Lucky Boy

The story has subject, which includes kinkiest sex. Readers are requested to enjoy the imagination of author for reading it. Its my first story and I would like to get help from other writers who would like to help in my more imaginary stuff.

It happened with me when I was just turned to eighteen; my life turned to the kinkiest sex pleasure. I had a disorder in my balls which gave me unbearable pains and had only way to relief it by making me cum. I was showed to the doctor who was a lady and took lot of interest in me. At my age I was of only 5 feet and 8″ while my mom, dad and sister where 6 plus. Mom was of 45 a housewife, dad was working for a multinational company and sister was studying her post graduation in university. I had completed my junior college and just started to senior one.

Mom was one who took my care and made my life full of pleasure. My balls grew bigger than the normal one they were like two small tennis ball packed in a bag and tied below my cock. My cock was too abnormal as what our family genes are, it was 9″ long and 1 and ½” thick. When I was took to the doc she was amazed to see this big things. She took me in for examination and told mom to wait in her cabin. She asked me that do I masturbate, I felt little shy but nodded her in positive. She asked how many times, said three times a day. She asked do I cum all the time, obviously I did cum. As she touched to examine me my cock grew and it was in its full length, which made her, aroused and wet. She stroked me and made me cum. I came all over her face and on her apron. She left me and went in other cabin. I felt that she would complain mom and she didn’t liked what I did to her.

But latter on when she came back I smelled my cum in her mouth and she had changed her clothes too. I was feeling enough good now with removing my load from my balls. She said me that she needed to take sample of my cum to test and measure my cum. But now I was not having enough of it so she would need me again. She asked me when do I masturbate I said in morning when I shit and in noon at 4 and in night at 11 after seeing any hot movie. And told me to dress up good and come her cabin after five minutes so that she could talk to mom. When I went in mom looked me with some different glow in her eyes and smiled at me and same the doc did. I sat on the c hair and doc said that whenever I felt pain in my balls I should masturbate and for that I should take help of somebody. Her indication was towards mom. And gave some tabs from her drawer and asked to come at evening, without masturbating so that she can have my cum for test.

We went to home and I was feeling shy to looking or to talk with mom. Dad was out from a month on a tour and it was left one more month to come back. As we entered at home mom told me to come with her in her bedroom. I was feeling nervous. When I went in her bedroom, she took me to bathroom and said that she is giving me a bath to give me relief, and went out in room. I removed my clothes leaving my V underwear, which gave glimpse of my big cock and balls. She came back in her bathrobe and said me to take off my underwear but I did it unheard and she tried to pull my underwear from front. Which gave my cock in her hand and she hold it firm and tight it grew and mom was glued her eyes on my bulge. She said that it would be unlawful that only me would be naked so she took off her robe and now it was my turn to be shocked by such scene. She was a real goddess with 36D breast and big aureoles and small brown nipples standing erect. She had dark public hairs up to her navel and her pussy was dripping with the juices. She also had hairs in her armpits which where of brown color. She pulled my underwear and my 9″ cock was standing erect in front of the place from where I came to the world. She squeezed cock and went down on it kissing it, which made me hot and I was near to cum. I said mom I would cum if she didn’t leave me and my cum is to be stored to give for the test. She look me and said she knows her boy and I would cum again to that and right now she needed it badly and started to take my cock her mouth. I could fill her tongue on my shaft and she was dripping her saliva on it. Her one hand was in her pussy. I could see she had all fingers in her pussy. Which excited me more. I bent down and put my and too on her pussy area. She moaned loudly and I came in her mouth with gallons of cum which came out of her mouth. She tried to take all in her stomach but was unable to do so and it went on her breasts, which touched my legs. After when my cock started to resize she stood and said she need to cum and I have to work for her but all what we are and where going to do would remain only in us the only I would be called her son. I nodded her and went down on her pussy kissing the lips and as parted her legs her clitoris where calling me to tease them which I did very well. She came in no time and I too tasted first time females cum, before that I always eat my cum.

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Mom pissed on me after giving her cum out and begged sorry for it but I said her that I loved her piss too and drank that too. She sat down and asked do I like wild kinky love sex. I took her breast in my hand and squeezed them and kissed mom exploring my cum her mouth and giving her thing to her. She pulled me back and said that she had all time fantasy to love like wild and have kinky sex while shitting. I said her, it is my fantasy too and I would do anything for her. And right now I would pee in her mouth and would suck it back from her mouth and out it in her pussy and then I would drink it. She kissed me and it was deep exploring for five minutes. Then I stood and did as what I said. We did 69 and made cum each other again. Mom’s pussy was also an abnormal one it was wide and long below her navel. We also licked our assholes. And we had bath together and mom said we would be naked unless any body is at home other than us. So went walked naked in kitchen in wet skin for having beer from fridge. I took two eggs to and said mom I would she like me to eat them on her raw. She said back hat one egg she would eat on my cock. And I broke one in her pussy and eat it and, she eat on my cock. We again went for a bath and sat in the tub fucking each other for and hour. Then we where totally exhausted and went in her room and slept in each other’s arms for few hours.

As I woke up mom was sucking my cock. I looked at the clock and said its time to go to the doc to give my cum for test and she said she had phoned doc and she would be coming to take my cum. And she stood up and dressed herself and said me to dress up so I would be no clue of incest to the doc. I went in my room and dressed up and within few minutes doc ‘s car horned. Mom opened door for her and took her to her bedroom and called me there. Doc asked me how I was feeling now and touched my balls and asked do it pains I was showing shy on that she said it is part of treatment and there is nothing to feel shy in front of doc and mom. And asked me to take off my clothes. I took off and my cock sprung out. She hold it and said mom it was abnormal but if I give more cum it would be took for research and it would help many couples who need a child. And started to stroke me. I said her it is not making me hot to cum and my cock was resizing in it small shape, doc said if I need some nudity in room to cum, I nodded and mom and doc both took off the clothes. Doc was clean saved and was not so gorgeous as mom but her nipples where 2″ long and her body showed her old age by loose skin and breasts which was also my fantasy of old women. She was slim and her pussy lips where loose and saggy. Instantly I cum but it was not so much cause I have given it to mom. She took it in a Becker and asked did I masturbate in mean while I nodded yes. She said I would have to cum at her home at night with full load so that it would be seen how much I really give out but mom insisted that he would come day after tomorrow so that I would be having my load of real position. Because I have gave out more today and tomorrow I would gather it for the test. Doc agreed mom and said I should tie my cock so that I would not lose my cum or press a finger on the vain when I need to masturbate. Her face was showing that she wanted me cum now but I had already came more. While going out she said mom to take of me and mom said back she is take good care of me.

As mom close the door, she ran to me and we kissed each other and started fucking again. But now it was a short game cause we need some energy. So we went to the kitchen and mom cocked food for us. I asked mom I want to have food with the drink of wine and our piss cocktail, which she agreed and brought wine bottle from dad’s bar. We pissed in a jar and put the wine in it. Mm asked why did I like such kinky thing I said it was her genes in me on it she kissed me and on my same question to her she said she don’t know. We had our food and again we played with our bodies. I had some wild sex movies, which we watched together and did the same as in the movie. At night we slept after sex play of 4 hours.

I morning I was awaken by mom and asked to have morning bed sex. I said her I need to pee she said pee in the bed which I did but it was took in mom’s mouth. And now mom sat on my face parting her pussy to pee in my mouth and piss the yellow fluid. After that we went in the latrine together and now it was the real time of our fantasy. Mom sat first on the pot and then I putting my cock in her pussy. We started fucking each other and suddenly we stopped. We where now shitting. Mom put her hand in the pot and put her two fingers in my ass, which hurt me but I liked it. I was slight out of pot so I stood my cock was resting on mom’s breast. I managed to put my fingers too in mom’s ass but I could not reach comfortably cause mom’s fingers where penetrating me now my ass was tore and blood was coming out of it.

Mom took water in mug and washed my ass but still it was bleeding so she said me to turn around and she licked my ass’s blood. When she was finished I took charge of her ass. Her ass hole was bigger than normal on my question to her she said she like to finger her ass and so she had big ass hole. My three fingers where in here ass. She shitted same time. Then I cleaned her ass and my hand and I licked her ass, smell and taste of the soap was on her ass. Then after we had bath together and whole day we fucked, sucked and licked each other. At night doc’s phone rang and she said I would sleep at her house so that she could take my cum in early morning.