My Three Sisters and Mom

I grew up in a family of all girls, and later…..all women. My father died in an accident a little over a year after my twin sister and I were born. Fraternal twins, Jackie and I had many of the same facial characteristics, I looked more like my father including his almost coal black hair, whereas Jackie had my mothers almost reddish honey blonde coloration. Our mother had been forced to return to work full-time which necessitated our older sister Becky becoming almost a second mother to us growing up. Five years older than we were, a great deal of responsibility was thrown on her, which as she grew older and more mature, became more and more necessary in order to alleviate some of the hardships that my mother was facing. Luckily, she eventually had help from Dawn who was only two years younger than Becky. Needless to say, over the course of the years we all grew extremely close while growing up.

Early on my mother tried to make me feel important by telling me that with my father gone, I was now the “man of the house”. The problem was, that usually meant I was relegated to taking out the garbage, keeping the leaves raked and the lawn mowed. And worse, usually a lot of good-natured teasing from my sisters, including my twin sister Jackie as far as my early-on manhood went.

As I grew older and began to take on a more and more masculine appearance, and less and less of the little boy, that same teasing I’d been receiving all those years became more and more competitive and sometimes actually resulted in some fairly serious rough-housing and wrestling with all of them. Particularly with Dawn who though only a couple of years older than I was, seemed for some reason to constantly want to remind me that she was still older than I, but that she could still boss me around which sometimes meant doing so physically as well. Becky would often break up the more serious fights, but a time or two it ended with she and I wrestling around just as seriously as Dawn and I had been doing.

About the time I began to hit puberty, and had begun taking a curious interest in girls, my mother had drawn aside all my sisters and had what I called a secret conversation with them regarding me. Something that both pissed me off, as well as made me curious as to what she told them. They would often whisper things about it back and forth to one another, but I did notice that suddenly we weren’t wrestling nearly as much as we had been.

I’d certainly watched all my sisters develop of course. And though Becky was the oldest and seemingly had breasts for as long as I can remember, I don’t particularly remember taking any major notice of them, as like mom’s, they just seemed to have always been there, though I know they did grow of course, but not so noticeably that it was of any real interest to me then. And, the fact that I had not as yet reached puberty at that point I am sure contributed to my lack of attention towards my older sister’s development.

Such was not the case with either Dawn or Jackie however. When Dawn finally began to develop, she did so very quickly and at a rather alarming rate. My mother was large breasted, and as it turned out, so would Dawn become, as her boobs seemed to change in size almost week to week as I remember. Even Jackie’s tits grew early, but she took more after Becky in size, but between seeing Dawn’s growing, and then hers simultaneously, I realized they were quickly becoming women.

I’d seen my younger sisters on numerous occasions of course, but early on there wasn’t much that attracted my attention. I’d walked in on Becky, once. But the glimpse of her pointy breasts had been too quick, as she had hurriedly covered herself, and quickly ushered me out of her bedroom. I’d seen mother a time or two in the bath, and had even questioned her about the dark thick patch of hair between her legs. And though it didn’t instigate any ‘birds and bee’s’ discussion, she did inform me that it was a sign of her being a woman, and that eventually even I would grow hair there as a sign that I was becoming a man. And up until the point where I actually began thinking about women in a different light, I really hadn’t been all that interested or curious in what my sister’s looked like without their clothes on.

Two weeks before Becky moved out to attend College in another part of the State, I was busily enjoying my favorite past time and too involved to hear my bedroom door open late at night when it did.

“Jake? Jake? You asleep?” Becky had asked too quietly when she came into my bedroom. Only then did I realize she was even there, but the damage was already done as she quite easily saw what it was I was doing.

“Oh. I’m sorry!” Becky quickly closed the door and went back out into the hallway and seconds later I heard her head down back towards her own bedroom. Too embarrassed to say or do anything, I was expecting some major teasing about it in the morning, but it never happened. And Becky never said another word about it, and I quickly forgot the whole episode.

My sisters leaving for college was a major turning point in our lives, as we never again lived together as an entire family. All too soon, Dawn Married the summer after her high school graduation and moved a short distance away. And though we still saw her and her husband every other weekend or so, the closeness I had once shared with my sisters seemed to be slowly evaporating away.

It was obvious that mom was feeling the changes too. Though she had dated off and on over the years, she’d never met anyone she wanted to marry. Now, with all of her kids slowly growing up and moving away, she had become more and more depressed, and I would often hear her crying sometimes at night in her bedroom. When I got word that I’d been accepted at the same college my sister Becky had recently graduated from, I was even more worried about leaving mom alone. Jackie had already indicated she was going to continue to live at home with mom, but the job she had taken had her working late most nights, so she spent very little time at home with mother anyway.

I had mixed emotions of course. On the one hand, I was excited as hell to see my sister again. She’d landed a great job with an advertising firm, and had gotten a fairly expensive three-bedroom apartment fairly close to the college. She’d offered it up to me to help out with expenses while I went to school, and had even gotten me a part-time job working at her office. Though we’d seen one another off and on over the years, we’d never really spent much time visiting even then, so I was really looking forward to spending some time with her.

The night before I was to drive up state and move in with my sister, I had gone to bed early after an exhausting day. Jackie was at work, and though it was my last night at home, I was bone tired and had gone to bed fairly early. I had spent most of the evening with mother, enjoying several glasses of wine with her, but it had made me sleepy. I knew mom would in all likelihood finish off the rest of the wine, and I wasn’t particularly in the mood to have to deal with her depression under the circumstances.

I’m not sure exactly when it was, but I woke up with the urge to pee and headed down the hallway towards the bathroom. After that, I decided I was hungry and wanted to stop by the kitchen to see if there was something I could snack on before going back to bed. I passed by mom’s bedroom and thought I could hear her moaning in her sleep. Once again afraid she was crying, especially with my leaving and all, I couldn’t just leave it at that and decided to go in and talk to her and try and reassure her that everything would be ok. I opened her bedroom door fully expecting to see her lying in her bed weeping, and got the biggest surprise of my life. For a moment I was stunned into total immovability. My mother was entirely nude, lying on her back with one hand caressing her breast, and the other deeply embedded inside her pussy. The moans I had heard coming from her bedroom where obviously from her self-pleasuring and not from any depression from my leaving. At exactly the same instant, we seemed to take notice of one another, but all I did was turn and run from her bedroom without even closing the door when I did. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to my own room and collapsed into bed with my head feeling like it was about to explode. All I could see was my own mother fingering her self and the way she was pulling on her nipples and caressing her breast. Never before in my entire life had I actually thought of her in a sexual way before this, nor imagined even for an instant that she might actually have some sort of normal sexual desires.

I suddenly found myself aroused and sporting an incredible erection. The thought of being aroused at seeing my mother bothered me. On the one hand, she was my mother. On the other, she was still a very attractive looking woman at her age, with large shapely breasts and very erotic dark colored nipples capping each one. Added to that the decadent display of her legs widely spread with her hand busily working her cunt had indelibly burned that image in my mind forever.

I had been absentmindedly fondling my own dick when my bedroom door opened. Obviously none of us were in the habit of knocking on doors, which had caused this particular problem in the first place. And now, here I was in almost the same situation, dick in hand when my mother walked in unannounced.

Once again the strange almost Déjà vu repeat of standing there staring at one another took place, only this time in reverse. But unlike what I had done by running from her room to mine, mother came in, closing the door behind her and stood there looking at me.

There wasn’t any point in trying to deny what it was I was doing, or the fact that I was obviously aroused by what I had seen. What I wasn’t sure of…was what was going to happen next. I’d never seen that particular look on my mother’s face before. Frankly it was hard to describe with any real certainty. Lusty would be one word perhaps, but almost crazed would be another. And it was obvious that she was struggling emotionally with things herself on top of all that.

“I was going to come in here and apologize to you for what you saw me doing,” she began. “But obviously, there’s really no point in doing that since I see that you’re doing the same thing yourself.”

I was still somewhat stunned by this strange turn of events, and though I had removed my hand from my penis, it still stood erect and even throbbing a little which I immediately realized my mother was now staring directly at.

“I always wondered if you’d be as big as your father was,” she said curiously, catching me off guard. “And I’d have to say, you’re easily that, if not even bigger!”

Mom crossed my room and came over to sit down on the bed next to me. She still hadn’t taken her eyes away from my stiff prick while she continued discussing it as though it was the most natural thing in the world to be doing at that moment. But at this point, I was hardly noticing that as I now took a closer look at her myself. Mother had thrown on a loose fitting robe in an obvious hurry to come to my room. As she sat down on my bed, the robe parted and clearly revealed one of those firm full breasts. She didn’t even bother trying to cover herself, though I’m not sure she was even aware that one of her tits was even sticking out of the robe in the first place.

Before I could say or do anything one way or the other, mother reached out with her hand and suddenly wrapped it around my hard stiff cock. She appeared almost as if she were in a hypnotic state. It was eerie to say the least, if not downright weird. So much so that I was now afraid to say or do anything, and simply allowed her to continue fondling me, figuring that what she was doing to my cock as she played with it would suddenly dawn on her, and she’d come out of whatever trance she was in and release me. The problem was, it felt good.

“Mother?” I said, whispering so softly that I wondered if she’d even heard me the first time. So I said it again.


“Shhhhh!” She responded almost as quietly as I’d addressed her. The way she’d done that reminded me of how when I was a little boy she’d “shhhhh” me whenever I had been crying and would attempt to comfort me and calm me down, just as she was doing now. Except now, I wasn’t that little boy she used to wash in the bathtub and say, “We need to wash your dinky now too,” and what she was holding, and playing with wasn’t anywhere’s near being a “dinky” at the moment either.

The fact that I was enjoying her hand stroking and playing with me sent all sorts of wildly delicious thoughts racing through my mind, all of which I was struggling with at the same time as I knew this was wrong, horribly wrong, and yet I didn’t want her to stop doing it. In fact, I wanted more, a lot more!

All through high school, though I had dated, I had only touched another girls breasts once, and that was in the dark in the cramped back-seat of a car where the experience though exciting had been less than what I had imagined it might be as I’d never even got a good look at her tits let alone anything else. And though we had ‘dry-humped’ one another like crazy a time or two after that, we’d never so much as truly felt one another up except on the outside of our clothing, so even the touch of my own mother’s hand was a first for me in many respects.

Added to that of course, was her firm full breast so clearly revealed to me, and so easily within reach that I actually did so, without consciously thinking about it, half expecting my touch to wake my mother from this revelry she was experiencing, and ending this sordid little depravity that we’d both found ourselves succumbing to. Instead, she groaned at the touch of my hand upon her soft flesh, and leaned over in the next instant to fully engulf my engorged member with her mouth.

“Oh…fuck!” I exclaimed through clenched teeth. I’d never before in my entire life said “fuck” in front of my mother before, not even in anger. And saying it now seemed not only appropriate, but almost beautiful as the sensations of her lips as she sucked me, and the teasingly incredible feel of her tongue as she licked and tickled the super-sensitive head of my cock sent me skyrocketing into oblivion.

I continued to massage her breast, tweaking her erect nipples and eliciting soft mewling sounds from her as I did. Her passion rose, as did mine of course, so when she finally quit licking and sucking me and stood up removing the robe she was wearing entirely, I said nothing, no longer caring that what we were doing, and more than likely about to do was wrong, but wanting it to happen all the same.

Mom straddled me, reaching down between her legs to touch herself momentarily, withdrawing her finger and offering it to me to taste. I took it in much the same way she once used to give me the spoon she had used when making chocolate pudding and cleaned the essence of her juices from her finger in the same manner that I had done with that spoon.

The next words out of my mouth caught me by surprise, as I hadn’t really thought about it until that very moment, or the impact of what if anything they might mean to her when I said them. “I’m still a virgin,” I just managed to say. And then the hot silky feel of her cunt slithering down my prick made that little tid-bit of information no longer important.

As silly as this sounds, I was so nervous and so bewildered in a way by all that was happening that I was more in danger of losing my erection than in experiencing a pre-mature ejaculation. Mother knew what was happening of course, and took things slowly guiding me along and giving me words of encouragement until the pure sweetness of her pussy took over and coaxed my prick back into such a turgid state that I swore it had expanded larger than it had ever been before.

“Fuck me Jake. Fuck me hard!” She begged, and in the next instant I was slamming into her as hard as I could, gripping her ass in my hands and pounding my prick into her with stabbing thrusts from beneath, while she in turn slammed into me from above, fucking me with equal frenzy and an urgency that had obviously gone unsatisfied and unfulfilled for years.

In a way, she was no longer my mother. Not the one I knew anyway. This was a hot, aroused, sensual woman with no inhibitions, who wanted pleasure, and who knew how to go about achieving it. The feel of her body pressing against me was exquisite, the way her breasts molded into my hands as I squeezed and caressed them went beyond sensuality, certainly well beyond anything my mother would do, or be capable of. No…this was a woman of fantasy, of dreams that were never made real. And yet, this one was!

“Let me know when you’re ready,” she said. “I want your seed, but not in my cunt, in my mouth!”

Seconds later we placed ourselves in a mutual ’69’ position. And though I had NEVER licked a woman’s pussy before, I had thought what it must be like hundred’s of times. I had in fact once overheard a conversation amongst Becky and Dawn as she told her how much she enjoyed having her pussy licked, and so for me, it had become a major fantasy, but until this very moment, an unfulfilled one.

I might have been inexperienced, but what I lacked in that, I more than made up for in my enthusiasm. That, and listening very carefully to the pleasures of my touch as to what mother enjoyed feeling, and how she seemed to respond to certain things I did to her pussy over others. Flicking her clit with my tongue with quick, soft little butterfly licks seemed to be one of her favorites. So I continued to do that a lot, though I would alternate between licking her, and gently capturing her small tiny nub with my lips and then softly sucking it.

“Oh Jake! It’s been a long time since I’ve cum this way, a VERY long time!” she literally purred.

Just hearing her say this made me want to redouble my efforts. I was intoxicated by the taste of her pussy anyway, all thoughts of my own orgasm so remote at this point that I could have cared less if I came or not. Right now, hearing the moans and groans of my mother’s pleasure as I continued to lick and tickle her cunt with my tongue, meant more to me than anything I could have imagined or previously fantasized about.

“Oh fuck Jake! Now, please now! Make me come honey, make mommy cum!”

Reaching up I found one of her breasts and began to pinch her nipple the way I had initially seen her doing to herself when I first barged into her bedroom. Coupled with that sensation, and the way I was now sucking her clitoris as though nursing at her tit was enough to send her over the edge. Mom exploded with a wetness I had not anticipated, nor was totally prepared for. I was aware that women became ‘wet’, the natural lubrication that made fucking possible as I had learned through various means. But I hadn’t known, nor was aware that a few women actually gushed the way she did. I nearly drowned in that first initial splurge of her female cum cream, but as the shock of what she was doing passed, I began drinking from her pussy like a man possessed, finding that now there wasn’t enough of that warm sweet pussy juice to sustain me.

When at last she had grown too sensitive to allow me to continue, mom rolled away from me, forcing me to relinquish my lip-lock on her clitty. Moving down between my legs, she attacked my prick with an equally demanding passion that I knew would in mere moments result in her draining my prick of every ounce of fluid that I possessed.

The sounds of my mother sucking my cock were beyond description. She attacked it like a starved woman, which in a way, she was. But actually hearing the almost guttural noises she made as she ‘suck-popped’ the head of my prick was having its desired affect on me. In moments, I felt the torrent of my sperm explode from deep within my balls and begin the climatic ascent up the shaft of my cock.

“Oh shit mother! It’s coming, it’s coming!”

Regardless of anything she’d said previously, I fully expected her to release my penis before the onslaught of my orgasm overwhelmed her. If anything however, she had attached herself to me like a vacuum and as the first explosion tore through me, I felt her hungrily, greedily sucking down my ball-batter as fast as I was producing it.

Long after I was complete, satiated beyond belief, mother continued to softly suckle and tenderly lick my cock, ensuring there was no trace of my cum juice remaining anywhere. Her touch had gone from a fiery urgency of need to one of soothing, tender comforting that once again reminded me of her affections so long ago whenever I had been hurt or injured. In a way, she was doing this again, though my mind refused to accept the act, and what had happened, and allowed only that nearly forgotten closeness we had once shared.

At some point I fell asleep, and never heard her leave my room. I awoke in the morning, awareness slowly creeping in to remind me of what had happened between us. My thoughts ran a gauntlet of emotions, guilt, embarrassment, shame and even anger, though not at my mother, but at myself. Regardless of how vulnerable she had been, or even needful, I had had no right to take advantage of the situation the way I had. And though it was true that she had instigated the act itself, I knew even as it happened that mom wasn’t in the right frame of mind, and had I stopped her, forcibly if necessary, she would have come to her senses and realized we were making a terrible mistake.

I quickly dressed and rushed downstairs to her room. But surprisingly she was already up. And even more startling was the fact that her bed was made and her room was as neat as a pin. I hadn’t seen her bedroom looking like this in months if not years. From her room, I pushed through the swinging doors into the kitchen area and found her there. But once again I was not prepared for what I saw there either.

“Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?”

It was a rhetorical question, as she didn’t allow me a word in edge-wise, immediately pointing out to me that breakfast was about ready, and that she had been about to call me down so it wouldn’t get cold. Like her bedroom, the kitchen was spotless with the exception of a few dishes that were already soaking in hot soapy water. If I didn’t know better, I would almost believe that she had never even gone to sleep, and had spent the remainder of the night simply cleaning house as her way to deal with the horrible act the two of us had experienced together.


“Yes dear.”

“Mom, we need to talk, about last night.”

She was smiling, and I even heard her chuckle as she sort of responded to my statement.

“Best night I’ve ever had,” she began, which caught me totally unprepared. “Don’t remember ever sleeping that soundly before, or waking up as refreshed and alive as I did this morning.”

Setting a plate full of steamy hot hash brown potatoes, pancakes with plenty of homemade jam in front of me, I sat staring at the food, not really seeing it, but wondering if in fact mother had somehow managed to blank out the entire episode as her way of dealing with it. Even when I felt the softness of her breast just brush the back of my head as she set the plate down in front of me, which caused me to flinch out of reflex, she appeared to take no notice of the contact and went on with pouring me orange juice as well as a cup of freshly made coffee.

“Now, you’d best eat up. You’ve got a long drive ahead of you if you want to be there before this evening. And knowing your sister, she’ll be worried about you, especially if it gets late.”

It was obvious that mom was purposely avoiding any discussion about what had happened, and I decided that perhaps it was best to pretend and do the same thing myself. I had already decided that I would never mention the subject ever again, and that it had been an aberration that would never again be repeated, let alone discussed.

“I’ve got a few things I want to send along with you that Becky forgot to take. So you finish eating and I’ll have them all packed and ready for you before you leave.”

With that, mother left the kitchen leaving me alone with my thoughts. Obviously she didn’t appear shaken or horribly upset as I half expected to have found her. Instead, she appeared more like her old self, the “mom” I honestly hadn’t seen in years for that matter. Suddenly I was ravenously hungry and quickly began to devour the heaping platefuls of food she had left me.

By the time I was finished and had deposited my dirty dishes in the sink to soak, mom had come downstairs carrying a second packed bag that had a few of my sisters things in it.

Realizing that I was actually leaving the house for the first time in my life, to go and actually live someplace different, hit me like a ton of bricks. Once again I felt remorse at leaving, and though she wouldn’t be alone, as my twin sister would still be living here with her, I still felt like I was abandoning her in a way, or at the very least, leaving when the uncertainty of our emotions had not as yet been honestly discussed.

“I’ll miss you,” I managed to say.

Mom grabbed me then, hugging me to her and softly cried against my shoulder. But it wasn’t the mournful cry of loss and disappointment that I had heard so many nights coming from her bedroom, but a cry of acceptance and joy that her son was finally making his way in life, which meant finally leaving the nest.

“I’ll miss you too Jake. But, it’s not like we won’t be seeing one another very soon anyway. You’re forgetting, Thanksgivings in two weeks, and your sister and I will be driving up to spend it with you and Becky this year. So we’ll see each other then, and then I expect you both here for Christmas the following month!”

What she said was true of course. But even so, it suddenly felt different. I knew that I would never again walk through the door with the understanding that I actually lived here. I picked up my suitcases and headed towards the door as mom followed. She met me there of course, and then we embraced in a final hug, and a kiss, which I had fully expected to be a typical ‘good-bye-see you soon’ kind of a kiss. Instead, mother kissed me in a way she had never done before, long lingering, and in such a way that it left no doubt in my mind that she was remembering our past night together. I simply stood there, kissing her back, unsure of what I should do or say for that matter, and waited for the kiss to end, which it finally did. But even then there was a wicked gleam to her eye that told me she had purposely done that to show me she was right in the head, and that if anything, given the chance, it would happen again.


I had much to think about on the long drive up to where Becky lived. And as I argued back and forth with myself over it, I finally came to the conclusion that if I could talk to anyone about what had happened, I could talk to Becky. If anyone could help me sort all this out, and do so without judging me, and look at things in a better light as to how she and I could then deal with mom regarding it, she could.

By the time I arrived, it was late due to the weather suddenly turning bad and forcing me to slow down considerably. Becky had already dressed for bed, which for her consisted of a pair of panties and a tank top, her normal sleeping attire. Perhaps it was my being overly sensitive based on everything that had recently happened, but I had a hard time not looking at my sisters breasts which were clearly defined beneath the tight fitting tank top, including nearly every bump and dimple of her semi-erect nipples.

Becky had shown me my room, and after depositing my bags, and handing her the one mother had packed for her, we settled down on the couch together to catch up on things and discuss our new living arrangement. But all this did of course was make the proximity of sitting so close to her under these conditions that much harder for me to ignore, especially with her dressed the way she was.

“What’s bothering you little brother?” She asked “Come on, I know you. And I know whenever something’s eating at you, so come on…fess up. What is it?”

“Oh Becky. I don’t even know how to begin to tell you this, or what you’ll think of me after I do. But you’re about the only person I know who will at least listen to me first. And then help me decide what I, or maybe what we should do!”

“Wow L.B.,” she began seriously, using the affectionate little initials she sometimes used whenever we did have one of our more serious conversations instead of saying “little brother”.

Becky sat back, curious of course, but allowing me to find the courage to tell her the sordid details without interrupting me. And so I began, telling her from the beginning of how I used to walk by mother’s bedroom hearing her crying and how I had thought she was doing the same thing when I first walked in on her while she was playing with herself.

I had just finished describing to her what I had seen our mother doing when she stopped me momentarily from continuing on.

“That’s really nothing you should get so upset about,” Becky began. “Everyone masturbates, including our mother. And if I remember correctly, I once walked in on you while you were doing it.”

This wasn’t going exactly the way I had envisioned it would. I was trying to explain to my sister what had precipitated the actions I was about to relate to her, when suddenly we’re discussing masturbation and how everyone does it.

“Even I wasn’t shocked or disturbed to see you playing with yourself,” she continued, “In fact L.B., after I went back to my room I lay down on my bed and began playing with myself. Sure, you’re my brother and all, but the thought of seeing you touching your cock and making yourself feel good had gotten me aroused too. And I couldn’t help but want to do the same thing, even if it was my own brothers cock I was seeing inside my head.”

Now things had gone from bad to worse. “How in the world was I ever going to tell my sister what had happened between mom and I now?” I thought to myself as Becky continued on.

“Come on Jake, be honest. With the three of us running around the house half naked all the time, didn’t you as a young boy become rather curious?”

“Four,” I said simply.


“Four, the three of you, and mother!”

Becky laughed. “Well, she doesn’t count exactly. I mean everyone sees their mother naked at one time or another.”

“Not the way I did,” I said, still trying to reopen that door I’d tried so hard to open in the first place.

“And I still remember the day you walked in on me too!” Becky said.

That stopped me for a moment, and I tried to recall if there was any other time other than the one time I walked in on her, but she had turned so quickly that all I really saw was the back side of her ass.

“I only walked in on you once. And even then, I didn’t see much, you turned around so quickly I didn’t even get a good look at your tits.”

I felt my face turn red when I realized the way that sounded.

“So! You WERE trying to see me naked then weren’t you!” Becky tossed at me teasingly.

“Becky, it really was by accident, I wasn’t trying to see you naked on purpose, but when I barged in, there you were!”

“And so? What DID you see me doing exactly?”

“Like I said, nothing really…just standing there.” And as I remembered that day, that moment, I did seem to recall that when I had first barged into my sisters room, she had been standing next to her dresser, and she hadn’t reached up to cover her breast with her hand, it was already on her breast. And then I remembered something else, which I had completely forgotten about until now. She had a large carrot in her other hand which I assumed she had taken from the kitchen in order to snack on in her room.

“You were using the carrot to masturbate with!” It was more of a sudden realization than an accusation, and I was guessing. But obviously I hit the mark right on the head.

Now it was my sisters turn to turn red in the face.

“See? That’s my point Jake. We all masturbated at one time or another, and probably all caught one another doing it too. I even caught Dawn and Jackie doing it, though since Dawn and I shared a room, that wasn’t really very difficult as she did it nearly every single night anyway.”

Now not only did I have the image of Becky with the carrot, but now I also had this image of my other two sisters lying in bed playing with them selves too. And before I knew it, I was becoming aroused as the sudden stirring of my cock as it began to stiffen testified to.

“So tell me Jake, did you go back to your room and jerk off after walking in on me like that?” She asked curiously.

I admitted to her I had by simply shaking my head yes. The fact that I was becoming hard now while we sat here talking about all this was making me uncomfortable anyway, but it hadn’t been the intent when we first began this discussion in the first place. And now, I was obviously aroused and admittedly excited by the curious discussion we’d been having.

“What did you think about while you did it?” She continued to prompt me. “Come on L.B., now’s not the time to suddenly turn shy on me!”

Becky was teasing me of course, and I knew she was, trying to lighten up the situation perhaps, and though it was working, I was getting extremely horny too.

“Like I said Becky, I was thinking about your tits, really. And even though I didn’t really see them, they were about the closest I ever got to seeing or even touching another girls, and that included high school.”

“You mean to say you never saw another woman’s boobs? Really?”

Once again I nodded my head yes.

Before I knew what she was doing, Becky reached down and pulled her tank top over her head in one fell swoop. Suddenly I was looking at my older sisters perfectly molded and very mature breasts. Unable to speak, and unable to look away, I heard Becky laugh finally which released me from my self-induced trance.

“Figured you might as well get a good look at them,” she stated proudly. “Ever since I moved in here I walk around half naked most of the time anyway, and I’m not ready to give up my new found freedom, even for my brother. So as your liable to see me naked half the time, you might as well start getting used to it now.”

I was still staring at my sister’s boobs, but at least I found my voice.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to seeing you like this,” I responded honestly, which again made her laugh.

“It’s not seeing me naked I’m really worried about,” she continued in a teasing tone. “With us living together, we’re bound to walk in and catch one another doing something else sometimes too.”

We’d gone full circle here, which reminded me what I had begun trying to tell her about in the first place.

“Becky, I never finished what it was I was trying to tell you about before we got side-tracked here.”

“Oh that’s right. You were telling me about catching mother playing with herself.”

“Not just that, she caught me too!”

Becky sat up, a curiously interested expression on her face. “Caught you? Doing it too? Where? When?”

“A few minutes later, when I went back to MY bedroom!”

I had her full attention now. And even though she remained sitting there topless with those gorgeous tits of hers hanging out, I knew that if I didn’t hurry up and finish the story, I might lose my courage in doing so.

Whenever my sister got serious in any discussion we had, she had a tendency to draw her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them hugging them to her while she listened. She was doing the same thing now, with the only difference being, she was almost nude while we sat there talking. Even though she was wearing panties at least, drawing her legs up onto the couch had exposed her crotch to me entirely. I glanced at it…briefly, just able to make out the faint outline of her pussy lips as they pressed against the white cotton fabric. It was hard enough trying to carry on a conversation with her while she was topless, but the added distraction of actually looking at where I knew her pussy to be was a bit more than I could handle. Thankfully I began to focus on her face as she had at least partially covered up her exposed breasts in this position.

I finally told her the entire story, and this time she let me tell her without even once interrupting me. Try as I might, I still couldn’t detect what kind of reaction to expect from her. Not that she was stone faced or anything, and the look of surprise I saw in her eyes as I told her everything that had happened certainly was to be expected. But I kept waiting for her to throw her hands up or something and say “enough, enough!” But she never did. Becky continued to sit there allowing me to tell her not only what happened, but what I felt and was having difficulty dealing with as well.

I had nearly finished telling her everything when I once again glanced down towards her crotch. I know I forgot what I was about to say when I realized that a very dark wet spot had appeared in the crotch of her panties. Becky was aroused!

“I can’t believe…you fucked mother!” She exclaimed.

Something I expected from her yes. But not exactly the way she had said it.

Becky was actually smiling. “No wonder she sounded so different over the phone!”


“Mom called shortly after you left to tell me you were on the way. I could tell she was smiling by the tone of voice she was using. I even asked her what had happened to cause this drastic and obvious change in her, but all she would say was that she had had a fabulous evening the night before. I didn’t press it…but at least now I know why.”

I was still staring at my sister, partially her crotch, which she only now seemed to discover was wet and promptly put her leg back down on the floor. And though this had the affect of concealing from me the wetness of her panties, it once again revealed her breasts to me more clearly, each of which was sporting two very hard firm nipples.

“I’m willing to bet she was smiling a mile wide at breakfast too!” Becky stated with as big a smile on her face as mother’s had been!

“That’s all you have to say?” I finally responded back at her in disbelief. “Aren’t you going to yell at me or something for how horrible, how wrong it was?”

“Jake, that’s not up to me to decide. And besides, there was really no harm done. Mom’s obviously dealing with it just fine, and chances are it won’t happen again anyway. And even if it did…would it be all that bad?”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing my sister say this to me.

“But it was our mother I fucked!” I once again threw at her.

“Yeah, and by the sounds of it, she liked it too!”

“There’s more,” I now added in a softer, worried tone of voice.

“You’re kidding! What else happened?”

“Not so much the ‘what-else’, but I was…a virgin too.”

Becky really did laugh then and actually stood up. “You mean to tell me mom got your cherry?”

I was shocked over my sister’s reaction, totally unprepared for the way she was handling this.

“Oh Jake, I’m sorry, I really don’t mean to laugh or make light of it and all, but to think that your own mother who gave birth to you in one respect, gave birth to you in another one as well. Obviously you must have known a little bit about what you were doing though, as mom certainly seemed happy.”

“Becky, I can’t believe you’re reacting to what I just told you the way that you are!”

“What do you want me to do Jake? Jump up and down, scream and yell, call you names and tell you what a horrible brother you are?”

“Well, yes! I guess,” I replied pausing.

“Sorry Jake, that’s not how I feel about it. Fuck! If anything, I’m jealous!”

I’d never heard my sister use the word “fuck” before either, and hearing her say it as casually as she did, not even in anger when she said it, took the wind out of me for some reason. Confused, bewildered to say the least, I just sat there looking at her as she walked around the room for a moment digesting everything we’d been talking about.

“Listen Jake,” she began, coming back over to once again sit down on the couch, and once again lifting her leg up to embrace it while speaking to me.

“We’ve all got our dirty little secrets. Nobody’s perfect, not mother, not Dawn, not even Jackie, and especially not me. And I’ll tell you something else which you never knew about either, remember that week we all came home for you and your sisters graduation? Well a few days later, just before I left to come back, the three of us spent the night together getting pretty drunk and having a good time just being together again after so long apart.”

I sat there listening to her, at this point expecting to hear just about anything, and no longer caring if she realized I was alternating between gazing at her luscious tits, or her obvious and extremely still very wet pussy. The words she was speaking almost background noise as I stared at those incredibly hard nipples, and a split that was becoming more defined by the second as the moisture all but pooled, ready to drip down her legs at any moment.

“Dawn suggested we play ‘truth or dare’ something we hadn’t played together for years. It seemed silly at first, but eventually they talked me into going along with it. And so, I did. But I also decided that I wouldn’t be the first one to chicken out on doing anything, no matter what. And if anything, I could be far bolder and wilder than any of my sisters would ever think about being. Boy was I wrong!”

Once again I felt my cock hardening even though it wasn’t exactly my first choice. But as Becky began to relate the events of that particular evening to me, it was a little difficult not too.

“We were already wearing flimsy little nightgowns anyway, so the stage was more or less set for some kinky, naughty adventures. I just had no idea to what length the three of us would go in trying to out do one another!”

Becky began to tell me how they had “dared” one another into various situations. Most of which were fairly mild and harmless at first. One of the ‘truth’ questions that Dawn asked Jackie about was if she had ever done anything with another girl, to which she said “yes” without going into any further detail. As Becky explained to me, this merely raised the curiosity and interest level of what it was she had done, and so she and Dawn began to try and tickle it out of her, especially since Jackie was extremely ticklish. All this did was end up in the three of them wrestling around together, much the same way they used to do as kids. Except this time, when the wrestling got somewhat serious, clothing got shredded to the point that soon, nearly all three of them were sitting there naked after that.

“So that’s when I ‘dared’ Jackie to show us what she did with another girl. Taking that dare, she crawled over towards me and then forcing me to lay back, proceeded to go down on me.”

“You mean to tell me that Jackie ate you out?” I said in utter amazement.

“Uh huh, but that’s not all Jake. Later that evening, just before you got home, we dared Dawn to sneak into your bedroom.”


“And, she did, crawling underneath your bed. Where she remained, listening to you “beating your meat” as she called it later when she described everything to us once she’d heard you snoring and knew that you had fallen asleep.”

I was stunned. Sweet innocent little Dawn who had never so much as used a swear-word in her entire life had secretly hid beneath my bed and listened to me jacking off. And worse, went back later to tell her sisters all about it.

This time it was Becky’s turn to stare at me. I had a tremendous hard-on, and any attempt to conceal my condition would simply draw attention to it. But Becky made no bones about noticing it, or even commenting on it.

“I see all this frank discussion has gotten you excited,” She said pointedly now staring directly towards my crotch.

“I could say the same about you Becky,” Motioning with my head and then looking down at her still more than obvious wet spot.”

“Didn’t say I wasn’t Jake,” she said smiling. Becky slipped a hand down inside her panties and began fingering herself right in front of me.

“What are you doing Becky?”

“What’s it look like I’m doing Jake? I’m finger-fucking myself, that’s what!”

First mother, and now my oldest sister, could things get any crazier that this? And the answer to that was…yes!


If getting, and then having an erection was awkward and increasingly difficult to put up with, confined as it was, and in such a restricted way, seeing my sister openly touching herself in front of me the way she was, was having a profound affect on me.

“Come on Jake, no secrets amongst us. You like watching me, and I’d like watching you too!”

I was too far-gone at this point to even care. All this sex talk had me climbing the walls, and even though Becky was my sister, the sight of her sitting there playing with her pussy and caressing her breasts was beyond anything I had ever experienced with anyone before. I quickly shed my clothes, more than happy to have finally freed the beast from the confines of my Levis and shorts. Even so, I was a little embarrassed when I finally did pull down my briefs and exposed my almost angry looking prick.

“Holy shit Jake!” Becky exclaimed. “You’re huge!”

In truth, I really had no way of knowing how accurate my sister’s statement was. Sure, I’d seen other guys in the gym class locker room, but I also knew that some guy’s cocks when flaccid could get pretty fucking big. And though I considered myself average, especially when I was limp, by the look on Becky’s face, that wasn’t necessarily a true statement.

In the next instant, my sister had bolted off the couch and was kneeling on the floor in front of me, wrapping one hand around my prick, she then proceeded to fist her other hand around me too.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked her.



“Yeah. Believe it or not ‘little brother’, I’ve seen my share of dicks, and I’d have to say this is the biggest one I’ve ever seen, let alone touched. Damn Jake, I had NO idea!”

Once again, I had no idea just how scientific my sister’s ‘measuring’ was, though I was curious on what criteria she was basing this on. Having placed both hands firmly around my shaft butting them up against one another, the head of my dick still poked through the opening of her second fist a good two inches.

“It’s not only long, it’s fat too. No wonder mother was grinning!”

I almost lost my erection at the mention of that. The realization once again flooding my emotions with a sense of guilt and remorse, not to mention that here I was now, with my oldest sister’s hands firmly placed about my cock.

I was just getting accustomed to that sensation when Becky suddenly dipped her head and enveloped the head of my prick between her lips and began suck-kissing it.

“Fuck sis! No! No, we can’t!”

Becky released my prick momentarily looking up at me with the same lusty look I’d seen on my mothers face.

“Why? Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Well yeah, of course it does, shit Becky, it feels too good, but…”

“But what?” she interrupted, “You’d rather this was Dawn, or even Jackie sucking you instead? You know…as good as Jackie was at licking pussy, I bet she gives a mean blowjob as well. Frankly, I’m surprised that since the two of you were so close in age, and always doing things together that the two of you didn’t fool around a little bit!”

I know my face was turning beet red.

Realization was showing in her eyes as she looked at me.

“You two DID, didn’t you!” She exclaimed proudly, having ferreted out a major secret of sorts that Jackie and I had promised to keep anyone else from ever knowing about.

“It was a long, long time ago Becky. And all we really did was feel one another up occasionally whenever we were alone together. Maybe it had something to do with our being twins and all, I don’t know. Maybe it was because we were the same age and experiencing the same emotions, who knows? But the fact is, we never really did anything more than that, and besides, I hadn’t matured yet.”

Becky giggled.

“Shit, L.B., or maybe I should start calling you B.B. instead! She’d die if she saw how BIG you really are now. I bet you weren’t even half this big when you were a kid.”

Becky dove back down on my cock like an Olympic champion, causing me to swallow whatever the hell else I was going to say as the sensation of that incredible mouth of hers took my breath away.

I had begun to soften only slightly, but as the magic of her mouth performed a myriad of tricks on my quickly hardening penis, I was soon as stiff and erect as I had ever been. Watching her perform the disappearing act of my prick going in and out of her mouth was another amazing performance to watch in addition to the sensation she was causing me to feel. No longer having any willpower to try and convince her that she shouldn’t be kneeling here sucking my dick, I merely collapsed back against the chair I was in and succumbed to the mind numbing ministrations of her hands and lips as she caress-sucked me into oblivion.

I had closed my eyes as though this might in some way help me over come the knowledge that it was my very own sister who was so expertly licking my dick when I felt her remove her mouth from me, and then sensed her standing up. As I reopened my eyes, it was just in time to see her descend down upon me as she spread herself with one hand, and using the other to guide my cock into herself, sat down upon me in one single thrust that speared my prick inside of my sisters pussy before I could utter a single word.

“Fuck me!” I yelled. Shocked, surprised and bewildered that this was really happening.

“Ok!” Becky said wickedly. “I think I will!”

She began to move against me, rocking back and forth ever so slowly, grinding herself down against my cock which was fully embedded inside her. The feel of her hot delicious pussy wrapping itself around my prick soon chased away all thoughts of this being wrong or that we shouldn’t be doing it. It felt too fucking good. The tightness of her pussy was milking me in a way I could have never done by hand, and she hadn’t even lifted up off of me yet. Just clenching and unclenching the muscles of her quim as she sat astride me, letting her self adjust to the length and girth of my prick as it filled every square inch of her was the most pleasurable sensation I could have ever imagined!

When the juices of my sister’s slit really began flowing, there was suddenly a little wiggle room and she began to take advantage of that by actually fucking me.

“Play with my titty’s!” She said almost breathlessly. “Squeeze my nipples Jake! Make them feel as good as your cock is making my pussy feel!”

At this point I was only more than happy to oblige her. Cupping my sister’s firm full breasts was an incredible treat. Her delicate rose-colored nipples had been a mesmerizing temptation anyway, and now, actually touching and fingering those swollen stiff little nubs was having the additional impact of sending electric shockwaves charging up and down my already electrocuted prick.

“Becky! Becky!” I said, trying to regain her attention for a moment. “What if I cum?”

“Hope you do!” She smiled at me in that same wicked way again.

“No, I mean…”

“Oh,” she laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. Still, you’re probably right, no sense taking any chances. Just let me know before you do cum, though I hope you’re not a pre-mature ejaculator!” She said teasingly.

“Not so sure about that,” I said honestly. “You keep this up, and I’m not sure how long I can last!”

“Long enough Jake, you’re filling my cunt so completely that I know I’m gonna cum quickly myself, now just shut up and fuck me until I do!”

Taking my sisters advice, I soon latched on to one of her nipples and began sucking it almost violently. She in turn began fucking me with the same crazed desire so that soon we were thrusting back and forth against one another in such a way that it made it impossible for me to maintain a lip lock on her tit. Seconds later, Becky seemed to come to a screeching halt. She had impaled herself upon me, and then just seemed to hover there, unmoving. I felt her quiver, felt her pussy suddenly turn liquefied, and felt her quiver again, though this time she threw her head back and forth from side to side, gritting her teeth, but without making a single solitary sound. And then, from out of nowhere, she did scream!

I was so surprised that when she toppled back away from me, she nearly dislocated my cock in the process. I barely caught her as she tumbled back down onto the floor, laying her down as gently as I could. Becky had literally passed out.

“Becky! Becky! Are you ok?” I said yelling at her, wanting her to wake up. Her eyes opened though they had this far away look to them at first, finally focusing in on me, my cock sticking straight out from my crotch hovering just above her face.

“Gimme that!” She said, reaching up and then using it to pull herself up with into a sitting position. Once again Becky began to suck my prick as I stood there before her, knee’s slowly weakening as she hand stroked me simultaneously sucking and licking the head of my shaft, but doing so with more vim and vigor than she had done moments ago.

“Cum all over my face little brother. I want to watch this monster prick of yours cough it up!”

“You sure that’s what you want sis? Cause I tend to really shoot a lot! Especially when I’m this excited!”

“I wouldn’t miss this for all the world Jake. Now do it, make me all nice and messy!”

And so, I did what sis told me to do. And once again, she truly had no idea.


Afterwards, we sat talking, still naked, into the wee hours of the night. She told me a little bit about the job she’d lined up for me, and we also discussed the living expenses as well as what classes I would be taking. By this time I was exhausted, and informed her that I really should be going off to bed. She agreed, standing up and latching on to my hand as she did. But instead of parting ways, I found that she was leading me off towards her bedroom.

“I’m done in sis,” I told her honestly. “I really need to sleep.”

“Me too,” she said matter of factly. “But…just think, when we wake up in the same bed tomorrow morning!” She smiled, winked, and licked her lips. I felt my cock bob with renewed interest and followed her happily into the bedroom.


Saturday, the week before the Thanksgiving weekend, I was sitting in the living room watching TV when the phone rang. Becky was in taking a bath, so I answered.


“Hi Jake, is Becky there?”

It was my sister Dawn, but I could tell from the sound of her voice that something was wrong.

“Yes Dawn, she is. But she’s in the tub. You ok? You don’t sound like it.”

“No, I’m not really, would you mind getting her for me. I really need to talk to her.”

I promptly took the cordless phone into the bathroom where Becky was soaking. The door wasn’t even closed, so there was really no need to knock. Covering the mouthpiece with my hand, I walked in and whispered to my sister who it was.

“It’s Dawn, and it sounds like she’s been crying.”

Obviously Becky didn’t try to conceal her nudity from me, but that’s not what was on her mind anyway. Taking the phone from me, she then “shooed” me from the bathroom so she could talk privately to her sister.

“Oh Jake? Close the door on your way out would you please?”

I stumbled back into the living room and started to watch the game once again, but my mind was no longer on it either. I was concerned for the welfare of my second oldest sister, and could only hope that whatever it was, Becky would find a way to comfort her or help her through whatever it was that had happened. They were on the phone together for well over an hour, and twice I had heard Becky turn on the water in order to heat the bath water back up. Obviously this was serious and I was hopeful that Becky would share with me whatever it was that had happened when she finally got off the phone.

A short time after that Becky came out of the bathroom. Normally she would simply dry off and come out either naked, or wearing nothing more than a pair of her panties. This time however she came out with the towel still wrapped around her, and still wet from the bath. This really was serious.

“Well, looks like Dawn will be coming to live with us for a little while.” she stated. And then proceeded to tell me how Dawn had come home to find her husband in bed with another woman. For all intents and purposes, their marriage was over.

“Poor kid. And just before Thanksgiving too. Just as well she find out now before they had any children I guess,” Becky added. “I guess it’s a really good thing I got a three bedroom apartment huh?”

Though I was sorry to hear about my sister’s marriage, I wasn’t sorry to hear they were separating, if not eventually divorcing. I hadn’t much liked her husband from the very beginning anyway.

“Guess it’s a good thing I took the small bedroom huh?” I said trying to lighten up the mood a little.

“Damn,” Becky said suddenly. “Not only that, I guess we’re going to have to try and behave ourselves a little more now too.”

I hadn’t thought of that. But in a way, perhaps it was for the better. Becky and I had spent nearly every night in the same bed together, fucking like crazy whenever, and wherever we wanted to. I think we’d managed to do it in nearly every room of the apartment, including outside on the balcony late one evening.

“Maybe we’d better cut things off completely sis. After all, its not like anyone else would look kindly on what you and I’ve been doing. Especially Dawn. Jackie might be a LITTLE more open minded about things, but I’m sure even she would be shocked to hear what you and I’ve been doing. Not to mention what Dawn would say if she ever found out. And especially now, after what she’s just been through.”

“There’s no way we’re going to stop everything Jake. We’ll just need to be careful from now on, very, very careful. That’s all.”

So much for the out I had given her, as well as myself. On the one hand I really didn’t want to stop fucking my sister, but on the other hand, I also knew that eventually it would come out one way or the other, and I wasn’t looking forward to what might happen when it did.

Becky left the following morning for the drive back to pick up our sister. She’d spend the night helping her to finish packing up what little she was bringing with her, then they’d start back the following Monday. That evening I waited nervously for them to arrive. And even though it was late, I paced the apartment like a worried father. When the phone rang, I nearly jumped out of my skin, as they were an hour overdue as it was.


I hadn’t even bothered saying hello, hoping that it would be my sister with news on where they were and when they might be pulling in.

“Hi Jake,” Becky said. But it was extremely difficult to hear what she was saying from the sounds of very loud music in the background.

“As you can imagine, Dawn’s still pretty upset, so we decided to stop off at the club on the way home for a few drinks. She’s doing better now, but I thought I’d better call you and let you know we’re still going to be a while. Do you want to drive down and join us?” She asked.

“No, that’s ok sis. You two have a good time, but just be careful. If you need a ride home, call me and I’ll come get you.”

“No worries. I’m nursing a glass of wine so I’ll be fine. Dawn on the other hand has already had two rum and cokes.”

“Two? Shit Becky, Dawn usually takes all night to finish even one!”

“I know…like I said, we’ll be here a bit longer, she just ordered a third.”

Becky hung up after that and knowing they were safe and well, decided to turn in and go to sleep. There was no telling when they finally would get home, and there was no point in my staying up worrying about them any longer.

The next thing I remember is Becky sliding into my bed next to me and cuddling up, naked.

“Becky?” I said still half asleep. “You really think this is a good idea?”

“Don’t worry, Dawn passed out an hour ago. I just checked on her, and she’s out cold.”

“She alright?”

“At the moment, but she’s apt to wake up in the morning with one hell of a hang over!”

I felt Becky reaching around me and begin to caress my very soft cock back to life.

“You’re not too tired are you?” She asked with a hint of a little girls voice as she spoke.

“Tired? No, not really. Just a little nervous is all, what about Dawn?”

“Don’t worry, she’s fine and besides, I don’t think she could make it out of her bed if she tried. And even if she did try, we’d hear her long before she ever discovered where we were, or what we were doing.”

“Still Becky, we’d probably better try and be quiet.”

Becky laughed, quietly. “It’s not me that gets noisy when I’m cumming, more like you we have to worry about.”

“Oh yeah? What about that first night, and that ear-piercing scream you made?”

“I only do that when it’s really, really good,” she said with a bit of a giggle.

“So you mean all the other times weren’t as good as that one?” I said teasingly.

“Shut up and eat me,” Becky said half seriously.

Which is what I was doing when the door opened to my bedroom. I was too busy to notice however, but Becky certainly did.

“Dawn? Oh fuck! Jake? Dawn?”

I came up from between Becky’s legs like a missile just fired off. Too stunned to speak, about all I could think to do was wipe the excess wetness from around my mouth and stare into the semi-darkness to where my other sister stood in the doorway.

“Having fun are we?” Dawn said sarcastically.

“I thought you, you…”

“Had passed out?” She finished saying for Becky. It was obvious she really was drunk as she had to hold onto the doorknob, and even then she was wobbly as she stood there trying to keep her balance.

“I wondered what was going on when you came into the room to check on me, then I heard you leave, but instead of going back to your room, I heard you open the door to Jakes room instead. I thought maybe you two were sitting up talking, so I thought I’d join you. Obviously, you weren’t exactly talking were you?”

“Dawn…it’s not what you think,” I said lamely, unsure of what else to try and say under the circumstances.

“Oh? You mean I’m so fucking drunk that I’m hallucinating? You really weren’t licking my sister’s cunt? Is that it?”

“Well, no. That’s not what I meant really, only that maybe we should talk, let me try and explain this to you if I can.”

“To hell with that!” Dawn said, and then suddenly she had reached down and pulled her nightgown up and over her head so she was standing there in the nude.

“I said I decided to come and join you, and after seeing what’s going on, I think I still will. Though admittedly I hadn’t expected to join the two of you having sex together.”

Becky hadn’t said a single word after Dawn had cut her off. But she did so now.

“Sis, maybe you better think about this first. I’m not even going to try and explain anything to you at the moment, not in the state you’re in anyway. But with everything you’ve been through, I don’t want you doing something you’ll regret later.”

“The only thing I’ll regret later is not fucking that enormous cock!” She was staring down at me now, seeing me for the first time. “Who knew?” She said coming closer and sitting down on the bed next to me. “No wonder the two of you are doing it! Gawd Becky, can you believe the size of this thing?” Dawn had reached over and placed her hand around my penis, giving it a few tentative strokes.

Finally Becky laughed, doing her best Laurel and Hardy imitation. “Well now, look at the fine mess you’ve gotten us into!”

“Me!” I shot back at her, you were the one that started all this!”

“Not hardly, you were the one who fucked mother, or have you forgotten?”


For a second or so, I think time stopped. Nobody said a thing, and I even winced, closing my eyes, waiting for the explosion to happen.

“Ok, now…you gotta tell me this story!” Dawn said, sitting down on the bed cross-legged just like in the old days when sometimes we all got together late at night on Becky’s bed and told one another interesting little tales.

“Later Dawn…if you recall, Jake was licking my pussy when you walked in on us. And just for the record, I’m still horny. Very horny. So, if you’re serious about sticking around that’s up to you, we can talk about all of this later. Right now, I want Jake to finish what he started.”

I was looking back and forth between my sisters in disbelief that ANY of this was taking place. I wasn’t sure we should be doing what we were doing, especially now, and Becky wanted me to go back to licking her cunt! As for Dawn, I was still stunned at her reaction, which was so totally out of character for her that I knew she had to be drunk, and with any luck would doubt any of this actually happened in the morning if we somehow managed to convince her she’d simply been having a bad dream or something. But it was soon evident that all of those thoughts and ideas were nothing more than my silly imagination looking for a way out, which wasn’t going to happen.

“Cool with me sis. You don’t mind then if I play with him a little while he’s eating you then right?”

Just like in the old days, they discussed things amongst themselves as though I wasn’t even there.

“Fine with me,” she said smiling. And then laid back down on the bed, once again spreading her legs. “Jake?”

I was still a little nervous about Dawn’s being there, but even as I went back to licking my older sisters clit, the feel of Dawn’s mouth surrounding the head of my dick still took me by surprise. I soon pushed the thought of that back into the little space I’d set aside to deal with later and once again began to enjoy the feel and taste of her incredible pussy. Dawn’s almost too gentle sucking made that a whole lot easier too as I soon forgot all about the two women being my sisters. Becky had had a small little orgasm and immediately decided we needed to switch places with one another, something that Dawn was more than happy to want to do.

“You know what really pisses me off?” She said as the two of them switched places with one another. “Was that Larry hardly ever went down on me, and yet…when I came into the bedroom and caught him with that red-headed bitch, he was eating her cunt! Can you imagine that?”

“And I really love having my pussy licked,” she turned now smiling at me, finally including me in their on-going conversation, though this hadn’t been the way I’d expected it.

“Jeez you two. Does that ‘look’ run in the family or something?” I asked

“What look?” They both asked simultaneously.

“Never mind,” I answered.

The fact I’d never seen or fully appreciated just how big Dawn’s boobs were suddenly hit me. Up until now I thought Becky’s tits were good sized, which they were. But Dawn really did have incredibly large breasts that I hadn’t fully appreciated until actually seeing them for the first time.

“You mind if I play with these a little first?” I asked her, feeling a little bit like a naughty boy who might still get slapped for asking for something he shouldn’t have.

“Hmmmm, be my guest,” Dawn answered me. “Never figured you for a breast man.”

“Just never realized how big they were I guess,” I told her.

Now it was Dawn’s turn to laugh. “Guess that makes two of us!”

“Hey…you know what I’d really like to do?” Once again venturing off into the wild unknown.

They both sat there looking at me, wondering.

“Would the two of you mind lying down, side by side for a few minutes?”

Curious, but without saying anything, they did exactly that. I then moved up and straddled them both, placing their legs together and then sitting on them that way, I was easily able to reach down and finger them both at the same time. I did a little of that, and then began to take turns sucking their breasts, alternating back and forth between them, sucking, licking, or merely caressing and rubbing their hard nipples with my fingers.

“You’re gonna make me cum again if you keep doing that,” Becky told me after a while.

“And? That would be a bad thing?” I asked.

“No, but poor Dawn here hasn’t even cum once yet. And I don’t want her to feel like I’m the one getting all the attention.”

“Oh…don’t worry sis. You can cum however which way you want to. I’ve never cum while being eaten yet, not ever. Like I said, Larry hardly ever even did it let alone to orgasm. So, if Jake here’s as good with his tongue as I think he is, I might just get to finally enjoy that yet!”

Well with a request like that, who was I to deny Dawn her desire? Almost immediately I dove down into her smooth bare pussy. Like Becky, she had a sweetness to her that was every bit as exciting to run my tongue through, looking for every delectable little droplet of moisture I could find. Maybe I was a novice at this, but the fact that I honestly enjoyed it maybe made up for my lack of experience. I couldn’t get enough of either of my sister’s cunts, and would have in fact licked pussy for hours if they’d let me. That…and take a breather every once in a while just to keep from locking my jaws up. But beyond that, making love to a woman’s juicy slick cute looking quim was probably the penultimate pleasure for me, next to actually cumming myself of course, but it was a damn close second!

The best part for me was hearing my sister’s deep-throated groan of pure pleasure when she finally came. I think she literally turned inside out when she did. Even has hard as I’d heard and seen Becky cum, I don’t think that even she had come as close to the intensity of orgasm that Dawn had when she finally did so herself. For one thing, Dawn showered my face with a wet spray of female cum cream that amazed all of us, especially herself as she had never done that before…ever! And secondly, because my sister had never experienced a multiple orgasm before either, and to be honest, I lost count after the fifth or sixth time she came unglued. Even Becky had to comment on the fact she’d never seen anyone carry on like that before, which had ended with Dawn laughing and giggling hysterically afterwards, almost to the point where I had actually begun to worry about her.

“Fuck Jake, that was incredible! No wonder!”

“No wonder…what?” I asked, almost afraid of what she might say.

“Well, no wonder mom was still smiling when she came over to see how I was doing. Did you eat her like that too? Which reminds me, when do I get to here the rest of the story?”

This time Becky came to my rescue. “In all fairness sis, there’s plenty of time for all that tomorrow. I think that since each of us has had, and enjoyed several orgasms already, that it’s about time that you and I take care of our little brother here first, don’t you think?”

“Yes, of course you’re right Becky,” Dawn said. And since he’s the first…and ONLY man who’s ever gotten me off like that…and wonderfully I might add. Then I think the two of us should do something equally as special for him don’t you think?”

“What would you suggest sis?” Becky questioned agreeably.

“Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?” She said looking at me.

Becky burst out laughing. “Dawn? You’re probably not going to believe this…but he was a virgin until mother.”

“Mom got your cherry?”

“Ok…can we change the subject here and go back to the other thing?” I asked.

“Oh yeah…right. Well, I guess you haven’t then. Well Jake, just for the record, neither have I. Larry always wanted to, but as he was so unwilling to do what it was I wanted him to, I kept telling him no. But I have been curious to see what it might feel like.”

“Ah, Dawn. Are you forgetting something?” Becky said, holding up her arm and wrapping her fist around her wrist. “You really sure you want to try that…with Jake?”

“Got any KY?” She asked. “I think we’ll need it.”

“Well you maybe…but I’m not about to try and take that monster up my ass. Takes me a little getting used to it even inside my cunt, let alone having that behemoth burrowing up inside me there.”

“She’s right Dawn,” I said, “and besides, I don’t want to hurt you. Nothings worth hurting someone no matter how curious you might be about it.”

“I appreciate your concerns you two, and I promise, if it does hurt too much, then I’ll stop. But I really would like to try it. OK?”

With that, Becky got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom where she emerged with a partially used tube of KY.

“Make sure you use plenty of it on yourself, as well as Jake’s dick there. If you’re really serious about this, I’d suggest you use the whole fucking thing!” Becky stated half seriously.

Dawn positioned herself on the bed on her hands and knees.

“Just go slow Jake. And if I tell you to stop, then don’t move a muscle until I tell you otherwise,” she warned me.

Becky proceeded to use a vast quantity of the lubricant on my penis, making sure that I was thoroughly coated, and then began to do the same thing to Dawn’s cute puckered little ass-hole. Once this had been accomplished, Becky placed the tip of my prick at the opening of Dawn’s ass and held me there.

“Ok…slowly Jake…really, really slow.”

It took a while to even get just the head of my prick inside her ass it was so tight. But as Becky continued to guide it, soothing my sister and stroking her to stimulate as well as relax her, we eventually managed to get not only the bulbous head of my cock inside, but another couple of inches too before she told me to stop while she got accustomed to it.

“Oh fuck he’s big!” Dawn groaned.

“You ok?” Becky asked her. “Is it too much? Do you want him to take it out?”

“Oh no! I just need to sit here for a second. It’s…it’s such a full feeling!” She breathed deeply.

For myself, the pressure was exquisite, and it was all I could do to keep from filling her ass full of cum even while just sitting there and not moving.

“OK, keep going, just like you were though, nice and slow.”

Becky was no longer holding onto my cock, which was starting to contribute to my lack of control, so I was a little grateful when she finally released me. Becky reached down and lovingly began to pet and stroke Dawn’s pussy, which was a delightful surprise for both of us. Knowing she was doing this, and seeing her actually doing it was incredibly hot! Even Dawn was thrilled by Becky’s touch as she caressed and lightly tickled her clit, and occasionally reached down to also caress and play with those incredible heavy-hanging breasts as they dangled down and slowly swayed from side to side as Dawn gyrated back against me in her continuing effort to slowly engulf me fully inside her.

“I know what will help,” Becky stated excitedly. She suddenly slid beneath her sister who was only then realizing what she was about to do to her.

“Oh…fuck yes Becky!” Dawn cried out with excitement as her sister positioned herself beneath her and began to playfully lick her pussy. Unexpectedly, Dawn was perfectly positioned to do the same thing to her of course, which was a total surprise, especially as Dawn had never done anything like this before, and not only was she now kissing and licking another woman’s cunt, but it happened to be her sister’s on top of everything else.

Seeing all this, I was really struggling with just standing there at the end of the bed, my prick not quite half buried in my sister’s ass, and doing everything I could think of to not spurt my full balls into her right there and then. It was at that exact moment that I felt Dawn sort of lunge back against me, and in the next instant I was hilted into her totally and completely.

The moan-groan that escaped Dawn’s lips even as she continued to keep her face in Becky’s wet slit was telling. It was obvious that the pleasure she was feeling was well beyond her expectations, and she now rhythmically began to move against me in a much smoother motion.

“OK, now…slowly fuck me Jake, fuck me!”

Hot Body to Body Massage London

I was surprised at the ease of my prick as I finally withdrew until only the head of my dick remained inside my sister’s ass. And though I didn’t exactly ram it back into her as I slid fully back inside that fuck tunnel, I certainly didn’t go back in as slowly as I had been either. Dawn gasped at the pleasured intrusion of her ass, and once again moaned softly into her sister’s cunt.

“Oh yes…yes! Do me Jake…fuck my ass!”

I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hold out much longer. Try as I might, the feel of her tight ass slithering up and down my shaft as I slid in and out of her was too much for my inexperienced prick to withstand. That…and the slurpy, slushy sounds my sisters were making as they licked and sucked each other’s cunts was a stimulus that was simply overloading my senses.

“I don’t…think…I can last…much, much longer,” I stuttered through gritted teeth.

Later, I learned that hearing this; Becky had clamped down on Dawn’s clit and drew it inside her mouth sucking it fiercely. The sensation of that, coupled with my dick buried deeply inside her ass triggered her orgasm. When Dawn exploded, feeling the way Becky was sucking her little nubbin, she did the exact same thing to Becky’s, sucking her clit for all she was worth, which caused my other sister to climax as well. Though I was vaguely aware that something was taking place, and assumed they were each cumming, I was already pumping out wad after wad of hot fresh sperm inside my sister’s ass. No longer able to withstand the caress my cock had been receiving from her, and hearing their pleasures, I simply emptied my nuts inside her in one gigantic climatic thrust, which nearly sent me flying over her backside.

We lay in a crumpled heap for a considerable amount of time, simply trying to catch our breaths and recover from the mind-blowing experience we’d just shared together. I was almost to the point of falling asleep, so relaxed and so incredibly satisfied that a moment more, I would have been. But then Dawn finally spoke before I could.

“Ok…now, what’s this about mother?”


Later that morning we sat around Becky’s small kitchen table drinking our first cup of morning coffee while she prepared breakfast for all of us. I didn’t have any classes until late in the afternoon, and since Becky had taken the day off work to sit and visit with her sister, it gave us all a chance to catch up, and at Dawn’s persistence, finally allow me to fully explain the whole story to her.

True to form, Becky wore nothing but a pair of frilly laced panties while she busied herself about the kitchen scrambling a large batch of eggs and frying up heaps of delicious smelling sausage. I was ravenous anyway after having worked up quite a healthy appetite.

Even Dawn sat across from me in little more than what our sister wore, which consisted of one of Becky’s cut-off tank tops that barely concealed the lower half of her enormous breasts. Her semi-erect nipples still strained invitingly against the thin material of the baby-blue top, and as exhausted as I had been from our lengthy session together, I still felt the faint stirrings of arousal in my satiated cock as it shifted in the pajama bottom’s I’d worn.

“So what are your plans for the day?” I asked innocently.

“Oh…I dunno,” Becky said flatly as she stood before the stove scrambling the eggs. “I suppose after you leave, Dawn and I will curl up in bed together and lick one another’s cunts for a while I guess.”

I glanced up towards Becky, but she made no indication to me one way or the other if she was being serious or not as she continued to stand there fixing our breakfast. Even when I turned to face Dawn, she gave no more of an indication to me than her sister did that what she’d said had either shocked or surprised her.

“Sounds good to me,” Dawn stated just as easily. “By the way…you still have any of those toys you used to use all the time?”

That statement did catch my sister Becky off guard a little. I noticed that she finally looked in Dawn’s direction with an expression of surprise etched in her face, though there was also a twinkle of very interested naughtiness behind that now famous look.

“How’d you know about those?” She asked honestly, no longer fucking around with my head, if indeed that’s what the two of them had been doing.

Dawn was smiling, looking directly back at her. She sat back straight, those incredible breasts pressing against the material, teasing me.

“Oh come on sis. We shared a bedroom after all. And eventually I found that secret little stash of vibrators you kept hidden. At first, I had no idea what the hell they even were, but then one night when you thought I was asleep, I feigned snoring like I usually did, and lay there listening to that soft little humming sound some of them made. I knew then what it was you were doing and was determined to find out for myself just what all the fuss was about. Laying there listening to you fucking that thing in and out of your pussy at night had me climbing the walls. I don’t think you ever really knew just how badly I wanted to watch you using it on yourself…or frankly, have you use one of them on me!”

“Did you ever borrow and use one of them then?” Becky asked.

“Nope, never did. I did sneak one out once and turned it on just to see what it felt like in my hand, but mother was home, and I didn’t dare try using it with her there.”

Once again they were talking back and forth to one another as though I didn’t even exist.

“Um…excuse me, but all this talk about the two of you eating one another, or using toys on one another is starting to get me horny all over again,” I said bluntly, surprised at myself for being able to do so, but at the moment, not really caring if my speaking honestly about it surprised either of my sisters.

Becky looked over at Dawn who then looked at her and smiled. They were both grinning with that naughty-lustful look that I was starting to really enjoy seeing now.

“I suppose breakfast could wait,” Becky said dumping the finished eggs onto a plate.

“Yes…we do have a microwave after all,” Dawn said, pulling up the tiny almost non-existent piece of cloth she’d been wearing over her breasts.

“What about the sausage?” I asked stupidly.

“Yeah…speaking of which, lets see just how aroused your sausage is,” Becky added, as she quickly stepped out of her panties and flung them at me.

Needless to say, I was late for class that afternoon. But it had certainly been worth it.


Sadly, the rest of the week wasn’t nearly as exciting as it had started out. For myself, my class schedule coupled with working kept me away until late in the evening most nights. Becky too had been putting in long hours working on an important account, so that on a couple of nights, we didn’t even see one another at all. And though Dawn had stayed home most of the time still trying to decide if she was eventually going to move back closer to mother, or try and find a job here and live with Becky for a while instead, she wasn’t in the best of moods. She’d been on the phone twice with her soon to be ex, trying to work out the details of their impending divorce, which had really dampened any sexual appetite she might have had.

All this “alone” time wasn’t helping me out emotionally now either. Once again I began to contemplate the unusual living conditions, not to mention the relationship we’d all been having with one another, albeit as brief as it had been up unto this point. But it was enough that those ‘guilt’-pangs were once again starting to gnaw at me, especially when I also remembered that Thanksgiving weekend was nearly here, and with the arrival of that…would also be the arrival of my mother, and twin sister, whom I had not seen or spoken to since my arrival.

The night before Thanksgiving, we had the first free time together since that previous Monday. Mom and Jackie were due to arrive mid-morning as they were leaving extremely early. Dawn had spent the better part of the day cleaning and straightening the apartment as well as the bedrooms. Mom would share Becky’s with her, and Jackie with Dawn. In a way I was almost grateful that Jackie would soon be there, if nothing else, maybe her presence would keep things from being too weird or uncomfortable around mom, though I now doubted she would say or do anything else around me even if she hadn’t been there. After all, she had no idea what else had been happening between the three of us. And that was about the last thing I needed her to find out about. After what we’d done, I could only imagine her blaming herself for Becky, Dawn and I getting involved, and throwing her back into a really deep depression, or worse.

Dawn had also managed to mix up a couple of batches of Jell-O shooters as a way of relaxing and spending the evening together before the anticipated and hectic holiday weekend. Becky got home from work a lot earlier than usual and immediately slipped into her favorite attire. Topless and wearing a pair of tight-fitting bikini briefs. Dawn was considerably more conservative in her attire, though what she had chosen to wear was just as tantalizing to see. A tight fitting lace blouse with a criss-cross tie in front that barely contained her bare breasts, along with short-shorts that left the bottom’s of her tight firm ass poking out.

“Well,” Becky said as she slipped a spoon full of Tequila flavored green Jell-O into her mouth, “I think we should make a real night of it, especially as it’s been a while, and especially since we’ll have company over the next few days.”

“Speaking of which,” Dawn began as she took the tray from Becky as she passed it to her. “Are you sure the sleeping accommodations are going to work?”

“What do you mean?” Becky asked.

“Well, maybe Jackie should share your bedroom with you instead.”

“You’d prefer to sleep with mother?” Becky asked incredulously.

“Hell no! But, mom might prefer to sleep in Jake’s room!” With that, the two of them burst out laughing. And for a moment I was taken aback, until I realized they were only teasing me of course, but having little else to fight back with, I flung a spoonful of Jell-O at them both, which turned into one of those famous wrestling matches we’d all enjoyed having way back when we were kids.

Becky had immediately charged at me and wrestled me down off of the couch onto the floor. About that time Dawn joined the fray, pinning my arms down over my head while Becky sat on me, bouncing up and down as hard as she could in an effort to wind me and cause me to tire. The problem was, watching her do that with those breasts of hers bouncing up and down wildly was giving me renewed strength.

Reaching back, I broke Dawn’s hold on me and immediately grabbed her breasts and squeezed them almost has hard as I could.

“Ouch!” Dawn screamed, releasing her hold on me in an effort to break away. “Watch out Becky, he’s loose!”

Once I was free from Dawn, I then reached up and immediately grabbed a hold of Becky’s tits and squeezed them as well, figuring that she too would immediately try and rise and get up off of me. Instead, she leaned forward grabbing my arms and forcing me onto my back once again.

“Hurry Dawn, come around here and yank his pants off!” She told her.

With her breasts planted in my face, I quickly changed tactics and without intending to actually do my sister bodily harm, did manage to clamp down on one of her nipples with my teeth and threaten to actually bite it.

By this time I could feel Dawn undoing my pants and begin yanking them off. I didn’t exactly struggle and deny her the ability to do so, but I remained laying there with Becky’s tit still in my mouth and nipped at it as well as sucked it from time to time about as hard as I could.

“Hurry Dawn…Jake’s about to bite my nipple off!” She screamed.

I was already sufficiently hard that my cock immediately sprang up when I felt my pants and shorts come off together.

“Now what?” Dawn asked.

“Grab his nuts and squeeze them!” Becky suggested.

That did it. I let go of my sister’s tits and made a real effort now to get away from her before Dawn did what Becky had told her to do.

I was still too slow however; surprised that Becky could still somehow manage to keep me pinned beneath her, though up until now I hadn’t made any real serious effort to break away. I felt Dawn’s hand grab my cock, fully expecting to next feel her hand crushing my balls when instead, I felt her slip her mouth over the head of my dick and do a lip-lock on it. When she did that…I was the one suddenly turned to Jell-O, content to lie there perfectly still. As though reading my mind, she reached up onto the coffee table where she’d put the tray of Jell-O shooters and took a large spoon-full into her mouth.

“What are you doing back there?” Becky asked, realizing I had quit trying to get away, and was in fact about as complacent as I could possibly be, but it had a lot to do with the incredible sensation of cold jigglely Jell-O bathing my cock. Turning around, she saw that Dawn had my penis in her mouth and was simply holding me there. Dawn looked up at her then, smiled and showed that she firmly had her mouth pressing against the fleshy knob of my head swishing it with that cool tingly Jell-O.

“Way to go sis!” Becky laughed. “Hey…can you hold him there like that for a second?”

Dawn winked at her, and though I am sure I could have easily gotten away, I wasn’t about to force Dawn to stop what she was so wonderfully doing to my prick, easily making the decision to just lay there and find out what my other sister was up to instead.

A minute or two later, Becky came walking back out into the living room and I saw she was carrying that tube of KY jelly we’d used the other night…along with a slim purple colored vibrator.

“Dawn said she wanted to see for herself how these work,” she said to us both. And I smiled when I thought that she was going to use it on Dawn’s pussy from behind as she continued to kneel there with my captured cock in her mouth. Even Dawn readjusted herself so that Becky could do just that, expecting her once she’d lubricated it, to maybe slip it inside of her and let her experience what it felt like. Imagine my surprise when I saw Becky lean over and felt her apply the hard firm tip of it against my ass.

“Hold him Dawn,” Becky said seriously. And then she turned on the toy and slowly began to insert it into my ass.

At this point it was obvious that Becky was serious about doing this, and as I was a little unsure as to what if anything I could do about it without seriously injuring myself. Even Dawn released me suddenly, though I wasn’t about to try anything, or go anywhere and sat up expectantly watching Becky as she continued to slowly slide the vibrating toy into me.

To be honest, I was more than a little afraid at this point, but to my immediate surprise, it really started to feel good. Dawn began to softly stroke my cock at the same time that Becky was slowly fucking my ass with the toy. Becky then leaned over and took the tip of it inside her mouth and began tonguing it as she continued to tease my ass, and as Dawn continued to slowly slide her hand up and down my dick, feeding it to my sister.

“Don’t make him cum yet!” Dawn warned her sister. Obviously by the tightness of my balls, she had realized I was uncontrollably moving in that direction. Becky removed the toy from my ass tossing it aside.

“Got any more of those?” Dawn asked.

Becky reached down and pulled Dawn up leading her off towards the bedroom. I continued to lie there for a moment longer, watching my sisters as they walked towards the bedroom hand in hand. Finally, Becky looked over her shoulder in my direction.

“Well? You cumming?” She purposely emphasized, and then winked at me when she did. I immediately stood up and followed my hard-on after them.

Becky opened her nightstand drawer and removed yet another of her battery operated dicks. This one was flesh colored and actually looked more like a cock with a slight curvature to it, much the same way my own cock had in appearance.

Becky positioned Dawn down on her bed and had me sit on the side of it next to her. Turning on the toy, she began to gently run it around the outside of Dawn’s pussy letting her get used to the vibration of it, and stimulating her expectantly at the same time. With my sister’s incredible breasts so easily accessible, I couldn’t help but reach over and begin to toy with each of them, rolling those very erect thick nipples between my fingers, and kneading the soft pliant fleshiness of each wonderfully fat tit in my hands.

One thing Dawn didn’t need was any lubrication. Becky had slipped a couple of fingers inside our sister’s cunt and made sure she was all wet and ready. Watching her lick off Dawn’s juices made my cock twitch with lusty anticipation. Before long she began to probe Dawn’s pussy with the softly humming toy and gradually began to insert it inside her, twisting slowly about and letting Dawn’s reactions dictate to her what to do with it next.

“Oh shit that feels good!” Dawn exclaimed, rotating her ass against the bed in conjunction with the in and out fucking she was getting from the toy. Dawn had reached over and found my stiff penis waiting for her, and began playing with it almost subconsciously. I’m not even sure she was truly aware of what she was doing, which was fine as she was obviously enjoying the feel of Becky’s vibrator for the first time, but her hand still felt great as she held it, stroked it, and occasionally squeezed it.

Becky had slipped her hand down to her pussy and was busily fingering herself at the same time she continued to fuck Dawn with the dildo. I watched as she almost furiously labored her clit, and knew my sister was capable of experiencing multiple quick little orgasms when she did this. And this time was no exception.

Becky threw her head back, and for a moment forgot all about the toy in Dawn’s cunt, and simply got her self off. Dropping it, she reached up and began to twist one of her nipples, still finger fucking her self, and crying out with pleasure simultaneously. Seeing this, Dawn reached down, picking up the neglected toy and began to ram it in and out of herself as hard and as fast as she could until she too was yelling and screaming out with pleasure. Not to be left out, I took over the job of masturbating my dick, and quickly joined the two of them in their pleasures, watching the initial eruption of my prick spewing geysers of cum cream which began to land all over Dawn’s tits covering them in white sticky streamers that pooled in erotic looking little puddles of pleasure all over her breasts.

After we had all gathered ourselves back together a little bit, we decided to finish off the rest of the tray of Jell-O shooters. I was nominated of course to go back out to the living room to retrieve it. I had done so, picking it up and began to head back into the bedroom when the sound of the door opening caught my attention. I spun around, hoping that someone had engaged the safety chain, but saw only the startled look on my twin sister’s face as she walked in. At least I wasn’t sporting an erection, but my standing there naked carrying a tray of Jell-O into Becky’s bedroom wasn’t exactly something that would be easy to explain either.

“Uh…mom’s downstairs parking the car,” she stated looking back over her shoulder, and then quickly stepping in the rest of the way, closing the door. “You have company?” She finally said smiling as though she had just figured things out. “If you do…you’d better go in and warn her.”

Just then Becky came wandering out…still nude herself. “What’s taking you so…long.” she actually finished saying, staring at my bewildered twin sister. Whose mouth suddenly dropped open about three feet.

“Holy fucking shit!” Jackie exclaimed then. “And…so where’s Dawn?” She asked.

“Right here,” Dawn answered, coming out of the bedroom, also nude. “Where’s mother?”

“Downstairs parking the car. Anyone want to explain to me what the fuck is going on here?”

Once again, I’d never heard Jackie utter a single cuss-word, let alone saying the word “fuck”!

“Well obviously we’re going to have to,” Becky said stepping forward towards the door, opening it slightly in order to listen for the sounds of footsteps coming down the hall. “But it’s going to have to wait until later, after we’ve all gone to bed. When I am SURE mom’s asleep, I’ll join the two of you in Dawn’s bedroom, and then the three of us will have a nice long chat.”

“Count on it,” Jackie said a little coolly…looking towards me with what I perceived to be as both shock as well as disappointment coming from her eyes. She opened her mouth as though to speak to me, but then Becky heard our mother coming and quickly told us to run and put something on. She threw Jackie a knowing look that said not to say a word about what she’d seen, and Jackie acknowledged it by turning to me and reminding me I better get my bare ass back into my own bedroom and find something to wear.

I somehow managed to reach down and retrieve my discarded pants off of the living room floor which caused my twin sister to give me another questioning look, and made it into my bedroom, closing the door just as she opened it to allow my mother to come in. By the time I had finished getting redressed, I could hear Becky and Dawn talking to her and greeting her in the other room.

“I’m surprised to see you here already,” Becky was telling her.

“Yeah…we decided to get an early start. I really didn’t want to be driving on Thanksgiving, and there’s so much to do. I figured you’d all still be up anyway, and knew you wouldn’t mind if we came up early,” I heard mother saying.

“Mom said you’d given her a key to your apartment, just in case we ever came and you weren’t here. Aren’t you glad she gave it to me?” Jackie said stating the obvious.

I came out of my room then, and looked at my mother for the first time since I’d left. I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be and hoped she wouldn’t look away or something when she did see me. To my surprise, her face lit up and she immediately crossed over to where I was standing and embraced me with an enormous hug.

“You’re looking well. Is your sister feeding you enough?” She asked, pushing me away to have a look at me.

“Oh yeah…no problem,” I answered awkwardly.

“Uh Jake?” Jackie asked me. “So…what was it you ate tonight? Besides Jell-O I mean?”

There wasn’t any doubt as to what she was referring to of course, and worse, she was deriving a great deal of self-satisfaction in having me caught by the short-hairs. I gave my sister a cautioning look, and then looked over towards Becky and Dawn for support. But both of them were grinning.

“What’s so funny?” Mom asked, catching on that something had been said that had some sort of hidden meaning.

“Oh nothing…really,” I said trying to regroup. “Just that we were having a few Jell-O shooters when Jackie walked in. I guess she found that sort of funny, like maybe that’s all we’d had for dinner or something.”

“Jell-O shooters? What on earth are those?” Mom asked.

“Oh…just Jell-O filled with one kind of an alcohol or another.” Jackie offered by way of explanation.

“Oh really? What do they taste like?”

“Here,” Dawn said, picking up the tray of Jell-O that I had all but thrown back down onto the coffee table in my haste to make it back to my room before mother walked in and saw me standing there buck-naked.

Grabbing a large spoon full of peach flavored Jell-O and peach schnapps, mom savored it momentarily and then had another.

“Damn…those really are good aren’t they?” She said.

“I’d be really careful if I were you mother. Those can be pretty strong and take you by surprise. One minute you’re doing shooters, and the next, you’re standing around in the middle of the living room without any clothes on and wondering what happened.” Jackie said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

All three of us threw daggers at Jackie then, but she stood her ground throwing them right back at us and defying us to say anything. It was her way of reminding us that we’d better come clean with her and explain to her what it was we had been up to. If we didn’t, well I for one didn’t want to imagine the rest, though I was only halfway glad I wouldn’t be in the bedroom with her when my sisters finally did explain to her what had really been going on.

Mother laughed however, which meant we had dodged that bullet, but then took another large spoonful of Jell-O anyway. “This really IS good. I can see why you young kids have taken to doing these!” She stated. “But yes…I can also see why you have to be careful about how many you…what, shoot is it?” She said taking yet another large spoonful.

She winked at me when she said that. Which sent all kinds of weird signals my way. I wasn’t sure if she was still referring to the Jell-O, or if she had secretly said something else to me instead. Either way, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know which one it was for sure.

About an hour later mom mentioned that even though it was still fairly early, she was tired after the long drive and wanted to turn in.

“I know you girls have a lot of catching up to do anyway,” she said. “So I’ll leave you to it, and see you all in the morning.”

I indicated that I had had a long day myself, and had decided to turn in as well. Leaving the opportunity for the girls to go ahead and disappear into Dawn’s bedroom where they could finally somehow explain things to Jackie. Although how they were going to do that was a mystery to me, and I fully expected some sort of reproach from her in the morning. But at the moment, I really was too tired to care, and too relieved that things hadn’t been anywhere’s near as bad around my mother as they could have been.

I gave Jackie a friendly goodnight kiss on the cheek, wondering briefly if it was the last one she’d ever let me give her, then watched the three of them disappear inside Dawn’s bedroom. I lay in bed tossing and turning for a while trying to get to sleep, and eventually did. But it was only a half sleep at best, filled with all kinds of strange dreams, many of which didn’t make much sense. Including when I opened my eyes to the sound of my mother’s voice standing in the dark just inside my room.

“Jake? Jake? Are you still awake?” She was asking me.


“I thought this might be a good time for you and I to talk,” she said, coming over to sit on the bed next to me.

The first thing I thought was that I really needed to start locking my bedroom door.

“What is it?” I asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing really. I just thought since the girls are all off sleeping together, that now might be the best time for you and I to talk about what happened.”

Now I was wide-awake.

“Mom…about the other night. I’m really, really sorry that it happened!”

“Why? I’m not. In fact…I’m glad it did Jake. I mean, I Know it was wrong…certainly. But you woke something in me that I haven’t felt in years, and I’m not about to say that I don’t enjoy feeling like a woman again after all this time. I haven’t had an orgasm in such a long time that I had almost forgotten what they felt like. And now, well hell, I might be your mother, but I don’t mind telling you that I’ve been masturbating nearly every day since then, and having one every time that I do. And I owe that to you!”


“Yes…you! That day you came in and found me touching myself? I’ve been trying for months to bring myself to orgasm…couldn’t do it. I would start to feel good, but then suddenly the sensation would go away, and I’d leave myself hanging there, feeling lonely, frustrated, and miserable. And then you came and made me feel like a woman again.”

Even in the near total darkness I could just make out the outline of my mother sitting there on the bed. She was naked. The next thing I felt was her hand seeking me out beneath the covers.

“Mom…we can’t…the girls,” I never finished.

“Shhh,” she said, once again doing what she used to do to hush and quiet me up.

“I know that we can’t keep doing this Jake. I’m not a fool. But…until I can come to grips with it, and finally start to get my life back in some semblance of order here, I’m not about to deny myself either…as long as you won’t. If you tell me right now to leave, I will. And I won’t bother you again, I promise. But, I’m hoping that this time at least, you won’t do that. That you’ll let us have at least one more night together.”

I was speechless for one thing. And maybe too tired to argue, at least that was the reasoning I used anyway. And besides, I really did like the way she was stroking my cock, admittedly. Mom really did have the softest touch, and though my personal experience was still fairly limited, she touched me in a way that was so totally different than any of my sisters. Including Jackie, though I really couldn’t count that as we had been so young back then, and it had been such a long, long time ago. Even her breasts were different in some ways. Nearly as large as Dawn’s were, if not exactly so, they were shaped differently of course, more of a tear-drop shape to them though I imagined they looked a lot like Dawn’s when she was her age. But the slight sag in them wasn’t detrimental in anyway shape or form, if anything they exuded her sensuality, and the fact that she really was still a very, very beautiful woman, even if she was my mother.

“Oh Jake…kiss my nipple’s honey. Suck them for me.”

I know she had breast-fed me when I was a baby, but I doubt the way I was sucking them and licking them now really reminded her of that. At least I hoped not. Though perhaps in a weird way, it did. Still, I enjoyed sucking them immensely. Dawn might have had inherited mom’s breasts, but Becky had definitely gotten mother’s larger nipples, almost rose colored, and extremely thick and long. I had no idea what Jackie’s must look like by now of course, and found it curious that I was sitting here wondering about that as I suckled my mother’s breast.

She stroked me for a while longer, almost in a soothing way rather than trying to arouse or excite me, though she was certainly doing that too.

“Let me suck you now,” she told me, lying me back into bed, and I had another weird “Déjà vu” experience when that happened, remembering how when she used to tuck me into bed at night, and how on occasion I would catch a glimpse of those very same tits as they might have accidentally fallen out of her nightgown, or whatever bathrobe she’d been wearing. Only this time, I was looking at them in the soft light coming from the nearly full moon just outside the window, and they looked more gorgeous that I ever remembered them being.

Of course I NEVER recalled my mother ever tucking me into bed, and then sucking me off to sleep. And it wasn’t like she was doing that now necessarily, but damn, the feel of her mouth on me was as gentle and soft as her hands had been. Dawn and Becky both could take a lesson or two from mother when it came to giving a blowjob, though I certainly wasn’t about to tell either one of them anything like that. Nor for that matter, would I say a single word to either one of them about this experience either.

“Is that ok? Does that feel nice?” She asked.

“Oh yes…way nice,” I moaned. I didn’t care any more. It did…it really did. And I was enjoying the hell out of it, and damned with the consequences. Besides…hadn’t she said it would end…sometime? Somehow knowing that, knowing that she knew it had to eventually, sort of made the now of it ok.

Mom must have sucked me for at least half an hour, maybe even longer. Anytime I got anywhere’s near close to cumming, she would stop, apply a little pressure at the base of my dick, and suddenly I was good to go again. Amazing. Finally, when she had brought me to the peak of climax half a dozen or so times, she decided she wanted me to cum, needed me to do so in fact. As I felt the orgasm build this time, I knew it was going to be a really powerful one. My balls were about as tight as they could get, and I knew by mom’s hand stroking as well as her sucking that she had every intention of making me cum this time. I didn’t even bother to try and tell her ahead of time that I was almost there. I figured she already knew that, hell…she’d known that six times already.

“Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhhh arrrrrrgh!”

I tried. I really did try to come as quietly as it was possible for me to do. But the intensity of the orgasm when it came went well beyond anything I’d ever felt before. I didn’t exactly yell or anything, I was still cognoscente of my surroundings, and knew full well that my sisters were sleeping in the very next room. But regardless of that, there was no fucking way that I could have simply laid there and cum like that without letting a little of the intensity of it escape me.

Mom just kept sucking me, draining me of every precious ounce of fluid that my prick discharged, and believe you me; there was a lot of it too! She never increased the tempo of her hand stroking me, or the pressure or the way she sucked me either, all that slow, almost torturous way she’d done from beginning to end, right through the first powerful eruption to the last soul draining one that had me collapse into a heap of total and complete satisfaction.

Even then, she never really did quit playing with me. And eventually, she had me as hard as a rock again.

“Now, fuck me,” she said softly.

Climbing on top of me, I felt the moist wet heat of her as she slid down astride me. Filling her, fully, we lay motionless together, just enjoying the sweetness of the sensation of my prick buried so deeply inside her that I swore I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against the entrance of her womb.

I thought I heard a sound though, which jarred me briefly from my revelry, and I glanced up towards the door. I wasn’t sure. It looked closed, but had it been? For an instant I could have sworn it was partially open, but then…when my eyes and mind focused, it wasn’t. I even listened, my heart beating wildly in a mixture of fear and excitement but I wouldn’t have trusted even those senses as my mind was already racing with the possibilities of which one of my sisters it might have been…if at all.

And then mother began to move against me, and I quickly forgot all about any of that.

I don’t remember when it was that mother left my room. I remember her cumming, and remember holding her as she cried, not tears of remorse or sorrow, or anything like that. But tears of pure honest joy at having once again experienced such pleasure.

I had slept in. Partially on purpose so I wouldn’t have to immediately face anyone, or search for signs that anyone had in deed poked their head into my room last night. Though I guess it was inevitable that I would do that, but also because I was actually exhausted, and truly needed the sleep.

By the time I rolled out of bed it was nearing nine-thirty, and I new that everyone else in all likelihood would be up and about preparing the turkey and everything else that went along with it. I wouldn’t have much, if anything to do in helping out, except perhaps to take out the garbage and do whatever odd jobs either mom, or my sisters might have for me to do.

“Morning sleepy-head,” Becky said when I first emerged from my bedroom on my way into the bath. “You’re gonna have to wait for a few, Jackie’s still in there,” she told me.

No one else was around at the moment, and had it been Becky, she would have said something to me. So I figured if anyone had stuck their head through the door, it wasn’t her.

“Where’s Dawn?” I asked. I knew where mother was. I could hear her busily working away in the kitchen.

“She went to the store for mom. Should be back in a few minutes, why?”

“Just wondering,” I said. “Ok if I use your bathroom? I really need to pee.”


What I really wanted was a shower. But Becky’s bathroom consisted of a toilet only. And Jackie had just started to take a shower herself.

“By the way, while you’re in there, would you mind getting that other bottle of shampoo down off the shelf and taking it into your sister?”

“Ok,” I answered, there was really no big whoop about that either. The shower curtain that ran around the tub was patterned, and you couldn’t see anything through it. Becky and Dawn had both come in to take a leak while I was in the shower, and though this was Jackie, I’d lived with her long enough to know that she wouldn’t run screaming into the night if I brought a bottle of shampoo into her.

I did knock though. “Jackie? I’ve got your shampoo.”

“Jake? Ok, bring it in please.”

The room was all steamy when I entered, but like I said, you couldn’t see a thing because of the shower curtain anyway. “Here sis,” I said, sticking my hand around the backside of the curtain ensuring that I couldn’t see anything, as well as make it obvious to her that I wasn’t even trying to look.

I felt her take the bottle from me, and was about to turn and head back out of the bathroom when she suddenly pulled the curtain aside.

“I’m gonna need another razor too. Is there another one in the cabinet?”

Jackie had caught me by surprise. And she wasn’t even trying to cover herself. There she stood, totally naked of course, and I got a complete and total view of her as she stood there holding out the used razor to me to take and throw away. I know I looked a second or two longer than I should have under even normal circumstances. But lets face it, lately everything about this family hadn’t been normal anyway. Her breasts were nearly identical to Becky’s, again…something I had wondered about recently anyway, so now seeing them after all these years simply confirmed for me what I had already begun to suspect. But a second after that, my attention was drawn down between her legs, obviously she’d been shaving herself there when she’d inquired about the razor. But it wasn’t me that was looking just because I wanted to, but because Jackie had actually directed my attention there.

“What do you think Jake? You’re a guy after all, should I shave it completely? Or just leave a little less than what’s showing now?”

She was talking about the thin strip of dark pubic hair she’d left just above her pussy of course, and had called my attention to it in asking my opinion as to what she should do.

“Hell, I don’t know Jackie. I’d say you should do whatever YOU feel like doing. Why should it matter what I, or some other guy thinks?”

“Well, what do you think is more sexy? Bald, or just a little?”

Obviously she wasn’t going to let this go until I said something, and by the looks of it, she was content to simply stand there in the shower and let me look at her until I did.

“Depends on the mood I’m in I guess.”

“Mood? You mean like if you’re in the mood to eat pussy you like it bare, but if you want to just fuck it, you like something to look at? Is that it?”

Jackie was teasing me now. And I knew it. I don’t know what kind of game she was playing, but I wasn’t about to let her get the best of me, not after her secret little innuendo’s last night that threatened to get us all in trouble.

“Why don’t you ask your sisters what they think?”

“I did, they told me to ask you.”

“Just what the hell DID you guys talk about last night?” I asked her then. I’d decided this might be a good time to find out exactly what it was she did know about now, and possibly if she had been the one to open my bedroom door, though I still wasn’t sure anyone even did.

“Not much really,” she said honestly by the tone of her voice. “I know that a lot more was going on than either one of them was willing to tell me. Becky said the three of you had been drinking Jell-O shooters, and one thing led to another, and you began playing strip-poker or something.”

Jackie looked at me waiting for me to confirm whatever Becky and Dawn had told her one way or the other. Point was, Jackie and I had been close all of our lives, and I’d never once lied to her in all that time.

“Part of that is true,” I said, hoping it would be enough and that I wouldn’t have to go into any details.

“You mean about the Jell-O. Hell Jake, that much was obvious. Come on, tell me what else REALLY happened.”

“I don’t know if I can, or even if I should Jackie. Number one, I don’t think you’d understand, and two, the last thing I want to do is say or do anything that would put any distance between us.”

“You’re already doing that by not saying anything,” she told me.

I stood there looking at her, and even though she was naked, I wasn’t looking at HER now, but at the look of sadness in her eyes.

“Ok, but not here, not now. I promise, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, but there isn’t time for me to do it now, and besides, I’ve already been in here long enough as it is, and either Becky or Mom’s going to start wondering.”

“Wondering? Wondering what?”

“Later,” I said turning to leave.


I stopped with my hand on the doorknob and turned back around to face her.

“You never told me what you prefer. Bare? Or just a little hair?”

“Surprise me.”

I don’t know why I said that. Or even what she might have thought after I did, but I didn’t give her any time to say anything else either and opened the door and left before she could. Not fast enough that I didn’t hear her laugh though.

Becky met me a few steps from the bathroom door coming down the hall. “I was just starting to wonder what had happened to you,” she told me. “You were in there a while. What did Jackie ask you anyway?”

I looked my sister directly in the face. “If she should shave her pussy completely, or leave just a little hair.”

Becky grinned,” she’s fishing.”

“I could tell. Obviously you two didn’t tell her very much last night did you?”

“Would you rather we told her about you and mother?” She whispered. “She might be suspicious about what the three of us really were doing, but knowing, and being suspicious about it are two different things. You didn’t tell her anything did you Jake? I mean, I know the two of you were always close, but I’m not sure how Jackie would take to knowing that her brother and sisters have been enjoying incestuous little adventures together, do you?”

“No…I didn’t tell her anything,” I answered truthfully. Neglecting to mention that I had every intention of telling her everything else. We had been close after all, and even if in my telling her, that changed our relationship forever, I felt I owed her that much anyway. I wasn’t sure I would tell her about mom though. If she didn’t ask, I wouldn’t mention it. No sense opening that can of worms if I didn’t have to. I’d already decided not to mention what had happened last night to Dawn or Becky either. It was highly unlikely that an opportunity would present itself again like it had last night, so I doubted it very much that mom would be so bold as to try anything like that again.

Dawn fumbled coming in the door with several sacks of groceries just then. “Dawn’s back, and it looks like she needs some help,” I said brushing past my sister and heading off in Dawn’s direction to give her a hand. Even as I did however, I still caught a look from Becky that said she wasn’t finished discussing this yet.

Things were getting more and more complicated, and I was starting to become less and less confident that any good could come out of anything that had been happening between us recently.

“Here, let me help you with those,” I said reaching my sister.

Dawn handed me the heaviest sack and smiled at me. “Sleep well?” She asked grinning.

“Had she been the one?”

“Yeah…ok I guess, why?”

“Cause you should have been the one to go to the store and get all this stuff. Nearly killed myself climbing upstairs, but Becky insisted we let you sleep in instead. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to her, I should have gone into your bedroom this morning and got your ass up!”

Dawn wasn’t really angry with me, just her way of being my older sister and scolding me like she used to do whenever she felt like I’d gotten out of doing something that she herself had gotten stuck with. In other words, same ole’, same ole.

But more importantly, I now knew Dawn hadn’t come into my bedroom either. Had she done so and seen mother and I together, she’d have let me know by now, one way or the other. And she hadn’t. So I decided that more than likely, it had simply been my paranoid imagination and decided to quit worrying about it.

Mom was just stuffing the turkey when Dawn and I entered the kitchen with the groceries. “Morning honey,” she said looking at me. “Thought I heard you earlier, but figured you’d be in taking a shower. You really should you know,” she said, holding her nose at me, and then laughing.

“I was going to…still am, but Jackie’s in there.”

“Maybe you should just go and jump in with her. I bet that would hurry her up,” Dawn said laughing.

I shot her a look that said, “Dawn…what the hell are you trying to do here?” But all she did was smile at me and laugh even harder.

“Why not? The two of you used to bathe together all the time.”

“Ah…that was a little different, we were just kids back then.” I said, still trying to stare her down like she’d suddenly gone insane.

“Well one of you really SHOULD go in and hurry your sister up. I could use a little help in here or we’ll never have everything ready on time,” Mom said. “Which reminds me, what’s Becky doing anyway?”

Becky was just coming out of the bathroom by the time I got there. I got a glimpse of Jackie as she stood with one leg on the toilet-seat drying her self off. Becky didn’t bother closing the door, just looked at me.

“You need a shower.”

“I know… I was just coming to tell Jackie to hurry. Oh, and mom needs a little help in the kitchen.”

Becky grinned. “She decided to shave it,” she said looking back through the doorway. “Didn’t you Jackie?” She said a little louder so she could hear her.

Jackie looked up, saw me standing there and turned. She’d shaved it all right. I looked back at Becky with a questioning look on my face.

“Figured you’d have told her eventually, so I thought it might be better coming from me first.”

Becky slipped past me then heading towards the kitchen and I turned back around towards Jackie.

“She told me,” Jackie stated simply. “But I still want to talk to you about it later.” She added. I watched her wrap the towel around herself and she came out of the bathroom. “I left you some hot water by the way.” Then she leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and headed off towards the bedroom.

I entered the bathroom, closed the door and started to take off my clothes. I turned around remembering to lock my doors from now on, and did so. Even as I stood in the near scalding shower, I barely felt it. My mind was racing with what all Becky may have told her, and what if anything Jackie had thought about it, or had felt when she did. It was turning out to be a very weird Thanksgiving, and I wasn’t sure that it was going to get any better either.

Not too surprisingly, dinner was excellent, but then again, mom really was a great cook. I had stuffed myself on several helpings of deliciously prepared turkey, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, honey-beans and three slices of pumpkin pie for dessert. We’d all helped to clean up afterwards of course while mom relaxed, which traditionally we’d done every year. But the thing that we all noticed, was that things seemed like “old times” this year in particular, which it hadn’t been for quite a while now.

“Mom really outdid herself this year didn’t she?” Dawn commented, as we finished drying and putting away the last of the clean dishes. “Did you notice how she kept smiling all night through dinner?”

Keeping my head down, and trying to stay under the radar, I bagged up the last of the garbage and prepared to take it downstairs to the dumpster.

“Here, let me help you carry this stuff out,” Jackie said.

I could have easily taken it all in one trip by myself, but it was obvious that Jackie was looking for an excuse to be alone with me, so I decided I might as well find out what it was she had to say.

“Great, that would be nice sis,” I said, and together we headed out the door where I knew she would eventually say something to me about whatever was really on her mind.

We’d managed to get all the way to the back stairs before she headed me off and forced me to stop.

“Becky told me everything,” she said bluntly.

Even so, how much was “everything” I wondered. I stood looking at her without saying a word, waiting for her to continue, or at the very least give me some idea as to what it was she really did know, or more importantly, what she was thinking.

“I don’t hate you, if you’re wondering. And I’m not even mad at you, or at Becky or Dawn for that matter either Jake. I’m just a little hurt that you never confided in me what had happened, or what was going on.”

I sat the sack of garbage down on the floor. “It’s not exactly something you can easily explain to anybody, especially you,” I told her. “I don’t know exactly what you mean by “everything” either, but I won’t lie to you sis. If there’s something you want to know, ask me, and I’ll tell you. But basically, if Becky told you how everything happened, and why, then I guess there’s no sense in me trying to explain it any further. Because I can’t. What happened, happened. And right or wrong, it did. I’ll be up front with you about something else too, I’m not sure I’m ready to not do it again either.”

Jackie leapt into my arms at that point, kissing me fiercely. I had no choice but to hold her, kissing her back. And then I began to respond to her kiss, and began kissing her just as ardently as she was kissing me. When we finally did break a part, I stood looking at her with a thousand questions left unasked.

“Jake. When Becky told me what had happened, and how, I admittedly was upset. I mean I had my suspicions that night when I walked in and saw you naked, heading back into the bedroom. But when Becky, and then Dawn came out…I knew.”

Well so far, she obviously didn’t know anything about mom yet, and I swallowed, knowing now that this was something I hope she never did find out about.

“But what you don’t know is, I wasn’t upset because of WHAT you did…or even why, or how it happened, but because…I was jealous!”

Ok, now I was surprised.

“Jealous? Of me? Why?”

Jackie looked away from me then, and I could tell she was screwing up her courage. “Ever since we were kids, and when we used to play those ‘touchy-feely” games, I had always had this attraction to you, even then. But with you being my brother, it obviously wasn’t something I could ever hope to tell you about, or try to explain why I felt the way I did, or that I wanted things to go farther than they did. That feeling never went away. So when I ‘knew’ that you, Dawn and Becky had actually been intimate, it hurt…more than you could ever know.”

“Jackie…I’m sorry. I didn’t know, and I never meant, or expected anything like that to happen with Becky, or Dawn for that matter either!”

“But it did Jake. It did. With them, but not…with me!”

We kissed once again, but it was a much quicker kiss, and not meant to be quite as passionate.

“Jackie, what Dawn, Becky and I did was wrong. Very wrong. And like I said, I can’t say it won’t happen again. But the last thing I want is to hurt, or lose you as my sister. We’re twins, maybe not identical twins, but twins never the less, and we’ve always been close, though not exactly THAT close. But Jackie, I’ve always felt closer to you than either Becky or Dawn, even now. And I can’t imagine that ever changing.”

“Me either,” she said. “So…will you fuck me too?”

I was stunned by her statement, not sure how to respond to it, wanting to do so on the one hand, and knowing that it would merely complicate everything even more on the other.

“Something else you need to know Jake. I’m still a virgin.”

I was too stunned to say anything, trying to think up the words that would somehow convey what I was feeling when she told me that, but Jackie continued on before I could even begin.

“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have take my virginity Jake. I don’t want some guy that I know I’d never end up marrying to do it. And I damn sure don’t want to wait until my wedding night either! I’ve thought about it a long time, and the only reason I’ve waited to do it until now, is because I’ve been trying to find a way to actually approach you about it. And now, after all this, it seems like it’s the best time in the world to have brought it up. Even after I told Becky what I was feeling, she told me that I SHOULD tell you, and then let you decide.”

“Becky knows?”

“Well duh…once she’d told me the truth, it was kind of silly for me to stand there and not tell her how I felt.”

“What did Becky say?” I asked.

“She said, that she AND Dawn would support both of us, whatever we decided to do. And…that they’d make sure we had whatever time we needed together to do it, without interruption.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually considering this. But I was.


“How about tonight? Becky said that as tired as mom is, that in all likelihood, she’ll turn in early anyway. And…they’re going to keep pouring wine down her until either she passes out, or decides she’s too tired to stay up any longer. After which, you and I will go back to your room for however long we want to. And they’ll stay up, keeping an eye out in the event mom does get up for whatever reason.”

Jackie had stated that last part with a curious sound to it. And I wondered then if she had any suspicions about mom and I too.

“Jackie, there’s more.” I decided that if she was willing to give me her virginity, then she needed to know everything before going through with it. I couldn’t do that to my sister, only to have her hating my guts later for it.

Once again Jackie looked at me. “I know. I was coming into your room last night to try and seduce you. I saw you and mom together. And that was the last question I needed to ask you. Do Dawn and Becky know?”

“Not about last night…no. And I wasn’t planning on ever telling them. But, it’s not the first time we did it Jackie. And that, they do know about, yes.”

“I guess there’s still a lot we need to sit down and talk about,” she told me. I nodded my head in agreement with her, wondering now if this revelation had changed anything.

“We’d better hurry up with the garbage,” she said suddenly, “Or everyone’s going to wonder what we’re doing, including mother.”

“What about tonight?” I asked somewhat fearfully.

“Oh yeah, I figured maybe an hour after mom goes to sleep. How does that sound?” She asked.

And then we headed off downstairs together to dump the garbage.

By the time we got back, Mom was already looking like she was ready to turn in. Dawn gave us both a questioning look, wondering if while we were gone, that Jackie had finally told me how she was feeling. Jackie smiled, and nodded her head slightly so that only Becky and Dawn could have seen it.

“Mom? More wine?” Becky asked her.

“Oh…no thanks dear. I think I’ve had enough; I’m about done in as it is. Matter of fact, I was just thinking how I ought to turn in for the night.”

She stood up giving each of us a hug and a kiss. “And tomorrow, we can just sit around, relax, and enjoy one another,” she said, though she’d cast a knowing look in my direction when saying that. “It’s nice to feel like a complete family again.”

Mom went to bed after that, and the four of us sat around in the front room, hardly speaking. Everyone “knew” what the real plans were, and it was a really odd feeling knowing that Becky and Dawn were very much aware of what would be taking place tonight. Finally, Dawn drew me aside when Becky had gone to the bathroom, and Jackie had gone into the kitchen to get another drink.

“Just remember Jake, she’s never been with a man before, and though I don’t know exactly how much experience she’s had doing anything else, it can’t be very much. So, you listen to her, go slow, and remember, she’s going to be afraid, nervous…and excited!”

Shortly after that, Dawn and Becky rushed me off to my bedroom to sit and wait until everyone was sure the coast was clear, and as I surmised, to have a few last words with Jackie before she came into my room.

As unbelievable as it might sound, I was probably as nervous if not more than my sister was. Just because I had now been with three women, it certainly didn’t make me an expert in knowing exactly what to do. In the first place, Dawn, Becky, and obviously mom, hadn’t been virgin’s. Secondly, I recently had been one myself, and still had an awful lot to learn. The responsibility of deflowering my own sister weighed heavily on my mind for several reasons, the least of which was I wanted her to enjoy it of course, but I was deathly afraid I would do something wrong and ruin the experience for her, not to mention our overall relationship.

It seemed like an eternity that I lay there in the dark wondering when I would finally hear the door open and Jackie come in. I was flaccid at the moment of course, more out of nervousness than anything else, but there was another problem we’d have to face too. I was big. And even now after having heard everyone else telling me that, I realized that the size of my penis might cause both of us a great deal of difficulty. I argued with myself back and forth, weighing the pros and cons of Jackie and I doing this when the door to my room opened. Jackie was dressed in a white lace nightgown that made her look every bit the virginal bride on her wedding night, and once again I had reservations about going through with this.

“You awake?” Jackie whispered to me in the semi-darkness.

“Yes…of course. You ok?” I asked. Wondering why I had asked that.


I didn’t answer her, afraid of what I might have said had I done so truthfully. Because the truth was, I was scared to death. Instead, I just held out my arms to her, and watched as Jackie crossed the room and slipped into bed next to me.

“Everyone asleep?” I asked worriedly.

“Mom is, Becky checked on her about a half hour ago. She was sound asleep. Dawn’s sort of snoozing on the couch, but they’re both in the living room in case mom does wake up.”

“We’re going to have to try and be quiet,” I reminded her.

“I hope I can,” she said, and I could tell there was an edge of nervousness in her voice.

“Jackie, you don’t have to go through with this, there’s nothing that says we have to have intercourse, maybe you SHOULD wait until the right man comes along.”

“He already has,” Jackie said, and then I felt her reach beneath the covers of the bed and begin to fondle my rather limp penis.

“Does it always start out soft like this?” She asked.

Embarrassed, I tried laughing it off. “Not always, no. But I think I’m just as nervous as you are, so it might take me a moment to get hard enough…” I left off without finishing.

“Dawn said you were huge!”

Once again it struck me a little weird that my three sisters would sit around and discuss the size of my penis with one another. On the other hand, I wasn’t any different, sitting there fantasizing about what their respective tits looked like, including comparing them to my mothers.

“I guess so.”

Jackie continued to fondle my cock, and finally it did begin to grow and lengthen some, but it was still considerably too limp to even try and attempt intercourse. Besides which, I at least had enough sense and experience to know that Jackie was far from being ready for me herself. As she continued to slowly jack me to an even greater hardness, I thought this might be the perfect time for me to get a little more acquainted with her breasts. I reached over and cupped her left tit, gave it a very gentle caress to more or less let her know what I was doing, and then proceeded to massage it and play with it until I felt the hardness of her nipple suddenly pressing against the palm of my hand.

“Hmmmm, that feels nice,” she told me.

I then moved to give her right breast equal attention and caressed and played with it until I felt the nipple harden on that one as well.

“Would you like me to take this off now?” She asked.

“Whatever you’re comfortable with,” I offered, though in fact, I was rather looking forward to actually sucking her tits too.

Jackie shrugged off her nightie and let it drop to the floor, then pulled up the covers and slid underneath them beside me. The feel of her cool soft flesh as she pressed herself almost protectively against me sent unexpected shivers running up and down my spine. “Cold?”

“Not hardly,” I said, and then leaned over, bending down slightly so that I could continue to toy with her breast in one hand, and finally lick, suck and tongue the other with my mouth.

As Jackie burrowed herself next to me, I began lightly caressing and massaging her back, the feel of her soft firm breasts pressed against my chest had the desired affect, and soon my prick was straining with the need and urgency of sliding up inside my sisters virginal cunt. I noticed too that a thousand tiny little bumps appeared as though by magic, and knew that she either was cold, or that she was experiencing the same sort of eerie excitement that I was.

I somehow managed to slide my hand down between us, felt her stiffen momentarily, and then open like a flower in bloom to me as she realized what it was I was attempting to do. When my hand found her, she was wet, which to me was a good sign, and I began to pet the outside of her pussy lips as gently as I could, hoping that this initial contact would both sooth and prepare her for the eventuality of what was to come.

“I’m scared,” she breathed softly against my neck.

“Me too,” I admitted. “It’s still not too late Jackie, we can…”

“Shhhhh!” She said softly, and then pulled away from me, slithering down along my body, pulling the covers away with her as she did until my upper body was completely exposed to the cool night air. For a second, the image of mom came to mind, comforting, soft, way-laying my fears and concerns, just the way Jackie was doing now.

Where the night was cool on my face, neck and chest, it was like a warm soothing fire between my legs. The touch of her hands on me as she familiarized herself with my length and girth, the sensation of her soft hair as it caressed my lower stomach, even passing along the length of my prick from time to time, as well as my balls was extremely sensual. When her lips finally kissed me there, and as her mouth ovaled and then engulfed me, I felt the heat spread from the tips of my toes and travel all the way to the top of my head, chasing away the chill and alighting the fire of my desire.

Inexperienced perhaps in actually having intercourse, she was far from that, even in my limited experience of having my dick sucked. Maybe she was a natural, but I wasn’t about to ask her where, or how she learned to do it like that. She teased me with the edge of her teeth, nipped, kissed, and tickled me with her tongue in all the right places. And just when I thought it couldn’t feel any better, she’d engulf me with her mouth, sucking the head of my cock expertly, and pleasuring the glands with such perfect technique that I thought for sure she’d been doing this for years. Who knows, maybe she had been. But at the moment, I could have cared less; it simply felt too fucking good.

When I reached the point that I knew if I let her continue, she’d end up with an unexpected surprise, I forced her away from me, though for a moment, she actually fought back as though having no intention to release her lips from me.

“My turn to do you,” I said softly.

Jackie and I traded places and she positioned herself comfortably amongst the pillows. Spreading her legs a part with my hands, I glanced down towards her bare pussy, freshly shaved this morning, and wondered briefly if she had known she was preparing herself for this evening together. I lowered myself towards her, immediately catching the fresh intoxicating scent of her juicy quim as my tongue tentatively reached out to introduce itself to the soft warm flesh of her split.

With a slowness bordering on lunacy, I drew the tip of my tongue beginning with the lowest point of her pussy that I could find. I allowed myself the luxury of sliding it upwards, ever so slowly, locating, tasting, and memorizing each sweet tasty morsel of pussy-flesh that I could find. By the time the tip of my tongue reached the apex of her furrow, I stabbed out knowingly and assaulted her clitoris with a brief, but frenzied series of quick fleeting licks that caused Jackie to suck in her breath, unable to exhale until I had once again begun the slow, maddening decent back down the liquefied groove of her cunt.

I don’t know how many times I repeated this process, at least a dozen though, and as the intensity grew, so did the scratch marks in my back become deeper and more cleanly etched as it became obvious that I was turning Jackie’s pussy inside out with my tongue.

“Fuck me Jake…please, fuck me…now!” She said finally.

“You’re sure?” I asked once again. “I’m more than happy to keep doing this until you cum.”

“No…I want you inside me. I want to feel you, I want to give YOU, my virginity!”

I moved up against her, but realized as I did that I had once again softened considerably. Excited yes, but in concentrating purely on her pleasure, my own excitement level had diminished slightly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, you’re just gonna have to give me a second here. I’m not quite hard enough,” I said.

“You don’t want to do this do you?” She asked worriedly.

“It’s nothing like that,” I assured her. “I do…I just need to get harder again is all.” Even then I placed my hand around my cock and pressed the knob of my head against her opening and gave it a slight push in the hopes that the head at least would sort of slip into her. That didn’t happen. Of course it didn’t help when she moaned painfully so either.

“I’m sorry Jake, that hurt a little. Go slowly ok?”

I had been trying to of course, but maybe I had pressed against her a little too forcefully. “OK,” I told her, reaching down once again until I was reasonably sure I was where I was supposed to be, I pushed against her as softly, yet as firmly as I could. This time I heard as well as felt the harsh intake of breath as she grimaced in obvious discomfort.

“Fuck! I’m sorry sis, I’m trying to go slowly, I am…really.”

Brilliance suddenly came to me.

“Jackie, maybe if you hold me, and sort of guide me into you, maybe that will work.”

I felt her hand wrap around me a second later, and I pushed up so that I could rest more on my knees and give her freer access to my cock. I would also have a better view of what we were doing, or doing wrong, and hopefully adjust however she directed me to do.

Once again I pushed…slowly, but knowing I had to apply a little pressure in order to finally break through her stubborn hymen.

“Ouch!” She almost screamed. And I backed off immediately, frustrated and more than a little bewildered why this was proving to be so damn difficult. And then…I heard Jackie crying.

“Maybe we need to take a little breather,” I suggested.

“Maybe this isn’t going to work after all,” Jackie said almost too quietly to hear.

“Maybe,” I answered back beginning to feel both frustrated as well as considerably inadequate at my obvious inexperience.

We lay in the dark side by side, holding hands, but not saying a word for a considerable amount of time. Finally I couldn’t stand the silence any longer. “Maybe I should try loosening you up with my fingers for a while,” I suggested. “Maybe you need just a little more lubrication or something.”

“Fuck Jake, I’m already wetter than I ever remember being. But you’re right…maybe with your fingers.”

For a while, I caressed her clit, tickled it and twirled it between my fingers trying to imitate the way I had gently sucked her with my lips. She was wet…and perhaps even more so by the time I tried to insert my finger inside her. “Shit she’s tight!” I thought to myself, and then tried pressing it inside her until once again she moaned, not in pleasure, but in obvious pain. And once again, Jackie started crying, and this time, I really was worried that someone would hear her.

When I heard the door to my bedroom open, the first thing that came to mind was “Fuck…I really do need to remember to lock the fucking door!” And then my next thought, spoken aloud was…”Becky? Dawn?”

I didn’t know WHICH one of them was standing there, but obviously someone was. I’m not even sure that Jackie was aware of anyone else being in the room with us yet, but in a way I was glad they were. With her crying, and me not sure what the hell I could do about it, I was more than happy for whatever advise that either Becky or Dawn could give us.

“Maybe I can help,” Mom said.

“Mother?” Jackie said.

“Shhhhh baby, mommy’s here to help you.”

Sometimes you ask the stupidest questions during the most unusual times, and this was one of those. Maybe it was my way of trying to get a feel for my mother’s true feelings about what we were trying to do here or something, who knows…but I whatever the reason, I looked up at her as she reached the bed and sat down.

“Where’s Becky and Dawn?”

“They’re asleep,” she said. “Too much wine I think. I figured that SOMETHING was up when it was obvious the two of them were trying to pour wine down my throat. And then, the way you and Jackie were acting around one another, just like the two of you used to do when you were kids. I knew you’d been up to something, and like then, I knew that you were up to something now. When I came out of the bedroom and saw Dawn and Becky asleep in the living room, I knew they were there standing guard. It didn’t take two and two to figure out the two of you were in here together, and then I heard Jackie crying, and figured out exactly what the problem was.”

“She’s a virgin,” I said stupidly.

“I know, she told me a while back she still was.”

Jackie had quit crying by this time, but it was evident she was nervous about mom’s being there.

“It was you who walked in on us last night, wasn’t it Jackie?” She asked.

“Yes,” Jackie replied softly.

“I thought it might have been. Had it been Becky, she might just have been bold enough to want to join us. Dawn would have said something first, and then either left the room, or stood there until she was invited too. So I figured, it had to be you.”

“You’re not mad at me?” Jackie asked.

“How can I be mad at you for something I’ve done myself, and for something I still want to do again?” Mom said. “But we can talk about that tomorrow. Right now, I think I can help you…if you’re willing to let me.”

She really didn’t wait for either one of us to give her an answer; she just sort of took over and began telling us what to do.

“In the first place, the missionary position really isn’t the best way for first time sexual intercourse. It can be accomplished that way of course, like most every position. But, it can be a lot more difficult, and far less pleasurable the first time around. Now, if you’re willing to trust me. Jackie, get on your hands and knees, and move closer to the end of the bed. Jake? I want you to come around here, and stand behind her, but don’t even try and do anything until I say so.”

We both did as we were told of course, and once in position, mother moved me closer to my sister and had reached down holding my cock, softly stroking it and making sure that it was as nice and hard as it could be. At the same time, she stroked my sister’s cunt-lips with it, teasing her and ensuring that she was becoming aroused too. She also petted my sister’s pussy with her other hand, gently stroking and rubbing her clitoris, and telling her how good it felt, and how her own pussy felt when she had a cock up inside her. Listening to my mother talking in such terms was incredibly erotic for me anyway, and I hoped, it if was getting to me like that, that maybe it was for Jackie too.

I felt mom position my prick at the entrance of my sister’s pussy, and then felt her hand as she more or less explored the two of us until she was satisfied that everything was exactly where it should be.

“Jackie? I’m not going to lie to you. This is going to hurt a little bit; you have a particularly strong hymen, and it plain and simply isn’t going to be painless. But…if you listen to me, it will be quick and over with before you know it. But you’re going to have to trust me here,” she told her.

“Jake? When I put my hand on the back of your ass, I want you to thrust yourself into your sister with all your might. Don’t stop for any reason, even if she cries out. But DON’T do it until I touch you…understood?”

“Yes mother.”

“Jackie? You’ll feel a lot of pressure at first, and probably a little pain, but the moment Jake breaks through your hymen, the pain will go away. When you do Jake, keep going, but don’t pull back out, just lay there inside your sister. She’ll know when it’s ok for you to move again.”

I could feel the subtle movements of mother’s hand on my sister’s pussy as she slowly and purposely pleasured her. Though I couldn’t see it of course, I could tell by Jackie’s breathing that whatever mother was doing to her, that it was starting to make her feel good.

“I want you to cum for me honey,” Mom told her. “Concentrate on your clit, think about how good I’m making it feel, and let yourself enjoy it.”

Jackie did. Whatever mom was doing, Jackie was really getting into it, and before long her breathing was becoming considerably more raspy and breathless as her orgasm neared. I heard the catch in Jackie’s throat then as she did, and simultaneously the touch of my mother’s hand on my ass. I shoved into my sisters cunt with every ounce of strength that I had, felt the tightness of her pussy trying to bar my way, felt her stretch, and then suddenly felt myself slide into her.

“Don’t stop Jake!” Mom yelled…push…push!”

But I was already inside my sister, to the hilt, and felt her cunt surround me suddenly, almost disbelievingly so.

I had heard her cry out in pleasure as her orgasm began, and I am pretty sure that even when I tore through her hymen, that the sound of her pleasure didn’t turn to pure agony, or even close to anything like that.

“How’s it feel now honey?” Mom said, once again stroking her back, and caressing the side of her face.

“A lot better. Shit mom, he IS fucking big isn’t he?”

Mother laughed. “Yes, yes he is. Almost hurt me when I fucked him too, it had been so damn long. But I’ll tell you honey, once you get used to it…”

Once again…I was in the same room, but they were talking like I was a thousand miles away.

“Now, wiggle back against him, slowly…let your pussy get used to the feel of that nice hard dick!” Mom told my sister.

I felt Jackie move against me as though testing that out.

“Hmmm yes, I think I am starting to,” she said.

“Does it hurt any more?” Mom asked her.

Jackie moved back against me, and I in turn pulled out just a little, and then moved to meet her backwards thrust.

“Oh…no, that…oh my, that feels good!” She said, now pulling away from me to the point that my cock almost, but not quite slipped out of her. “Oh Jake…now, slide back into me…slowly…slowly, yes…that’s it. Just like that!”

I fucked into my sister’s cunt, loving the sensation of her pussy as it began to respond, and yet very much aware that my mother was sitting there next to us watching.

“Well, I think the two of you can figure the rest of it out for yourselves.” She said finally. I felt her stand up and walk towards the door. My eyes felt like they were glued shut, but I somehow managed to open them and look up towards her just as she reached the door, opened it and turned around one last time to face us.

“I love you both,” she said, and then disappeared through the door, closing, and locking it behind her.

Jackie and I made love for a long time after that. We both knew that there would be much to discuss with our mother, as well as with Becky and Dawn in the morning. Neither of us was sure about what the future would bring, or how any of this would eventually affect our lives, or even change them. For now, there was just the sweet, sweet coupling of the two of us, once again joined together, the way we had once begun, but this time, never again to be separated, not ever.