never looked like this when I was in school and I swear that the majority of them are blatant cock teases. You just cannot understand the difficulty of my job until you actually sit in front of a class and feel your cock getting hard as one of these little bitches opens her legs in the front row. The worst part of it is that I have to deal with this at home as well as at school.

My daughter Chay is probably the biggest prick tease of them all. I noticed her change in attitude a few years ago. I think it was at this time that she realized she could get almost anything she wanted from men if she led them to believe that was sex involved. I really wouldn’t have a problem with it but she as taken to using her charms on me now. I may be her father but I am still a man and Chay uses that to her advantage. This was all soon about to change.

It happened on a Friday about 2 months ago. It was a particularly stressful day at school, from a sexual standpoint anyways. You see the weather had just started turning warmer and that only means one thing. More revealing clothing. One girl in particular, Jessica Swanson, showed up in my class with an amazingly short skirt. Now mind you that Jessica was the absolute worst tease in any of my classes and today was no exception.

I watched in awe as the 18-year-old high school senior sat directly in front of me and proceeded to spread her legs, giving me a wonderful look at her panties. She looked up every so often to see if I was looking and would flash me a wicked little “You can look but not touch” type of smile. She was right of course, I could look as much as she allowed me but I could not touch. That is not to say that I couldn’t have dirty little thoughts though and that’s exactly what I did, but that was when Jessica raised the stakes.

Normally I sit and take in any view one of these teases wants to offer and it has been rather “R” rated up until now, but Jessica did something that would forever change my life. My mouth dropped when I watched her sneak her hand up her skirt and slowly slide her panties aside. There it was, in all it’s womanly beauty, her shaved pink pussy. Of course she caught me looking and just flashed her infamous smile and rubbed her fingers in the “shame-shame” fashion. I was awakened from my trance by the sound of the bell. Thankfully it was the end of the day and I could go home and jerk off thinking about Jessica’s pussy. Or so I thought.

When I walked in the back door to my house I saw my 18-year-old daughter, wearing a pair of skimpy white shorts and one of those “wife beater” shirts. She was slightly bent over looking through the refrigerator, her young firm ass moving back and forth to the music lofting in from the other room. My cock took on a mind of it’s own as I watched her, feeling myself hardening in my pants. I was fixated on her and didn’t even notice her looking back over her shoulder at me.

“See anything you like daddy?” she asked in a giggly voice.

I could only mumble as she wiggled her firm young ass at me. What was she doing? Teasing me? Her own father? Well I had to deal with it all day at work and I would be damned if I was going to allow it to continue at home to.

I crept up behind her as if to look for something to eat myself, my hands touched the backs of her thighs and I slowly began to stroke them all the while pushing my growing member against her ass. Chay and I have always been touchy feely but this was going beyond anything we had ever done before and she knew it.

“Um daddy? Wh-what are you doing?” I felt her body tensing as she asked.

“You are getting to be a very sexy girl Chay” I answered, ignoring her question.

My cock began to throb as my hands slid further up her thighs to her ass. Feeling my daughters young firm ass was getting to be too much for me. I knew what I wanted and I was bound and determined to take it if need be.

“OK that’s enough. I think you should stop now daddy”

“Oh you do, do you? So you think you can parade around here dressing the way you do and teasing me the way you do and nothing will happen?”

“But daddy I didn’t….”

SLAP! My hand rained down on her ass hard and I felt her push back at me as she let out a surprised yelp.

“Don’t you think I know a cock tease when I see on Chay? I deal with it all day long at work and then I come home to you.”

“I swear I didn’t mean to daddy I …”

“Shut up!” Again my hand slapped my daughters ass hard.

I listened to her whimper softly as one hand slide up her side to her large breast and the other moved forward, rubbing at her covered pussy and for a split second I thought I heard her moan. My cock was aching to be free of it’s confines and I desperately wanted to see my daughter’s face. I roughly tugged at her arm, pulling her up and turning her to face me. She looked scared but I was in too much of a sexual frenzy to care.

“Daddy? Please, what are you going to do to me?”

“On your knees you little bitch! NOW!” my voice seemed to both shock and scare her.

Chay looked hesitantly at me. Her eyes filled with fright as I reached up and pulled on her hair hard, forcing her to comply.

“I said on your knees. Do it now or it will be worse”

I watched her eyes tear up as she slowly sank down to the kitchen floor, eye level with her daddy’s bulge. I lightly thrust it towards her as I held her hair wrapped around my hand.

“Well? What are you waiting for? You know what I want”

Her small hands trembled as she reached up and unzipped my pants and began to sop as she unbuttoned them.

“Daddy please don’t. we can stop now and I won’t tell anyone”

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“Take it out Chay. Take daddy’s cock out of his pants.”

I tugged on her hair again and watched as her hands pulled my pants down. My hard fat cock sprang out and slapped against her cheek. This time I definitely heard her moan as she wrapped one hand around my shaft and skillfully began to stroke my cock.

“Now that’s better. MMMMM Chay. You’ve done this before eh?”

Her silence was all the answer I needed, well that and the amazing hand job she was giving me. I began to fuck her hand as she pumped my cock with a little more enthusiasm than I would have thought.

“Daddy? If I stroke you off will you let me go?”

As she spoke the last syllable I pushed my swollen head into her mouth, gagging her as I forced my little girl to deep throat it. I guided her head up and down my shaft as I watched her tits bouncing underneath her shirt. It was all I could do to position myself to pull her thin shirt up over her tits but when I did I almost came. They were amazing. Porn star quality for sure.

“MMMM you silly little girl. You think daddy can cum from just a hand job? No it will take a lot more than that Chay”

Then to my surprise she started bobbing her head up and down on her own. Going down to the base really slowly. Her mouth opened wide as I felt her tongue licking the underside, her throat muscles contracting and releasing in a way that is simply indescribable. Then it hit me. Not only was she trying to get me off so that I wouldn’t rape her but she had obviously done this before and more than once. This was not the type of blow job your average teenage girl gives. This was experience.

“That’s it Chay. Suck daddy’s dick. Suck it like the little fucking whore you are”

The mention of the word “whore” caused her eyes to open as if she realized that I knew she was not the innocent little girl she portrayed herself to be. I nudged at her head and she went right back to sucking me off. Her tits bouncing freely from the effort she was putting into her daddy’s cock, knowing she was going to make me cum. But I had other plans.

I pulled her head back by her hair. Her mouth slurping up my shaft, a thin stream of precum and saliva trailing from her lips to my cock head. She looked like a drug addict as she strained to get her mouth back around my cock but I held her at bay.

“Your shorts. Take them off. Now!”

Her eyes light up as if on fire as she realized what I intended to do.

“Daddy no! please! You..you can’t. this is rape”

“Relax baby girl. I just want to see your pussy before I cum”

I stoked my cock as I watched my daughter slowly slide her shorts off. Not in the way one would normally do it in these circumstances but in the way an experienced stripper might remove her clothes. My little girl had done this before as well.

She stood before me in just a tiny little white thong. The outline of her pussy was visible as her eyes fixed on my cock in my hand. I pumped faster as she slowly side the thin material aside. My breathing became shallow as I laid eyes on her pretty little pussy for the first time in many years. And it was beautiful. Shaved as bald as the day she was born, lips red and puffy, her clit swollen. Up to this point I had seriously considered jerking off and that being the end but when I saw that pretty little cunt, I knew I had to have it.

I pounced on her. In the blink of an eye I grabbed her hair again and drug her to the kitchen table. She began to scream as I forced her to bend over it as I kicked her legs open. My hand was holding her head down against the wooden table as I pushed my fat head against her wet pussy.

“Oh no daddy no! Please! Stop! You’re too big”

Her last word trailed off as I invade my daughters tight pussy. To be honest I expected to feel her hymen but when I realized it was already broken something in me snapped. I was furious that my little girl had already been fucked. I grunted as I buried myself ball deep inside her and felt her pussy muscles constrict and relax, constrict and relax. Then I started to fuck her. No, let me correct that. I raped her.

I began to pound my cock in and out mercilessly as she creamed and pleaded with me to stop. It fell on deaf ears though. The louder she screamed the harder I fucked her until she said something I didn’t expect.

“Oh yes daddy yes. Fuck my little cunt daddy. Fuck me hard”

She worked her pussy muscles around my cock as she moved her ass back towards me. Fucking me as much as I was fucking her.

“Oh you like that daddy? You like raping your little girl? You dirty old man. You like the way your cock feels in your daughters cunt?”

She slammed her ass back hard with each word as I reached up and pulled hard on her hair once again. My free hand slapping against her ass with a loud SMACK.

“Yes that’s it you nasty little whore. Move that ass. Fuck daddy’s cock”

To say that my daughter was a great fuck would be the understatement of the year. She bucked back and forth moaning and screaming each time I bottomed out in her. I was close to cumming and she knew it.

She looked back over her shoulder at me with a sexual look in her eyes that is as unmatched as it is undeniable.

“Daddy, I want to watch. I want to watch your fat cock fucking my little pussy”

No sooner had I pulled out, Chay rolled onto her back. He was still wearing her panties and they clung to her wet pussy. She began to pull them aside again when I reached up and ripped them off her. She let out a loud moan as the material gave way and I was once again sliding my cock back inside her.

“Watch it little girl. Watch your daddy’s cock fucking your pussy. Your tight young little cunt. MMMM Chay, I have been thinking about this for so long”

“Oh god daddy, your cock is so big. Feels so good in my little cunt. Fuck me daddy. Fuck your little girl. Rape me. Rape your little whore”

This was too much. I grabbed her waist and pulled her up to me as I rammed into her deeper than ever.

“That’s it daddy. Yes! Yes! Yes! Give me that dick! Come on daddy, fuck your little girl'”

“Oh Chay, you’re going to make daddy cum! OH FUCK!”

“Do it daddy. Cum. Cum for your little girl. Cum for your little whore daddy. Cum in my pussy!”

I pulled her back onto my cock one last time as I drove myself into her. Holding myself there as I exploded deep inside her, filling her with the same cum that made her. At the same time Chay let out the sexiest scream and I felt her pussy clench my cock with her own orgasm.

I held my daughter tight against me by her waist as my cock twitched inside her, filling her pussy up. I watched as our juices leaked from around the sides of my dick, trickling down to her ass and pooling up on the kitchen table. I had never cum so hard or so much in my entire life and Chay seemed to love it. I looked down at my daughter and then kissed her deeply

“We are going to have a long talk about where you learned to do all that young lady.”