John peeked through the hole he had made in the closet wall connecting his room to his sister’s. He could see his sister in her room beginning to undress for bed. As he became more excited watching her undress, John dropped his pants and pulled his cock out, holding it in his hand. Even though Jenny was only 19, John knew that she was already mature physically, with big full tits and a pussy that could clearly be seen through the sparse red hair growing there.

John was only a year younger than Jenny and big for his age, so most people thought he was the older of the two. He had made the hole in the closet about three months ago and had been regularly watching his sister in her room. He had been surprised to find that Jenny liked playing with herself, squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples, trying to lick them, and that she played with her pussy, sticking her fingers into it and also in the last couple of weeks a big black dildo that she had gotten somewhere. John got so hot watching Jenny that he would regularly masturbate, trying to cum when she did. Because Jenny almost never closed her closet door, John was usually able to see her, like tonight.

Slowly he pulled on his cock as he watched Jenny undress. When she had pulled her shirt off, she cupped her tits in her hands, hefting them, weighing them, squeezing them. John knew her routine almost by heart. Then she pinched her nipples in her fingers and pulled on them, twirling them. Very quickly John could see them harden, knurling into knots on the ends of her tits. Jenny hefted one of them upwards, sticking out her tongue and flicking it at the nipple, just barely able to reach.

Then Jenny wriggled out of her jeans, pulling them off and revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. This had been going on for about two weeks now. It had really excited John the first time he realized that Jenny hadn’t worn any underwear, going out with just her clothes covering her.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed facing the closet, Jenny spread her knees wide apart and rubbed her hands in her pussy. John almost died on the spot when Jenny’s hands came from her pussy, pulling the big black dildo out. He couldn’t believe that she had been in school all day and eaten dinner with their parents with that big black dildo jammed up into her pussy.

Suddenly John began to cum, splashing all over the closet wall as his balls exploded while he watched his sister. Jenny slid the dildo in and out of her pussy several times, then pulled it all the way out and brought it up to her mouth, opening it and sliding the dildo into her mouth, sucking on it, licking all of her own pussy juices from the dildo.

John was still furiously rubbing his cock, staring at Jenny’s wide open pussy staring at him, only about ten feet away. He could see her pussy lips pouting open, revealing her clit sticking out from between them and her hole, pooling with moisture. After sticking the dildo back into her pussy and ramming it in and out several times, Jenny licked it off again and turned off the light, ending John’s show.

John groaned as the light went out, depriving him of his entertainment. But he had cum once, he smiled to himself, and really busted a nut. God, Jenny was great, he thought. He wondered if she had ever been with a guy yet. Probably, he thought. She was probably the horniest person in the whole world, the way she had been carrying on. No, John corrected himself, I’m the horniest person in the whole world.

And Jenny never acted any different. She was still the sweetest sister in the world, always helping him if he had any trouble with his schoolwork, a cheerleader, straight A student, teacher’s pet, the whole nine yards. And yet she was so beautiful and perverted, John thought as he climbed into bed. He couldn’t wait to get come pussy for himself one day.

The next day John was at the hole in the closet waiting when Jenny woke up. He watched as she stretched, throwing the covers off, then pulled up her knees and spread them wide, her hands going right to her pussy. John watched as she rubbed her clit, slowly, and gently slid several fingers into her pussy as she masturbated. When she finally came, John did too, this time catching his cum in his hand and using it to lubricate his cock as he continued to pump it in his hand. Then Jenny jumped up and went to the shower.

Cleaning himself up, John got dressed and went out of his room to have breakfast with the rest of the family. His mother Jean was such a beautiful woman, John noticed again, her long blonde hair reaching down to her waist. She had such a beautiful smile. His father Jack was tall and red-headed just like Jenny. He had a great sense of humor and John loved it when they would go camping or hiking in the mountains together.

As John and Jenny walked to school together, John began to have the beginnings of an idea in his head. Money was always a little short and he was constantly thinking of ways to get just a little more. Now maybe he had an idea. He hadn’t told any of his friends about Jenny, mostly because he was sure they wouldn’t believe him, but also because he didn’t see any advantage in his friends knowing that his sister was such a horny, sex pervert. Now maybe he could solve all his problems at once.

Once at school that day, John pulled his two best friends aside, Harry and Tom, and asked them if they had ever seen a girl totally naked. Their surprised expressions told him the answer to that one immediately.

“What would it be worth to you if I could guarantee that you’ll have a perfect view of a naked girl from only ten feet and that she wouldn’t know about it?” John asked.

“I’d give you all the money I’ll make for the rest of my life,” Harry said excitedly. “But you couldn’t possibly deliver so it’s a dead issue.”

“But what if I tell you I can deliver,” John continued. “How much would you pay?”

“How long would we get to watch?” Tom asked.

“Well, probably five to ten minutes,” John said after thinking about it for a moment.

“Just to see a naked girl?” Harry asked. “What is she, twelve years old?” he asked, laughing hard.

“No, she’s nineteen and beautiful, and if you come up with the right money, I’ll even guarantee that she’ll play with herself too,” John said. “So, what do you think?”

“Shit, I’ll pay to see that,” Harry said. “I’ll give you $20 if you let me see that.”

“What about you, Tom?” John asked. “You willing to pay to see it too?”

“I guess so,” Tom said. “But what if it’s not what you say, then what?”

“Then you don’t have to pay me,” John said. “In fact, I’ll let you pay me after, that way you decide if I was telling the truth.”

“That sounds fair to me,” Tom said. “I’ll give you $20 if it’s as good as you say.”

“Great then,” John said, thinking of the $40 he would make. “What you have to do is get your parents’ permission to spend the night at my house, then I’ll be able to show you.”

“How about tomorrow night then?” Harry asked. “I’m sure my parents won’t mind.”

“Yeah, I think my parents would let me tomorrow night too,” Tom said.

“Great, then tomorrow night,” John said. “I’ll talk to my parents and make sure, but let’s plan on it.”

“Great,” Harry said, jumping up excitedly. “I can’t wait.”

That night as John watched Jenny again, he couldn’t contain his excitement at watching his friends see her without her knowing about it. And $40, that would sure help. As he expected, his parents had no objection to him having two friends come over to study and spend the night, so the next day after school both Harry and Tom came home with him. They spent the afternoon studying, to keep up pretenses, and after dinner used studying as an excuse to go to John’s room.

“So, when are we going to go see this naked girl?” Harry asked impatiently.

“It won’t be long now,” John said with a smile on his face. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“Quit wasting time and get on with it,” Tom said. “Or is this just some bullshit?”

“No bullshit,” John said. “In fact, we can start getting ready.”

Moving over to the closet, John opened the doors, first turning out the light in the room. Motioning to Harry, John pointed out the hole in the closet wall.

“You just keep your eye on that hole,” John explained, “and in just a minute or so it’ll start.”

Tom just looked at him as Harry bent to the hole, putting his eye to it. They all waited, fidgeting as nothing happened. Then suddenly Harry gasped.

“Hey, it’s your sister,” he said.

“I know it is,” John said smugly. “Just keep watching.”

“You mean you’re talking about your sister?” Tom asked him incredulously.

“Uh-huh,” John said. “And you won’t be sorry either.”

“Your sister,” Tom said, shaking his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you’d sell a peek at your own sister.”

“Why not?” John asked. “She doesn’t know and it won’t hurt her. And you said you’d pay $20 to see.”

“Oh, wow,” Harry whispered. “She’s taking off her shirt. What outrageous tits! Man, they are beautiful.”

“Let me see,” Tom said, suddenly interested again.

“Let Tom look for a minute,” John said. “Then you can look again. You’ll have to take turns. And you can see again in the morning, too.”

Quickly Tom knelt down and looked through the hole, just in time to see Jenny twisting and pulling on her nipples.

“Oh, man, she’s beautiful,” Tom said softly, his eye glued to the hole. “Oh, god,” Tom said. “She’s taking off her pants. I can’t believe this, she’s not wearing any underwear. Oh, man, what a beautiful pussy.”

“Let me see, let me see,” Harry implored.

“Let Harry look, Tom,” John said, smiling as he realized that they were hooked.

Harry quickly dropped to his knees, his eye pressed to the hole.

“Wow, what a pussy,” he exclaimed. “I can’t believe she’s playing with herself like that. You can see everything in her pussy. Oh, god, she just put her fingers up into her pussy.”

“Let me see,” Tom begged.

Moving aside, his eyes bright and a slight bulge present in his pants, Harry let Tom have access to the hole.

“Oh, man, I just can’t believe anything could be so beautiful,” Tom said as he looked through the hole. “She’s just amazing. Hey, what’s she doing?” Tom asked suddenly. “She got up and turned off the light.”

“She’s going to bed for the night,” John explained. “But you can see again in the morning.”

“How can I possibly sleep knowing that she’s over there?” Harry moaned.

“It took me a little while to learn to do that,” John admitted with a smile. “But it makes for great dreams.”

“I can’t wait for morning,” Tom said.

“Does that mean you’re going to pay me?” John asked.

“You bet,” Harry said, pulling a $20 bill from his pocket and handing it to John. “It’s a bargain.”

“Yeah, you sure didn’t lie,” Tom said, handing John $20. “I still can’t believe it. My dick’s so hard I think it’s going to break.”

“Just wait until morning,” John said, getting undressed for bed. “It’s a great way to wake up.”

The next morning the three of them were waiting in the closet for Jenny to wake up. When she did wake up, Tom insisted on first look because Harry had gone first last night. Placing his eye to the hole, Tom watched as Jenny woke up, stretching, then throwing the covers off and pulling her knees up and apart.

“God, she plays with herself first thing in the morning,” he breathed, staring into the hole.

“Let me see,” Harry said.

As Tom moved aside, Harry put his eye to the hole, drawing a loud breath as he saw Jenny’s pussy totally exposed to his view, her fingers busy in her pussy. Then Harry gasped, choking as he tried to talk. It took John a minute or so, but finally he succeeded in moving Harry from the hole so that Tom could look.

“Oh, shit, look at that thing she’s shoving into her pussy,” he said. “I can’t believe it fits. This is just great.”

“Let me see some more,” Tom said, elbowing Harry aside and pressing his eye to the hole. “Oh, man, look at that. She’s fucking herself with that fake black cock. Unreal. I can’t believe that’s your sister doing that,” he said. “She seems like such a nice person.”

“She is a nice person,” John said. “She’s also a very horny person, I’d say.”

Suddenly Tom moved back from the hole, his mouth wide open and his eyes sticking out of his head.

“She licked it,” he said. “She licked it after it was in her pussy.”

“Oh, my god,” Harry said as he looked into the hole. “She’s sucking that thing, licking it off. Oh, shit, she’s leaving the room,” he said turning away from the hole.

“She’s going to take a shower and get ready for school,” John explained, moving from the closet.

Harry and Tom were extremely excited as they left the closet, their cheeks burning with color and definite bulges in their pants. They could barely contain themselves as they all walked to school together, Jenny again the model of sweetness and respectability that they had known her to be. For the next week or two Harry and Tom found every excuse possible to spend the night at John’s house, each time paying him another $20 for the privilege. Soon John had several hundred dollars saved and was thinking about how to increase his take.

For two weeks John thought about what to do, how to make this even more profitable. Finally he decided on a plan of action, but he was very nervous about implementing it. One day he decided he had enough courage, and knocked on Jenny’s door one afternoon when he was sure she was doing homework, having checked by looking through the hole.

“Yes,” Jenny said, “come in. Oh, hi, John,” Jenny said as he came into the room. “What are you up to?”

“Well, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about,” John said hesitantly.

“Well, what is it?” Jenny asked, smiling at him.

“It’s about money,” John began.

“John, you know I don’t have any money,” Jenny said. “I can’t possibly help you there.”

“Well, actually there is a way,” John said, “and I think I can help you with money too.”

“John, what are you talking about?” Jenny asked.

“This,” John said, suddenly reaching under the mattress where he had seen Jenny hiding her dildo and pulling it out.

“Oh, my god,” Jenny said, her face turning beet red and her hands covering her mouth. “How did you find out about that?” she asked, tears starting to come from her eyes.

“Don’t cry, Jenny,” John said, feeling terrible that he had upset her so.

“How could you know?” she asked, crying. “How could you possibly know? You’re not going to tell Mom or Dad, are you? They’d never understand.”

“No, I’m not going to tell Mom or Dad,” John said. “I’m not here to make trouble for you, I just know how to get money and I thought I’d share it with you.”

“But what does money have to do with this?” Jenny asked, indicating the dildo which John had tossed onto the bed.

“I know what you’re doing with it,” John said. “I’ve seen you.”

“You’ve seen me?” Jenny exclaimed. “How could you?”

“Here,” John said, going over to the closet and pointing out the hole in the wall. “I watch you from here.”

“Oh, god,” Jenny said, bursting into tears again. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Jenny, I’m not mad or anything. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it either. But I do watch and I like watching,” John said.

“So, what do you want then?” Jenny asked.

“Well, you know Harry and Tom?” John asked. “Well, I’ve been charging them $20 each to look through the hole at you.”

“Oh, no,” Jenny cried, tears pouring down her face. “What have you done? They’ll tell everyone at school and I won’t be able to look anyone in the face ever again.”

“No they won’t,” John said firmly. “They know that they can’t say anything. First of all, who would believe them? About you, I mean. And besides, I told them I’d never let them see again if I even thought that they had told anyone.”

“And you believe them?” Jenny cried. “You’ve destroyed me.”

“Yes, I believe them,” John said, “and no, I haven’t destroyed you. Look at this,” he said, holding up a wad of money. “There’s more than $400 here.”

“$400,” Jenny said. “How did you get so much money?”

“I told you, I made them pay me $20 each every time they wanted to watch you,” John explained. “And I know how to get even more. But I’ll need your help for that.”

“You want my help?” Jenny almost screamed. “Are you crazy?”

“No, I’m not,” John said. “Just hear me out, okay? Look, I’ll split the money with you, even this,” he said, holding up the wad. “But I have an idea to get even more, lot’s of it.”

“I can’t wait,” Jenny sniffed. “How are you going to do that?”

“Do any of your friends know what you do?” John asked. “You don’t have to tell me their name.”

“Yes, one friend does,” Jenny admitted.

“Well, if you can get her to come over here and do it, I can get my friends to pay to see,” John said. “She wouldn’t even have to know.”

“But I’d know,” Jenny said. “And she’s my friend. She’s the only one who knew and that I could talk to.”

“Well, now I know and we’re talking, aren’t we?” John asked. “I just see us being able to make lots of money for the summer. Think of the fun we could have when Mom and Dad go away for their two weeks if we have money to spend. We wouldn’t just have to stay home. We could go to the beach, take the train, or go camping in the mountains, take the bus. But we could at least do something. I’m tired of going back to school and listening to all the fun everyone had because they could afford to go somewhere. I want to have a great summer too.”

“What if I say no?” Jenny said. “What then?”

“You won’t say no,” John replied. “It’s a great idea and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Harry and Tom think you’re a goddess. They absolutely worship you. I don’t think they think of anything else all day long except you. Nobody will do anything to jeopardize the chance to see.”

“And if I say no, I won’t do it?” Jenny said. “I could just close my closet and then you’d be left with only your memories and imagination,” Jenny said.

“Please, Jenny,” John begged. “Think about it. I mean, it’s obvious that you’re horny and so you play with yourself to feel better. Doesn’t it excite you at all knowing that you’re able to get someone else so excited watching you that they masturbate themselves?”

“I do that?” Jenny asked. “You mean Harry and Tom?”

“I’ve never seen them, but I’d bet anything that as soon as they get home they masturbate every time,” John said.

“And what about you?” Jenny asked. “Do you masturbate too?”

“Yes,” John said, his head down and his voice barely audible. “I think you’re the most beautiful, exciting person in the whole world.”

“What do you do?” Jenny asked, her curiosity peaked.

“I watch you and play with myself,” John answered. “Like you.”

“And do you — you know,” Jenny asked.

“What?” John asked.

“Do you cum when you masturbate?”

“All the time,” John nodded. “I try not to cum until I see that you’re cumming, but I’m not always successful. You excite me so much at times that I can’t even control it.”

“I can’t believe this,” Jenny said, moving over to the bed and putting the dildo back under the mattress.

“Look, Jenny,” John said, “I’ll give you half of the money I’ve already gotten. Please just say you’ll think about it, give it a try.”

“This is a lot of money,” Jenny said, holding the wad of bills that John handed her.

“As far as I’m concerned, you earned it,” John said. “You’ll think about it?”

“Under one condition,” Jenny said.

“Name it, anything” John said desperately.

“You’ve been watching me, right?” Jenny asked.

“Yes,” John said.

“Then I want to watch you,” Jenny said.

“What?” John asked.

“Masturbate for me,” Jenny said, “right now.”

“What?” John said. “I can’t. I’d be too nervous.”

“Then I won’t even think about it,” Jenny said.

“You’ll really think about it if I do?” John asked.

“I’ll think about it,” Jenny agreed.

“And no matter what you won’t close your closet doors?” John asked.

“Unless you bring your friends over here anymore without telling me,” Jenny said.

“Really? You mean it?” John asked.

“Will you masturbate?” Jenny asked.

“Okay,” John agreed.

“Okay then,” Jenny said. “Go ahead, start.”

Blushing, John let his pants slide to the floor, his cock springing out and standing erect in front of him. As Jenny watched in amusement, John began to stroke his cock, holding it in his fist, stroking it back and forth. Jenny leaned forward to watch, her face only about a foot from his cock. John could see her cheeks flush as he continued to stroke himself, a drop of pre-cum forming on the end of his cock, dribbling from the slit in the end. Jenny’s mouth was hanging open as she watched his cock swell to its biggest size, John barely able to get his fist around it.

Jenny’s breathing was ragged as John continued, feeling his balls begin to vibrate as his level of excitement rose. Then groaning, John’s balls exploded, cum shooting from the end of his cock, hitting Jenny right in the middle of her face. Jenny gasped as John’s cock erupted, cum shooting into her face. As she attempted to move back, the next spurt of cum landed right in her mouth. John gasped as he saw his cum splashing in his sister’s face, shocked like she was. His cock kept on spurting cum, though by now Jenny had moved back out of range. John saw her swallow, gulping down the shot of cum that had landed in her open mouth, as his orgasm subsided until there was just a big glop of cum on the end of his cock.

“Wow, I had no idea,” Jenny said, still surprised by what had happened.

“You mean you’ve never seen a cock before?” John asked, wiping the last of the cum from his cock.

“No,” Jenny said, shaking her head. “I can’t believe how far it shoots,” she said, wiping her face.

“I’m sorry,” John said. “I didn’t mean to shoot in your face.”

“It tastes sort of salty,” Jenny said, staring at his now limp cock.

“What do you taste like?” John asked. “I’ve seen you lick that thing after it was inside of your pussy.”

“A little different,” Jenny said. “Not as thick. Would you like to taste?”

“Huh? Well, yes, I would,” John answered, flustered. “But how?”

Smiling, Jenny moved back over to the bed and got her dildo, licking the end of it.

“Do you want a taste?” she asked.

“Sure,” John said, his cock twitching as he watched her licking the end of the dildo.

Undoing her bluejeans, Jenny pushed them down and stepped out of them. As usual she was naked underneath and now John could see her pussy much more clearly, being only about a foot or so from it now. Sitting back down, Jenny spread her legs and began rubbing the dildo in her pussy. John’s eyes were bugging out of his head as he watched his sister rubbing the dildo back and forth in her pussy. He couldn’t believe how erotic it was right up close, the contrast between the black dildo and her white pussy framed with red curls and the deep pink interior. Then Jenny pushed the dildo into her pussy about half way, twirling it around inside of herself as John watched with his mouth hanging open.

Jenny smiled as she watched her brother react to her frigging herself with her dildo, sliding it in and out of her pussy in front of him. Then pulling it from her pussy, Jenny held it up to him, all glistening with her pussy juices.

“Go ahead, lick it,” she encouraged, holding in front of his face.

Sticking out his tongue, John flicked the end of the dildo, tasting the juices there. It was sort of musky, he thought. Then Jenny pushed the dildo at him again, right in his face. Sticking out his tongue again to lick it, Jenny pushed it against his mouth. John then found himself sucking the head of Jenny’s dildo, tasting her pussy juices smeared all over it. Then Jenny pulled the dildo away, again pushing it into her pussy, then bringing it up to her own mouth, sucking it in, slurping all of her juices from it.

“Did you like it?” she asked, staring at John.

“Yes,” he stammered. “It’s sweet and musky at the same time.”

“I like it too,” Jenny admitted. “Sometimes I wish I could lick myself just to taste my pussy juices.”

“Wow,” John said.

“Haven’t you ever tasted yourself?” Jenny asked.

“No, I haven’t,” John admitted.

“You should,” Jenny said, “just to know.”

“Maybe,” John said.

“Tonight, after everyone’s gone to bed,” Jenny said, “I’ll come to your room and you masturbate and taste yourself.”

“Why?” John asked. “What for?”

“For me,” Jenny said. “If you do, I’ll give you my answer.”

“Okay,” John said, “deal.”

“You’d better go now,” Jenny said. “I have to finish my homework.”

Blushing, John pulled his pants up, trying to stuff his raging cock back into them. Jenny giggled as he struggled, sitting there with her dildo in her hand. When John got to his room he looked through the hole and saw that Jenny had pulled her jeans back on and was studying.

That night after they had all gone to bed and John noticed that Jenny had turned her lights off, he heard a light knocking at his door and then Jenny came in wearing a bathrobe.

“Go ahead,” she said without any preamble.

Embarrassed, John stood there and began to masturbate, his cock standing out in front of him. Jenny sat on the edge of the bed and watched, his cock just inches from her face. When John groaned as he began to cum, Jenny told him to catch it all in his hand. Quickly John’s hand filled with cum as his balls emptied themselves. When he finished cumming his entire palm was covered with cum.

“Wow, I love watching you cum,” Jenny said. “It’s neat when it comes squirting out the end. Now go ahead, taste it,” she said.

Bringing his hand to his face, John licked the palm of his hand, tasting his own cum as Jenny watched intently.

“It’s different than yours,” he said.

“How?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t know. Not as sweet maybe,” John said.

“Let me taste it,” Jenny said.

“Here,” John said, holding out his hand.

Holding his hand in hers, Jenny leaned forward and dragged her tongue across the palm of his hand, licking the cum there. Then she licked it again and again, not stopping until all of it was gone.

“I like the taste of your cum,” she said after swallowing all of it. “It tastes sweet to me. Do you want to compare?” she asked.

“Sure,” John said.

Pulling her robe open, John saw that she was naked. Reaching between her legs, Jenny pulled the big black dildo from her pussy, glistening with her juices. Holding it out to him, John took it from her and began to lick it, slurping her juices from it. Finally he just opened his mouth and sucked it in, sliding it out and getting the last of her juices.

“That’s much better,” John declared. “I love the taste of your pussy juices.”

“Let me taste you again,” Jenny said. “Hold your cock for me.”

As John grasped his cock in his hand and squeezed it, Jenny leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of it, gently sucking it and getting the last of his cum before sitting up.

“Wow,” John said, rolling his eyes. “That felt great.”

“It tastes nice too,” Jenny said. “Better than this thing,” she said, holding up her dildo.

“Can I taste you without the dildo?” John asked shyly.

“You mean like I just did?” Jenny asked. “Sure, go ahead,” she said, leaning back on her elbows and spreading her knees, opening her pussy to him.

Getting on his knees, John leaned forward and stuck his tongue into her pussy, tasting her. Jenny gasped as she felt his tongue in her pussy. Then she began to cum uncontrollably when John slid his tongue up into her hole. Her whole body trembled as she came, and John just slurped and slurped at the juices that flowed from her hole, drinking her up until she stopped cumming. Then he looked up at her, his face flushed and pussy juice smeared all over his face.

“I can’t believe how delicious your pussy is,” John said. “It’s like nectar of the gods, ambrosia.”

“I can’t believe I came like that,” Jenny said. “I thought I was going to die.”

“So, what’s your answer?” John said, standing up.

“I’ll do it,” Jenny said, “as long as it’s only you the first time. Then we’ll talk about it.”

“Oh, great,” John said, grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her to her feet. “You won’t be sorry, I promise you,” he said, hugging her.

“Maybe,” Jenny said. “We’ll see. I have to go to bed now,” she said, gathering up her dildo and hiding it under her robe. “We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Okay,” John said. “Tomorrow. And thanks, Jenny.”

“This is so crazy,” she said. “But my pussy feels so nice and I’m glad it’s not such a secret anymore.”

“We’re going to make lots of money,” John assured her. “And it’ll be fun too.”

“See you in the morning,” Jenny said. “Good-night.”

“Good-night, Jenny,” John said as the door closed behind her.

Looking through the hole, John could see that Jenny put the dildo under her mattress before turning out the light. He smiled as he thought of the possibilities and of how much he had enjoyed sucking her pussy as he fell asleep.

The next morning when John woke up he smiled as he remembered his talk with his sister the day before. He couldn’t believe he was getting away with it. Quickly going to his closet, John put his eye to the hole. At first he was surprised when he couldn’t see anything, then his eyes adjusted and he realized that he was seeing Jenny’s dildo sliding in and out of her pussy right in front of the hole. John almost died as he watched the dildo moving in and out of his sister’s pussy. He ached to stick his tongue back in her and taste her. Furiously pounding his cock, John masturbated in a frenzy and quickly came, cum splashing wildly against the closet wall. Then he saw Jenny’s eye at the hole staring back at him.

“Did you cum yet?” she asked.

“Yes,” John answered. “It was great.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Jenny said. “See you at breakfast.”

John groaned as he got to his feet. Life was sure great, but it sure got complicated sometimes. On the way to school John and Jenny discussed his plans for making money, as the idea had begun to intrigue Jenny. When she realized how much money they could make from one person once or twice a week and then multiplied it by four or five people, well, then there was some real money there.

That evening at dinner Jenny announced that her friend Shauna was going to be spending the night the next night so that they could study together. Jean and Jack said they didn’t mind and John tried not to show his excitement. After John had gone to bed, there had been no show, Jenny’s light had been off, he lay there unable to sleep thinking about the next night. He couldn’t wait to see Shauna with Jenny.

Suddenly his door opened and Jenny slipped into his room. John sat up as she came over to his bed, wearing her bathrobe.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Will you suck my pussy again for me?” Jenny asked. “I really like it when you did it yesterday.”

“Are you sure?” John asked, not believing his luck.

“I’ll suck your cock for you if you do,” Jenny said. “My dildo doesn’t cum for me.”

“Well, okay. Sure,” John said.

“Okay then,” Jenny said, jumping on the bed and laying back, her robe opening as she raised and spread her knees.

John almost died when he saw his sister’s pussy spread before his eyes. Quickly he dove in, fastening his mouth to her and trying to suck the whole thing into his mouth. Jenny gasped as she felt John’s mouth and tongue attach to her pussy. This was by far the greatest feeling she had ever had. John licked and sucked like crazy, unable to get enough of it. Jenny was squirming on the bed as his tongue flicked in and out of her hole, teasing her. Then she bit off a scream as he lightly grabbed her clit between his teeth. Her orgasm cascaded from her pussy, shaking her entire body. John quickly glued his mouth to her hole, drinking up her juices as they flowed from her. Jenny couldn’t believe how wonderful a feeling it was as she came and came all over John’s face. Finally she stopped cumming and still John was licking and sucking her pussy like crazy. Jenny could take no more and had to reach down and hold his head as she struggled to sit up.

“God, John, you’ll kill me if you don’t stop,” Jenny said. “That was so great. I can’t believe how it makes me cum.”

“I love the taste of your pussy,” John said. “It’s so sweet.”

“Let me suck your cock now,” Jenny said.

“You bet,” John said, pulling his shorts off.

“The only reason I have that thing is because I didn’t have a real one,” Jenny said, reaching out and grasping his cock. “Oh, this feels so much better,” she said, gently squeezing it in her hand. “It’s so soft and warm.”

John just grunted as Jenny continued to rub and massage his cock in her hand. Then Jenny leaned forward and licked the end of his cock where a drop of pre-cum had formed. John groaned as he felt her tongue on the tip of his cock. Then Jenny opened her mouth and slid her mouth down on his cock, not stopping until it pushed against the back of her throat. Then she closed her mouth around his cock and gently sucked. John could feel her tongue sliding around his cock, tasting him. Then Jenny slowly slid her mouth back off of John’s cock, stopping only when her lips smacked together as the head of his cock slid from her mouth.

“It sure does taste yummy,” Jenny said, once more sucking his cock into her mouth.

John just lay there watching her as she continued to suck his cock, sliding her mouth up and down on it as she sucked. The entire time Jenny was gently rolling his balls around in her hand. John quickly felt himself approaching orgasm. Jenny too felt his cock swell as his orgasm began and jets of cum began to spurt into her mouth. Gripping his cock even tighter and pumping it, Jenny sucked and swallowed all of the cum that filled her mouth, sucking long after John had finished cumming in an attempt to get the last of the cum from his cock.

“I like that,” Jenny said, smacking her lips. “It’s fun and feels good and then it tastes good too.”

“It feels unbelievable,” John said, still gasping from the intensity of his orgasm.

“Well, good-night,” Jenny said, getting to her feet, bending over to kiss his cock once more.

“Good-night, Jenny,” John said. “And thanks. I can’t wait until tomorrow night.”

“I don’t know what will happen,” Jenny said. “We’ve only talked about it before.”

“I’m sure it’ll be great,” John said.

John just lay there smiling as Jenny left his room. If he died and went to heaven right now, John would feel that he had experienced the best life had to offer, he thought as he remembered how delicious Jenny’s pussy had tasted. And then the feeling of her warm mouth sucking on his cock, what a night.

The next day John had trouble concentrating on anything at school, so distracted was he by the upcoming evening. He even blew off Harry and Tom when they tried to talk to him about seeing another show, telling them that he’d talk to them about it later. When heard Jenny’s voice and another coming to the door of the house that afternoon after school, John could barely contain himself. When they came in the house, John was surprised. He had never met Shauna and hadn’t realized that she was black. He thought she was very pretty and became even more excited as he thought of the evening.

Throughout dinner they all made fun, light conversation, talking about school and boys and grades and the upcoming summer break. After dinner Jenny excused herself and Shauna so that they could go study. John soon retired to his room, quickly checking the hole in the closet. He was disappointed to see that they really were sitting on the bed studying. He continuously checked the hole in the closet, only to be equally disappointed each time. Then he heard his parents saying good-night to everyone as they went to bed.

Again checking the hole, John saw that they were gathering up their books and putting them away. As he watched, he saw Jenny pull out a nightgown and Shauna got one out of her bag. Holding his breath, he watched as they both began to undress. He couldn’t believe how beautiful Shauna was as she removed her clothes. It was hard to make out any details because of the dark color of her skin, but John was turned on by the contrast as they stood side by side, comparing bodies with each other.

Then he saw Jenny reach under the mattress and pull out her dildo and show it to Shauna. He could see Shauna laughing as Jenny showed her the dildo. Then Jenny sat down on the edge of the bed and began to play with her pussy as Shauna watched. John could see her fingers busy between her legs, rubbing herself and sliding her fingers up inside a few times. Then Shauna sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. John could see a bright pink interior of her pussy as her legs spread and he could feel his cock bursting to get out of his shorts.

John quickly stripped off his shorts and began to masturbate as he watched Shauna playing with her pussy. He watched as she lay back and began pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy rapidly. Then he watched as Jenny picked up the dildo and began to rub her pussy with it while Shauna continued to play with herself. As he watched, Jenny slid the dildo into her pussy and began to slide it in and out in time with Shauna’s fingers in her own pussy. Then she pulled it out of her pussy and offered it to Shauna. When Shauna hesitated, Jenny reached out and rubbed the head of the dildo against Shauna’s clit while her fingers continued to slide in and out of her hole.

Then Shauna removed her fingers from her pussy and Jenny began to rub the dildo around the entrance to her hole. While Shauna leaned back on her elbows and watched, Jenny slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy. Shauna gasped as the dildo filled her, throwing her head back and closing her eyes as Jenny slowly began to slide it in and out of her pussy. Shauna was writhing on the bed now, her back arching as Jenny fucked her with the dildo. Then Shauna shuddered, reaching down and grasping Jenny’s hand and stopping her, the dildo still pushed up into her pussy, as she came.

When Shauna finished cumming, Jenny slowly pulled the dildo from her pussy, gleaming with juices. As John watched, she brought it to her mouth and licked the end of it. Then she opened her mouth and sucked the dildo in, slurping all of the juices from it as she pulled it back out. Shauna sat up, looking at Jenny in astonishment. When Jenny shrugged, John saw her put the dildo back into her own pussy, then pull it out and lick it off. Shauna just shook her head in amazement. They talked some, then Shauna took the dildo and pushed it just a little bit into her pussy. Then she raised it to her mouth and licked the end of it, swirling her tongue around it. Then Jenny lifted one knee, spreading her pussy open, and Shauna reached forward and pushed the dildo into Jenny’s pussy a bit, then pulled it out. Again she raised it to her mouth and licked the end of it, cleaning the juices from it.

John could see that they were having an animated conversation at this point as he continued to stroke his cock. Then he saw Jenny reach out and rub her hand in Shauna’s pussy. His eyes opened wide when he saw Shauna reach out and begin to rub Jenny’s pussy at the same time. He watched as they rubbed each other’s pussies, each of them getting more and more excited. John was furiously pounding his cock now, watching them play with each other.

Then he watched as Jenny gently pushed Shauna onto her back with her other hand while she continued to play with her pussy. John watched in shock as Jenny got between Shauna’s legs and lowered her face to her pussy. John could just make out her tongue as her face was shoved into Shauna’s pussy. Shauna was writhing on the bed, her hands entangled in Jenny’s hair as Jenny continued to lick and suck Shauna’s pussy. After several minutes Shauna sat up, pushing Jenny away from her pussy, her face bright and her eyes shining.

John could see that Jenny’s face was smeared with Shauna’s pussy juice. He couldn’t believe that Jenny had done it. Then Jenny lay back on the bed, spreading her legs, her fingers pulling her pussy open. Hesitantly Shauna knelt down and began to lick Jenny’s pussy, her tongue exploring and probing in her pussy. Jenny was lifting her hips to meet each stroke of Shauna’s tongue as she ate her. After several minutes, Shauna sat up, licking her lips.

Jenny sat up also, leaned forward and hugged Shauna, kissing her. Then she pulled the covers of the bed down, and pulling Shauna with her into the bed, turned out the light. John was very disappointed when the light went out. He was still holding his cock, but his hand was covered with the cum that had erupted from his cock while watching Jenny and Shauna taste each other’s pussies. Getting to his feet, John wiped the cum from his hand, then licked it off, tasting himself again and deciding that he still liked Jenny’s pussy better.

The next morning there was no show and they all had breakfast together, Jenny and Shauna not acting like anything unusual had happened. John struggled to control himself as they walked to school. He couldn’t wait to talk to Jenny that afternoon. When Jenny did finally get home from school that afternoon, she burst into John’s room.

“Did you see?” she asked. “Did you watch us?”

“Of course I did,” John answered.

“Oh, John, Shauna’s pussy tasted so nice,” Jenny said.

“I’ll bet it did,” John agreed.

“Didn’t you like watching?” Jenny asked.

“It was great,” John said. “I just wish I had been in the room with you.”

“Who knows,” Jenny mused. “Maybe one day.”

“So, you don’t mind if I sell show seats to Harry and Tom?” John asked.

“How much are you going to charge?” Jenny asked.

“I was charging $20,” John said.

“But now there’s two of us,” Jenny said. “And they get to see more, don’t they?”

“I guess that’s true,” John said thoughtfully. “I think $35 each for the two of you would be fair, don’t you?”

“That sounds okay to me,” Jenny agreed. “When should we do it?”

“When can you get Shauna to spend the night again?” John asked.

“I’ll bet she’d spend the night every night,” Jenny laughed.

“Then let’s do it tomorrow night,” John suggested.

“I’ve got an idea to help us make more money,” Jenny said.

“What is it?” John asked.

“Well, what if I invite my girlfriends over to watch you masturbate,” Jenny said. “I’ll bet they’d pay just like your friends do.”

“Watch me masturbate?” John asked. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Of course not,” Jenny said. “Why not? What’s the difference your friends watching me and my friends watching you?”

“I guess there’s not, really,” John admitted. “How do you want to do it then?”

“Well, I’ll bring Shauna home with me from school. That should put us here about 3:30. What if you start masturbating at 4:00. That way I can make sure she’s watching.”

“What will you tell her?” John asked.

“That you do it every day at the same time,” Jenny said with a laugh. “She’ll believe me, don’t worry.”

“How much will you charge her?” John asked.

“Just like you, $20,” Jenny said. “Then Harry and Tom can come over and they can watch me and Shauna.”

“I guess so,” John said. “That will be $90, though. Not bad for masturbating, is it?”

“Actually, I think this is fun,” Jenny said. “It was exciting knowing that you were watching us last night. It make me extra horny.”

“Well, I’m still horny from last night,” John said.

“I’ll suck your cock for you,” Jenny said with a smile. “I’d love some more of your cum.”

“Right now?” John asked. “Mom and Dad will be home soon.”

“It won’t take long,” Jenny laughed. “Come on, pull your cock out for me.”

Quickly John pulled his cock out and Jenny eagerly fell on it, sucking it into her mouth. John just stood there as Jenny sucked him, bobbing up and down on his cock. The excitement was just too much for John and he quickly began to cum, shooting cum into the back of Jenny’s gulping mouth. She sucked on his cock until she could get no more cum from it before standing up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“God, I just love the taste of your cum,” Jenny said as John tucked his spent cock back into his pants.

“Can I suck your pussy later?” John asked.

“You better,” Jenny admonished, a smile on her face. “How could I resist?”

That night after they had eaten and everyone had gone to bed, John lay in his bed slowly stroking his cock, waiting for Jenny to come so that he could suck her pussy. He wasn’t disappointed therefore, when several minutes later Jenny quietly let herself into his room. Seeing John laying there with his cock in his hand opened Jenny’s eyes wide.

“Ooh, yummy,” she said. “I’ll finish that for you.”

“I thought you said I could suck your pussy,” John said.

“Of course you can,” Jenny said. “I’ll just suck your cock at the same time.”

“Oh, great,” John said.

Jenny shrugged off her bathrobe, standing there naked. John was mesmerized by her, her big full tits with hardened nipples and her bright red pussy turning him on. Climbing up on the bed, Jenny straddled his head, her pussy right over his mouth. Immediately she felt John’s tongue slide into her pussy. She sighed as she felt his tongue begin its explorations and fell forward to engulf his cock with her mouth. She could feel John groan into her pussy as she began to suck his cock. They were both going crazy with delight as they sucked and were sucked. John couldn’t get his face deep enough into Jenny’s pussy as he licked and sucked her, and Jenny had John’s cock sucked deep into her throat, milking it as she sucked. Jenny started to cum first, bathing John’s face with her juices, and then John’s cock was exploding in her mouth, filling it with cum. Jenny eagerly gulped down his cum, eagerly sucking for more as he continued to slurp the juices from her pussy.

When John finished cumming, Jenny still continued to suck his cock, coaxing it to stay hard and erect. John was going crazy from this treatment and took it out on Jenny’s pussy, grasping her clit between his teeth and teasing it with his tongue as he sucked on it.

“God, this is great,” Jenny gasped, raising her face from John’s cock for a moment. “I love your cock.”

John just lay there panting as Jenny rolled off of his face, his cock standing straight up in the air. Before he even realized what was happening, Jenny had spun around and mounted him, grabbing his cock and easily guiding it to her pussy where she lowered herself onto him, his cock easily disappearing into her pussy.

“Oh, God, Jenny,” John gasped as he felt her pussy enveloping his cock.

“This is what I needed,” Jenny said, riding up and down on his cock. “My dildo’s okay, but this is the best.”

John reached up and grasped her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples as Jenny continued to ride up and down on his cock. After almost ten minutes, John groaned that he was about to cum. Quickly jumping off his cock, Jenny eagerly swooped down on his cock, sucking it into her mouth, tasting her own juices smeared all over it as John began to dump yet another load of cum into her mouth. Jenny sucked and sucked, swallowing all of his cum and licking his cock clean before stopping, a wild and happy look on her face.

“Oh, John, this is so wonderful,” Jenny said. “I can’t believe how much fun this is.”

“Jenny, that was absolutely unbelievable,” John said, sitting up and looking down at his exhausted cock. “Your pussy feels like magic. I can’t believe I can cum like that.”

“You come wake me up in the morning, okay?” Jenny asked, getting to her feet.

“Why?” John asked.

“Because I want some more of this before we go to school, that’s why,” Jenny laughed. “You’re going to suck me and fuck me every day from now on.”

“But why?” John asked.

“Because I like it, that’s why,” Jenny declared. “And we’re business partners, aren’t we?”

“Well, sure we are,” John agreed.

“Then it’s okay,” Jenny said. “Good-night,” she said, leaning over to kiss his cock one more time.

“Good-night, Jenny,” John said, reaching up to caress her pussy.

The next morning John checked the hole in the closet when he woke up and saw that it was still dark in Jenny’s room. Quietly tiptoeing from his room to hers, he silently let himself in. Letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, he made his way over to her bed where he found her asleep, the covers thrown aside and her legs apart, her pussy exposed. Carefully getting on the bed and trying not to wake her, John lowered his face to her pussy and stuck his nose and tongue into it, licking her and inhaling a big breath of her aroma. Almost immediately Jenny groaned and her pussy began to flow, juices running into John’s eager sucking mouth.

Then Jenny woke up, pulling her knees up and holding them, giving John even better access to her pussy as he sucked her. Then Jenny reached down and grabbed John by the hair, gently pulling him upwards towards her, wrapping her legs around him. John immediately fell onto her tits, sucking first one, then the other into his mouth, sucking and chewing on her nipples. Jenny sighed, squeezing him tightly, then reached down between their bodies and grabbed his cock, which by now was fully hard and standing out. Guiding it to her pussy, Jenny rubbed the head of it at the entrance to her hole.

Opening her eyes, she could see John poised above her, looking at her. Locking her eyes with his, Jenny slowly raised up her hips while at the same time pulling downward on John’s cock, slowly impaling herself with it as it slowly slid into her pussy. When Jenny felt her pussy stuffed with her brother’s cock, her mouth hanging open, she reached up and pulled John’s head down to hers, kissing him fully on the mouth as they began to hump against one another. She felt the strangest thrill as John’s cock slid in and out of her pussy and she kissed him. She stuck her tongue into his mouth and was rewarded by his tongue coming to meet hers, dancing a duet as they sucked each other’s faces as they fucked.

When John groaned into her mouth, Jenny knew that he was about to cum, so breaking off her kiss, she dislodged him from her pussy and slid down the bed under him so that she could suck his cock into her mouth. As she sucked his gooey cock into her mouth, Jenny began to cum, her pussy flowing. At the same time she urged John to begin to fuck her mouth and he began to slide his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, banging it against the back of her throat. Then he groaned again and his balls exploded, cum shooting from his cock into her mouth. John sat up and watched as his cock pulsated, gobs of cum shooting into Jenny’s open mouth, filling it.

When he finally finished cumming, Jenny’s mouth was almost completely full of cum. Closing her mouth, Jenny gulped it all down, swallowing it, then opened her mouth and sucked his cock back in, sucking it clean and dry. Then she squirmed out from underneath him and pushed him onto his back and straddled his face, pressing her gooey wet pussy onto his mouth. She was instantly rewarded by John’s tongue shooting up into her pussy, sucking her. For several minutes John sucked her pussy, searching out all of the cum and slurping it into his own mouth. Then Jenny got off of his face and stood up by the bed.

“You’d better go back to your room now before Mom and Dad wake up,” Jenny said. “You need to get ready for school.”

“School,” John said. “You made me forget about school. If I don’t think about now, I’m thinking about tonight,” he said.

“Tonight’s going to be fun,” Jenny agreed, pulling him to his feet. “Now go get ready.”

John had just reentered his own room when Jean padded down the hallway to the kitchen, calling out for John and Jenny to wake up and get ready for school. While they ate breakfast, Jenny cleared it with her for her friend to come over for the night.

“Bye, Mom,” John said, leaving for school, Jenny right behind him.

That afternoon John hurried home from school, eager to get there before Jenny and Shauna arrived. Going into his room, John monitored the closet until Jenny and Shauna arrived, watching them as they entered Jenny’s room. Looking at the clock, John saw that it was almost four o’clock. Shivering with excitement, John dropped his pants and stood in the doorway to his closet, leaning against the door jamb, and began to stroke his cock.

In Jenny’s room, Jenny had already told Shauna about how she had been watching her brother masturbate every day through a hole she had found in the closet and Shauna was excitedly interested in getting to watch. She balked at first at having to give Jenny $20 to watch, but when Jenny offered to give the money back if Shauna didn’t think it was worth it, she would. When Shauna heard this, she agreed, giving Jenny $20.

Glancing into the hole, Jenny satisfied herself that John was masturbating like they had planned and moved aside so that Shauna could look into the hole.

“Wow,” Shauna gasped, “I can’t believe this. His cock is really big, isn’t it?”

“I guess so,” Jenny agreed. “I’ve never seen another one other than my dildo.”

“It sure looks as big as your dildo,” Shauna commented, never moving her eye from the hole. “This is really neat,” she said, really enjoying watching.

As John pumped his cock in his hand, he felt a mounting excitement knowing that Shauna and Jenny were watching him from the other side of the hole. He kept trying to glance at the hole to see if he could tell if they were there but had no success. When he felt his balls begin to churn as his orgasm approached, John turned slightly towards the hole in the closet as he stroked his cock.

“Oh, wow,” Shauna said. “He’s turning more towards me now. God, his cock is so big. The head of it is turning purple it’s so swollen. Oh, no, he’s cumming,” Shauna said. “He’s just shooting cum out the end. This is so unreal.”

As John finished cumming, he shook his cock, sending the last bit of cum flying from the end of it. He hoped they had enjoyed the show as much as he had. He wished he could have seen Shauna’s reaction.

In the other room, Shauna was on her feet, hugging Jenny, her eyes bright.

“That was the neatest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said.

“Was it worth $20?” Jenny asked with a smile on her face.

“You bet it was,” Shauna said. “I’d love to see him do that right in front of me too.

“Let’s go ask him,” Jenny said with a laugh. “See what he says.”

“Don’t be silly,” Shauna laughed. “Just because I’d like to see it right in front of me doesn’t mean I’d ask him to do it. I’d be too embarrassed.”

“I’ll ask him for you,” Jenny volunteered.

“He’d never do it and you’d be crazy if you asked him,” Shauna laughed. “It’s just a thought. Don’t take it so seriously.”

“I wonder what I’d have to give him to get him to do it?” Jenny mused out loud.

“What do you mean?” Shauna asked.

“Well,” Jenny explained, “he might do it if we had something that he wanted real bad.”

“Like what?” Shauna asked.

“I don’t know,” Jenny answered. “But it’s an idea. What if I ask him what it would take for him to masturbate in front of us?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Shauna declared.

“Of course I would,” Jenny said, smiling at Shauna. “The only thing he can do is say yes or no. He won’t tell our parents because he’d be too embarrassed and they wouldn’t believe him.”

“You don’t have the nerve,” Shauna said. “Besides, he’d never do it.”

“I think I’ll find out,” Jenny said, standing up and moving to the door. “You want to come with me or watch through the hole?”

“I’d be too embarrassed to go with you,” Shauna laughed.

“Okay,” Jenny said, opening the door. “You watch.”

And she went down the hall to John’s door, knocking softly before letting herself into the room. When John looked up startled, Jenny quickly moved over next to him, putting a finger on his lips to quiet him. Then as Shauna watched through the hole, they talked for a couple of minutes, then John began waving his arms wildly in the air and turned away from Jenny, looking mad. Shauna held her breath as she watched Jenny go back over to him and talk to him again. She saw John say something to her, then they talked together for several minutes. Then she saw Jenny hug John and turn to leave the room.

“What did you say to him?” Shauna asked her when she came back into the room.

“Just what we discussed,” Jenny said. “I asked him if he would masturbate in front of us because we had never seen a guy do that.”

“And what did he say?” Shauna asked.

“He got pretty mad,” Jenny admitted.

“See, I told you,” Shauna said.

“But then I told him we’d pay him or do whatever he wanted if he did it,” Jenny explained.

“What did he say to that?”

“Well, the bottom line is that if we give him $30 he’ll do it,” Jenny said with a big smile on her face.

“You’re kidding,” Shauna said, her hand coming up to cover her mouth. “He only wants $30?”

“Well, he said we have to be naked too,” Jenny added, looking down.

“Oh, great,” Shauna said. “We have to be naked and pay him and then he’ll masturbate in front of us?”

“His cock will be two inches from your nose,” Jenny declared.

“You’d be naked in front of your brother?” Shauna asked.

“To watch him masturbate up close like that? Yeah, I sure would,” Jenny said. “Besides, we’ll be together so it won’t be so bad, will it?”

“What do you mean, we?” Shauna asked. “I never agreed to this.”

“Well, do you want to or not?” Jenny asked. “Here’s our chance if you want to.”

“When would he do it?” Shauna asked.

“I don’t know,” Jenny replied. “Maybe tonight after we all go to bed. Do you want to?”

“You really want to do this?” Shauna asked, staring at her.

“Why not?” Jenny said. “It’ll be fun, and then we can — you know.”

“Well, okay then,” Shauna agreed. “But I think you’re crazy. And I don’t think he’ll go through with it.”

“We’ll just have to find out, won’t we,” Jenny said. “Let’s do our homework now.”

When they finally sat down for dinner, Jenny whispered briefly in John’s ear and Shauna saw him blush slightly as he glanced at her and sat down. The entire meal Shauna tried to avoid eye contact with John out of sheer embarrassment. When the meal was over, she and Jenny went back to her room and continued with their homework.

Finally everyone went to bed and the house was quiet. Shauna and Jenny were in their nightgowns nervously waiting on the bed for John to come. Shauna was just about to give up and say something to Jenny when there was a soft knock on the door. Quickly Jenny jumped up and opened the door, quietly closing it behind John. Pulling John by the hand over to the bed where a small night light was on, Jenny sat down on the bed next to Shauna while John stood there nervously.

“Well, are you going to do it or what?” Jenny asked, looking at him.

“I thought you said you’d give me some money,” John said, staring at Shauna.

“Sure we will,” Jenny said, noticing John and Shauna staring at each other. “I told you we would.”

“You said you’d give me $30,” John said. “And you said you’d both be naked, too.”

“Then you’ll do it?” Jenny asked.

“Uh-huh,” John said, nodding his head.

“Fine then,” Jenny said, getting to her feet. “Here’s the $30,” she said, handing him the money.

When John didn’t do anything, but take the money and stick it in his pocket, Jenny shrugged and looked at Shauna.

“Come on, Shauna, let’s do it together,” she said.

Slowly and reluctantly, embarrassed, Shauna got to her feet. Turning her back to John, as did Jenny, they both slipped their nightgowns down their bodies and sat back down on the edge of the bed. John just stared at Shauna’s nice brown tits, her nipples hardened black berries on the ends. He could see black curly hair between her legs where they pressed together. Looking at his sister, her tits were heaving with excitement as she watched her brother looking at Shauna. Her knees were parted and John could see her pussy between her legs.

“Okay, your turn now,” Jenny said, snuggling right up next to Shauna and looking at John.

Taking a deep breath, John dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them, his cock standing out in front of him already hard from the excitement of seeing Shauna naked in front of him, her dark complection such a contrast to Jenny. Slowly John reached down and grasped his cock, squeezing it in his fist, and then began to slowly pump it.

“No, stand right here in front of us,” Jenny said. “We want to see it up close.”

So John moved forward until his legs hit the end of the bed and his cock was sticking out in front of their faces, not two or three inches away. Shauna’s eyes were wide open as she stared at John’s cock standing erect right in front of her face. She looked at Jenny and Jenny smiled at her, looking from the cock back to her eyes. Then Shauna too smiled and stared at John’s cock as he again began to slowly masturbate in front of them.

John watched Shauna’s face as he began to masturbate. He saw her eyes wide open and also that her mouth was hanging open as she watched him. Looking at his sister, he saw that she had one hand between her legs busy in her pussy as she watched him masturbate in front of them. He watched as she constantly licked her lips, wondering if she would dare to suck his cock for him now, in front of Shauna. The thought made him even more excited and he felt his balls beginning to churn in that old familiar feeling.

Jenny realized that John was about to cum and leaned forward even more, her face just an inch or so from the end of John’s cock. Suddenly John’s cock jerked in his hand and cum came streaming out the end of it, flying by both their faces. Shauna’s eyes and mouth both opened wide as John’s cock began to spurt cum. Then suddenly John pointed his cock directly at Shauna’s face and cum splashed across her face and into her mouth. Then he turned his hips slightly and pointed his cock into Jenny’s face, splashing cum on her face and giving a couple of squirts into her open mouth.

Shauna was gasping as John’s cum splashed on her face, then she tasted the salty taste of him cum as it shot into her mouth. She instinctively shut her mouth, swallowing as she did so, tasting John’s cum even as he was pointing his cock into Jenny’s face. She was surprised when Jenny just sat there and let him cum in her face, opening her mouth to catch it.

When John finally stopped cumming, he just stood there, letting his cock dangle, a glob of cum still on the end of it. Jenny reached over and hugged Shauna. Then she took her face in her hands and licked the cum that was splashed across it.

“Oh, Shauna, that was so exciting, wasn’t it?” Jenny asked, swallowing and licking her lips.

“It sure surprised me,” Shauna agreed, glancing at John’s cock hanging there, then up to smile at him. “It was fun to watch.”

“Did you like the taste of his cum?” Jenny asked.

“It was okay,” Shauna answered, slightly embarrassed.

“Lick it off my face for me, okay?” Jenny asked Shauna, leaning forward.

“Sure, okay,” Shauna said, hesitantly licking Jenny’s face, tasting John’s cum again as she swallowed it.

“What about this?” John asked, holding up his cock, a big glob of cum still on the end of it.

“You have it, Shauna,” Jenny said.

“What?” Shauna said.

“Go ahead, lick it off,” Jenny encouraged her. “Why not?”

“Well, somebody better or I’m leaving,” John said, his cock slowly growing in his hand.

“Go on, Shauna,” Jenny said, “do it.”

“I can’t,” Shauna said, shaking her head.

“Sure you can,” John said, reaching out and putting his hand behind her head and pushing his cock into her face.

Startled, Shauna’s mouth opened just enough for John to push the head of his cock into her mouth. He held the back of her head and felt her tongue licking the head of his cock. Letting go and stepping back, John watched as Shauna blinked her eyes, licking her lips and swallowing.

“What was it like?” Jenny asked excitedly.

“It was nice,” Shauna stammered in a surprised voice. “It’s so soft and warm. I didn’t think it would be, so hard and all.”

“Suck it some more,” John said, pushing his cock back at her face.

“Go ahead, Shauna,” Jenny encouraged. “Do it.”

Uncertainly Shauna opened her mouth and let John slide his cock into it. When she felt it filling her mouth, Shauna closed her mouth around his cock and sucked on it like a tootsie roll. Then John slowly began to slide his cock back and forth in her mouth, slowly and gently fucking her face. Shauna reached up with one hand and grasped his cock, squeezing it in her hand as she continued to suck on it.

John loved it, watching his cock sliding in and out of Shauna’s chocolate brown face, her hand wrapped around his cock. Her mouth was soft and warm and she was sucking him in a wonderful way. Gently pushing her backwards, John knelt on the bed, straddling her face, his cock still in her mouth, while her feet dangled onto the floor. As she continued to suck his cock, Jenny got on her knees on the floor and pushed Shauna’s legs apart and lowered her face into her dark pussy, sliding her tongue into her and licking and sucking her pussy while John fucked her face.

Immediately Shauna began to moan and writhe on the bed, trying both to get away from Jenny’s tongue in her pussy and John’s cock in her mouth. But she was impaled on the bed with John sitting on her chest, and Jenny was firmly holding her legs apart. Her head began to spin from all the sensations and then her pussy spasmed in orgasm, flooding Jenny’s face. At the same time Jenny reached up between John’s legs and grasped his balls in her hand, gently squeezing them. When John felt this, he immediately began to cum, dumping his load into Shauna’s mouth. Without even thinking, Shauna swallowed John’s cum, her whole body electrified by Jenny’s tongue in her pussy drinking up her orgasm. Then Jenny stopped and got to her feet, pussy juices smeared across her face, and John got off of Shauna’s chest, sitting on the bed next to her.

“Wow, that was really great,” John said. “I really liked that.”

“I can’t believe this just happened,” Shauna said, sitting up.

“It was wonderful,” John said, leaning forward and kissing her on the mouth.

Jenny was beaming as she watched John and Shauna sucking faces, kissing each other. When their arms wrapped around one another and they fell onto the bed, Jenny stepped in, pulling them apart.

“Now you go back to your own room,” she said, a smile on her face.

Reluctantly John got to his feet, pulling his shorts on, and left the room. Jenny immediately fell on Shauna, diving into her pussy again and throwing her own leg over her face, giving Shauna the access she needed to begin sucking her pussy. John watched the whole show from his closet, furiously pounding his cock and wishing her were in there with them.

The next morning when John woke up he quickly checked the hole in the closet and was pleased to see that Jenny and Shauna were right where they had been the night before, their faces plastered to each other’s pussies. Silently he slipped out of his room and down the hall to Jenny’s room, letting himself in. Jenny was on top of Shauna, her head towards the door and Shauna’s face was buried between Jenny’s thighs.

Moving to the end of the bed, letting his cock out of his shorts, John stood there for just a second before Jenny noticed him, looking up from sucking Shauna’s pussy and smiling at him, her fingers still busy rubbing Shauna’s clit. Dropping to his knees, John leaned forward to fasten his mouth on Shauna’s pussy as Jenny made room for him. Immediately he drank in her musky aroma, sluicing his tongue in and out of her hole. Shauna responded by increasing her attack on Jenny’s pussy while Jenny just lay there, rubbing Shauna’s clit while John sucked her pussy.

Finally both Shauna and Jenny began to cum, their pussies flowing. When Jenny finished cumming and Shauna had sucked all of her juices from her pussy, she rolled off of Shauna, leaving John kneeling between her legs sucking her pussy. Shauna looked down startled when Jenny rolled off of her and yet still managed to suck her pussy. She almost jumped off the bed when she saw that it was John between her legs sucking her pussy.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, sitting up and pulling away from John’s insistent tongue.

“Breakfast,” John said, smacking his lips and smiling at her. “Delicious pussy.”

“Let’s suck his cock,” Jenny said, staring at John’s cock standing up in front of them.

As Shauna watched in astonishment, Jenny reached out and grabbed John’s cock, pulling him towards her. Shauna sat up and watched in shock as Jenny engulfed her brother’s cock in her mouth, sucking it deeply into her throat.

“Come on, help me,” Jenny implored, teasing the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Hesitating at first, Shauna moved to sit next to Jenny, leaning forward and licking John’s cock at the same time as Jenny. Quickly they were both licking and sucking his cock, driving him crazy. By the time he was ready to cum, Jenny and Shauna were locked in a kiss with his cock between their mouths. As he began to cum, John could feel both of their tongues on the tip of his cock as they sought to eat his cum. He thought he would die as they both sucked the head of his cock, competing for his cum. Finally there was no more and John stepped back a step, watching as Shauna and Jenny continued to kiss, swirling their tongues around in each other’s mouths.

“I’ll see you later,” John mumbled, pulling his shorts up and letting himself out of the room, his knees weak.

At breakfast both Jenny and Shauna were like two sixteen-year-old schoolgirls, giggling and talking animatedly about school, not acting like anything untowards had occurred between them the night before and this morning. John smiled as he thought of how things had worked out even better than he had anticipated. Not only had they made some money, but he had had his cock sucked and had gotten to suck Shauna’s pussy too. Life was grand sometimes, he thought.

That afternoon walking home from school with Jenny, John told her his idea to really make some money. He explained that he could either sell a show of Jenny and Shauna together, or he could sell Jenny’s pussy, letting his friends suck her pussy and pay for the privilege.

“Why don’t I sell a show of you masturbating or you sucking the pussies of my friends for money?” Jenny asked.

“That’s fine with me,” John said. “I just thought it might be a little easier doing it the other way, that’s all.”

“We should try to do both,” Jenny observed, “get the best of both worlds.”

“Do you think Shauna would agree?” John asked.

“Well, you might have to suck her pussy for her for free,” Jenny laughed. “But I bet I can convince her for you.”

That evening at dinner Jean and Jack announced that they had a surprise for John and Jenny. As they listened expectantly, they explained that they were going to take them with them during the summer when they went to the camp in the mountains they usually went to each year with their best friends. They explained that the last year more of the couples had brought their older children with them and that they had decided to bring John and Jenny this year.

“That’s great,” John said, jumping up from the table. “We won’t have to stay here and do nothing again.”

“You’re really going to take us with you?” Jenny asked, not believing it.

“That’s right,” Jack said, beaming with pleasure.

“Oh, Dad, that’s just great,” Jenny said, getting up and hugging him.

“When do we go?” John asked excitedly.

“Well, school ends in a month, so I thought we’d go about a week later. What do you say?” Jack asked.

“Yes!” John said, jumping up in the air.

As they walked to school, John and Jenny discussed how they could make as much money as possible before they went away. They both decided to see what they could sell to their closest friends and compare notes later.

On the way home John told her that Harry and Tom had both expressed real interest in watching Jenny and Shauna together and that he had told them it would cost them $30 each. He said that he had offered her pussy to eat for $50 but that they had said it would be too much. Jenny reported that she was working on something, but as of yet nothing. They agreed that the next afternoon after school before their parents got home would be the best time.

When they got home John was so excited that he pulled Jenny’s panties down from under her skirt and bent her over a kitchen table, sticking his tongue into her pussy. When he had gotten her good and wet he stood up and pulled his cock out, plunging it into her from behind. Jenny groaned and squirmed on his cock as he thrust into her, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. When he announced that he was about to cum, Jenny spun around and sucked his cock into her mouth just as he began to cum. John groaned as Jenny sucked his spurting cock, slurping the juices from it as she gulped his cum down her throat. They had just finished rearranging their clothes when they heard their mother arriving home.

The next afternoon John hurried home with Harry and Tom in tow, trying to get there before Jenny and Shauna arrived. They hadn’t been there ten minutes before they heard them arrive, and secreting themselves in the closet they watched from the hole as they entered the bedroom. Almost immediately they began to undress, touching each other and caressing until they were both standing there naked. Harry and Tom traded places almost every minute, watching as Jenny and Shauna fell on the bed in a 69, their faces buried between their legs.

“This is amazing,” Harry said as he watched from the hole, his cock in his hand, slowly stroking himself. “They’re just sucking each other’s pussies.”

“You could be sucking their pussies,” John said as Tom took his place at the hole to watch.

“Right,” Harry said, staring at John. “I suppose you guarantee it?”

“You give me $50, I guarantee you can suck my sister’s pussy,” John said. “If not, no pay. It’s simple, isn’t it?”

“What about the other one?” Tom asked from the hole, beating his cock in his fist as he watched.

“The same,” John said, not even sure if he could pull it off. “You pay $25 I’ll let you watch her suck my cock.”

“No way,” Harry said, nudging Tom aside and taking his place again at the hole in the wall.

“I’ll tell you what,” John said. “I’ll bet you $25 she’ll suck my cock. And if I win the bet, you each pay up $50 to suck some pussy. What do you say?”

“I’ll take that bet,” Harry said. “And if you can’t deliver the pussy just in case you get a blowjob, we win the whole bet, $75, okay?”

“Fine,” John said. “Tomorrow afternoon, then?”

“Fine,” Harry said as Tom got to his feet.

“They’re getting dressed now,” he said. “They sucked each other until they came, I think. It was great.”

“You want to get in on the bet, Tom?” John asked.

“Sure I will,” Tom said. “Either way it sounds okay to me.”

“Great,” John said. “I’ll take care of everything.”

That night after everyone had gone to sleep, John snuck down to Jenny’s room and let himself in. Straddling her face and sliding his cock into her open and willing mouth, John explained to her the deal he had struck with Harry and Tom. Jenny laughed and almost choked around his cock when he explained how he planned to get away with everything. When he started describing how they would both suck her pussy for her, Jenny increased the frenzy with which she was sucking his cock. Dumping his balls into her mouth, John quietly went back to his own room.

The next afternoon John was waiting again with Harry and Tom when Jenny arrived home with Shauna. Watching from the hole as they again undressed, John waited until they were beginning to suck each other before he told Harry and Tom to watch carefully and left the closet and went down to Jenny’s room.

Watching from the closet, Harry and Tom could see that John’s cock was sticking straight out in front of him as he entered the room and moved over to the bed. They could see Jenny’s ass and pussy sticking at them as Shauna sucked her from underneath. When John moved over to the bed, he nudged Jenny’s ass aside and took her place, letting his cock fall into Shauna’s open and surprised mouth.

She quickly began to suck him with gusto, trying to draw even more of him into her mouth each time. The whole time Jenny was still sucking her pussy, slurping away at the juices that were flowing as John fucked her face. Seeing that her head was hanging back off the bed, John pulled his cock from her mouth and helped her up, turning her so that her feet were hanging off the bed and remounted her face, again letting her suck his cock into her throat. Looking back over his shoulder, John motioned towards the closet with his hand, waving them to come into the room.

When they did slowly open the door to Jenny’s bedroom, Jenny was behind the door waiting. Quietly pulling them in yet still hiding behind the door, Jenny quietly closed the door before leading them over to the bed. Turning to look at them, she saw that they were staring at Shauna’s pink pussy between her black legs and also at her. She felt her nipples tighten as she anticipated getting her pussy sucked. Pointing to Shauna’s pussy and then to her own, Jenny made it clear that they should make a choice.

Immediately Tom dropped to his knees in front of Shauna’s pussy, lowering his face towards her and inhaling deeply, smelling her pussy. Then he stuck out his tongue and tentatively began to lick and explore her pussy. When Jenny saw that he was well occupied, she lay down on the bed on her back next to Shauna and pulled her own knees up and apart, opening her pussy to Harry.

Instantly Harry was in her pussy, his tongue pushing into her as he began to lick and slurp at the juices pooling between her legs. Shauna had tried to squirm free when Jenny lay down on the bed next to her, realizing that whoever was eating her pussy was someone she didn’t even know. Finding that it was futile to move, she resigned herself to the tongue between her legs and returned to sucking John’s cock. Finally John felt his balls stirring and began to cum in Shauna’s mouth as she continued to suck him. She sucked and sucked until there was no more cum and then John got off her chest.

“You guys switch now,” John said, watching as Harry and Tom sucked pussy.

Shauna tried to sit up, uncomfortable with what was happening, but John soothed her, convincing her to just enjoy it, that he would make sure nothing happened to her. Reluctantly Shauna lay back and tried to enjoy Harry’s tongue now in her pussy, sucking her. Jenny was mewling as she humped against Tom’s face as he sucked her pussy. Tom was lapping like a cat at her pussy as she came, slurping the juices that ran from her pussy. Finally Shauna too gasped and began to cum, Harry’s mouth glued to her pussy as he drank her cum. When she had finished cumming, John quickly herded Harry and Tom out of the room, not letting them even say anything.

“Oh, Shauna, wasn’t that nice?” Jenny asked, snuggling up next to her on the bed. “Having those boys suck our pussies and never even having to meet them or say anything, just service. I like that.”

“I didn’t think of it that way,” Shauna laughed. “I was totally freaked out at first. But there is nothing like a tongue between your legs to make you forget almost anything, is there?”

“Do you like sucking John’s cock?” Jenny asked.

“That I really like,” Shauna said.

“Do you think any of our friends would like to have their pussies sucked?” Jenny asked.

“What do you mean?” Shauna asked.

“Well, I’ll bet John would suck all the pussies we could bring him. We could even charge money, make it a real game,” Jenny explained.

“I’m sure I know some girls who would just love to have your brother’s tongue stuck up their pussies,” Shauna laughed.

“Let’s see what we can do,” Jenny laughed. “Now we better get dressed before my mom gets home.”

That night as Jenny rode John’s cock after she had come to his room, she explained to him her idea. John laughed as his sister’s pussy slid up and down on his cock, enveloping him in a velvet glove. Again Jenny jumped off his cock as he began to cum, sucking it into her mouth and letting him cum in her throat.

The next day after school Jenny told John that she had four girls who were willing to pay $20 each to have their pussies sucked. They agreed on the next afternoon and John had a hard time sleeping that night thinking about it.

The next afternoon John was in his room waiting when he heard the noise of Jenny arriving with her friends. Looking into the hole, John saw Jenny and Shauna, plus two other black girls and two white girls that he recognized as friends of Jenny’s. As he watched they slowly began to undress, then they all sat on the edge of the bed. He watched Jenny talking to them for a minute, then she left the room and he heard her open his door.

Following her down to her room, John let Jenny lead him into her room, over to the bed where the four girls were sitting naked. Stopping in front of the first girl, a slightly overweight black girl, John dropped to his knees and pushed her back onto the bed. Pushing her knees apart and up, John lowered his face into her pussy without any preparation, driving his tongue right into her hole. She screamed a short scream as she felt his tongue invade her pussy, then just wriggled on the bed as John sucked her pussy. It didn’t take long before John had her shaking with an orgasm, her juices flowing as he continued to suck her pussy.

When she had finished cumming, John moved to the next girl and pushed her back on the bed, diving into her pussy while the other girls just watched with their mouths hanging open. One after another John sucked their pussies, tasting the different pussies and satisfying himself as much as he was satisfying them.

When he had finished with the last of them, John got to his feet, his face smeared with pussy juices. Jenny stood next to him, looking down at the four girls sprawled on her bed, their pussies fresh eaten.

“And if you want, you can try this,” Jenny said, fishing his cock out of his shorts, holding it in her hand. “Show them, Shauna,” Jenny said, smiling at Shauna.

With a soft laugh Shauna sank to her knees and sucked John’s cock into her mouth, feeling how he was ready to explode from the excitement of sucking the other pussies. One by one the girls sat up and leaned close, watching as Shauna sucked John’s cock. When she felt him begin to cum, she held his cock on the end of her tongue, letting him shoot his cum into her mouth, but at the same time giving a real good look to the other girls. Each of them sat there with their mouth open, shocked as they watched John’s cock spurting cum into Shauna’s open mouth. When he had finished cumming, Shauna gulped his cum down, then sucked his cock back into her mouth, sucking the last of the cum from it before relinquishing it and standing up, licking her lips.

“So, if any of you want to suck John’s cock, just let me know,” Jenny said with a smile. “But we better get dressed real quick. Our mom’s going to be home any minute now.”

As they hurried to dress, John went back to his room, totally satisfied. He had gotten to suck four new pussies and Shauna had sucked his cock again. Plus they had made another $80. It was really adding up, he thought.

The next several weeks until the end of school were like this. John would bring home boys to suck her pussy and Jenny would bring home girls for John to suck their pussies and then they would suck his cock. It was getting so that they had no energy left for each other. They found themselves looking forward to going away with their parents for the summer just so that they could rest and take a break. They had several thousand dollars already, so the money wasn’t quite as important anymore.

Finally the morning arrived to leave for summer vacation with their parents. John and Jenny were really excited as they all piled into the car for the six-hour drive up into the mountains to the camp. It was mid-afternoon when they finally arrived and were ensconced in the cabin which they would be staying in during their stay. Explaining that their friends Fred and Sheila always shared a cabin with them, John and Jenny were told that they would have to share one of the three rooms. Barely concealing their joy, John and Jenny said they didn’t mind and hauled thier bags into the room and unpacked while Jean and Jack unpacked their bags in the far room, leaving the middle room for Fred and Sheila.

A couple of hours later Fred and Sheila arrived and there were many hugs and kisses between them and Jean and Jack as they unloaded their bags and hauled them into the cabin where they met John and Jenny.

“They sure are turning into beautiful children,” Sheila said after she met them. “You’re real lucky, Jean.”

“I agree,” Jean said. “We don’t have any of the problems you hear a lot of parents have.”

They all went together to the central mess hall where they met all of the other campers who had arrived for their one month stay in the mountains. John and Jenny were glad to see that there were some other kids their age that they would be able to socialize with. When the meeting finally ended after explaining the schedule to everyone, the evening meal was brought out, buffet style, and everyone sat down to eat. After dinner John and Jenny went to explore the camp while Jean and Jack went with Fred and Sheila to visit some of their other friends.

When they got back to the cabin an hour or so later, Jean and Jack were sitting with Fred and Sheila having drinks and talking. Finally it was late and everyone went to their rooms to get some sleep for the next day. When they got into their room and the door was closed, John turned to Jenny with a big grin.

“I can’t believe they put us in the same room,” he said. “It couldn’t be any better.”

“I agree,” Jenny said, stripping her clothes off. “We’ll have to be quiet though, or they might hear us.”

“I can’t wait to suck your pussy,” John said with a laugh, pulling his shirt off and throwing it across the room where it struck a small mirror on the wall, knocking it off.

With a laugh he went over and picked it up to replace it on the wall. As he put it on the wall, he saw that the mirror covered a hole in the wall almost the size of the mirror, and that there was another mirror on the other side of the hole. Puzzled, John looked into the other mirror and was startled to see that he was looking into the room where Fred and Sheila were. Turning to Jenny, he motioned her to come over, his finger on his lips to indicate that she should be quiet.

Jenny came over and stood next to John and looked into the mirror on the other side of the hole. She gasped as she realized that she could see Fred and Sheila and that they were undressing in their room, oblivious to the fact that they were being watched. Turning to look at John, Jenny burst out giggling.

“This is just too much,” she said. “Do you think Mom and Dad know about this?”

“Not a chance,” John said. “They’d never have brought us if they did. Hey, look, Sheila’s not bad looking, is she?’

Looking back into the other room, Jenny saw that Sheila was completely naked now and that she had big tits that covered her chest. She could see a dark thatch of hair between her legs as she sat on the bed facing the wall with the mirror. Then she saw that Fred had stripped naked and that his cock was hanging in front of him, half way to his knees. Jenny gasped as she saw the size of it. Then she sucked in her breath as Sheila reached out and grabbed Fred by his cock, pulling him closer to her as she sat on the edge of the bed.

As they watched, she caressed and massaged his cock, kissing it and licking it with her tongue. As it began to grow, she opened her mouth and sucked it in, almost the entire length disappearing into her mouth as she began to suck his cock. Jenny was rubbing herself between her legs as she watched Sheila sucking Fred’s cock. John had stepped out of his shorts and was gently stroking his cock as he watched the show in the other room.

Suddenly the door to the other room opened and John and Jenny were surprised to see their mother open the door and let herself in, closing the door behind her. She was wearing only a nightgown and seemed unsurprised to find Sheila sucking Fred’s cock. In fact, Sheila only looked up from Fred’s cock for a moment to smile at Jean as she came into the room before she went back to sucking on it some more.

Jenny turned and looked at John in surprise and saw that he too was dumbstruck by this turn of events. Then returning her attention to the other room, Jenny saw that her mother had gone and sat on the bed right next to Sheila while she continued to suck Fred’s cock. She sucked on his cock for a few more minutes before stopping, then lay back on the bed with her feet drawn up and apart.

Jenny was puzzled that her mother just sat there talking to them while they carried on. Fred had dropped to his knees and had lowered his face into Sheila’s pussy, tonguing and sucking on her. While Jenny watched her mother lean closer to watch, she saw Fred slide one hand up her mother’s thigh under the nightgown. She was shocked when her mother did nothing more than open her legs a bit to make it easier for Fred to get his hand into her pussy.

Then Jenny saw Jean lay back on the bed, her knees up and apart like Sheila’s as Fred continued to play in her pussy with his hand while he sucked Sheila’s pussy. They watched as Jean pulled her nightgown up and over her body, throwing it aside and laying there naked next to Sheila while Fred sucked her pussy and played with hers at the same time.

Then Fred lifted his face from Sheila’s pussy and lowered it into Jean’s. They could see his tongue snaking into her pussy and they both watched in astonishment as their mother had her pussy sucked by a strange man. Just at this time the door to the room opened again and they saw their father come into the room, naked, his cock standing out in front of him. Jenny and John just stared at each other in amazement and then turned to see their father walk up to the bed and just slide his cock into Sheila’s pussy, not stopping until it had totally disappeared. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking her while her legs wrapped around his waist. Next to them Fred continued to suck Jean’s pussy while Jack fucked Sheila. Then Fred got to his feet and plunged his cock into Jean’s pussy, impaling her with his cock. Then the two of them were fucking in rhythm, sliding their cocks in and out of the two pussies.

John and Jenny watched in amazement as this orgy played itself out in front of them, their parents in a four-way with these two strangers. Then both Jack and Fred began to cum, shooting thier cum up into the pussies, emptying their balls until there was no more. They watched as their gooey cocks slipped from the pussies, dripping combined cum. Fred slid up onto the bed, hanging his cock in front of Jean’s face. They watched as their mother opened her mouth and sucked Fred’s gooey cock into her mouth, slurping all the juices from it before stopping. Then they saw their father do the same to Sheila, his cock disappearing into her mouth as she sucked the combined goo from it.

They were further amazed when Sheila rolled over and planted her face in Jean’s pussy, at the same time planting her pussy on Jean’s face. The watched as their mother and Sheila sucked each other’s pussies, slurping the cum from each other until there was no more. Then Sheila rolled off of Jean and they could see a big, cum-smeared smile on her face.

Jenny grabbed John by the cock and pulled him down on the floor on top of her, guiding his cock directly into her throbbing pussy. Quickly John began to stroke his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy, plunging it deep into her as he fucked her. Jenny kept her feet planted firmly on the floor, thrusting up at him with each plunge. When Jenny felt John tensing to cum, she wrapped her legs around his back and held him inside of her, feeling his cock swell and then explode, cum shooting deep into her pussy for the first time. She loved the feeling of his cock pulsating inside of her pussy and could feel the spurts of cum splashing against her deep inside. When John finished cumming, Jenny slid down beneath him until she had captured his cock in her mouth, sucking it and drinking all the combined goo from it before she stopped.

“God, John,” Jenny said, still licking his cock, “this is just incredible.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe it either,” he said, watching as his sister continued to lick his cock.

“Mom and Dad are amazing,” she said. “And Dad’s cock is just beautiful.”

“They sure are amazing,” John agreed. “But I just loved Mom’s bald pussy. It looks so sexy.”

“Fred and Sheila are pretty neat too, aren’t they?” Sheila asked, squirming out from under John and sitting up.

“I’d just love to try her out,” John agreed.

“Fred has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” Jenny said. “I wonder if it would fit in me?”

“You could fit an army of cocks in your pussy if you wanted to,” John said with a laugh.

“One day I will, too, you’ll see,” Jenny said, laughing with him.

The rest of the night was magic for John and Jenny. Four or five times during the night they fucked each other, delighting in the freedom they had to indulge. In the morning they heard some noise from the room next to theirs, so jumping quickly out of bed, they took the mirror down and looked into the other room. They were pleased to see that Fred and Sheila were locked in a sixty-nine, sucking each other like crazy. Jenny was amazed at Sheila’s ability to take all of Fred’s huge cock into her mouth, letting it completely fuck her mouth and throat.

Jenny got so hot watching them that she pulled John down on the floor into a sixty-nine with her. Jenny got so hot sucking John’s cock that she began to cum almost immediately when John fastened onto her clit and began to chew on it. As she bucked against his face, she was rewarded by his cock spewing cum into her mouth. When they heard more stirring about in the cabin, they jumped up and quickly got dressed, pulling on bathrobes and going out into the main room of the cabin where they joined their parents and Fred in line to wait for the shower.

“Did you two sleep okay?” Jack asked, smiling at them.

“Like a rock, Dad,” John said. “The best sleep I’ve had in a long time.”

“Well, we always thought being in the mountains made sleeping better,” he replied, smiling at Jean and Fred.

“I feel just great,” Jenny said, stretching her arms above her head. “I can’t tell you how glad I am that you brought us with you.”

The next hour or so was spent taking showers. John and Jenny watched everyone very carefully to see if they gave away anything about last night. Finally they were all ready and they went to the mess hall for breakfast. Jack and Jean encouraged John and Jenny to explore on their own and to meet the other young people that were there. The rest of the day seemed to go so quickly to John and Jenny as they walked all around the area, smelling the trees and fresh air. They met many of the other young people, several of whom they liked. They had lunch with some of the other young people, seeing their parents eating with a group of people their own age.

In talking to the other young people that they met, John and Jenny learned that none of them had ever been to the camp before, that their parents had always gone alone. They also learned that the camp had never allowed children and that this was the first year they were allowed.

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John was curious to know if only their cabin had the one-way mirrors in the bedroom. He had already checked his parents’ room when they were away and found an exact duplicate of their room, mirror and all. In checking Fred and Sheila’s room, John found that the mirrors in their room were also removable, allowing for anyone to view into the other rooms.

Getting friendly with two sisters named Emily and Sarah, John and Jenny found themselves back at their cabin at one point. Taking advantage of the opportunity, John found that indeed this cabin was an exact duplicate of theirs, mirrors and all. It seemed that all the cabins were three bedrooms. Apparently in the past there were couples in each of the bedrooms, but this year the people who brought their children with them used a bedroom for the children.

That evening there was supposed to be a special program for all the children that had accompanied their parents. John and Jenny had already noticed and found out that the minimum age for children was 18, so everyone was of approximately the same age. When the program started, John excused himself, ostensibly to go to the bathroom, and went instead to the nearest cabin to theirs in which he saw lights on. Listening carefully at the door to the cabin, John turned the handle and let himself in when he decided that there were no voices in the common room of the cabin.

Seeing lights on under the door to one of the bedrooms, John quickly and silently let himself into the adjoining bedroom to the lighted one, breathing a sigh of relief when he found nobody there. Quickly moving to the mirror on the wall, John removed it and looked into the adjoining room. He was delighted to see four adults in the room, all naked, one of the women on her hands and knees, a cock pounding her from behind and another fucking her face, the other woman laying on her back on the bed, her knees up and apart, her hands busy in her pussy.

John pulled his cock out and began to masturbate as he watched the show through the mirror. The woman getting fucked by the two men was really enjoying herself, thrusting herself back and forth as she took both cocks at once. John’s cock began to spurt cum all over the wall as he watched the man fucking her mouth begin to cum, pressing himself right up against her face, his cock completely buried in her throat. John could see his cock pulsating in her throat as he shot his wad. She was still sucking and slurping on his cock when he pulled it from her mouth. She immediately fell between the other woman’s legs, driving her face into her pussy while the other man continued to pound her pussy from behind. Finally he too began to cum, filling her pussy as his balls emptied. When he had finished cumming, his cock sliding from her pussy, she crossed her knee over the other woman’s head, lowering her cum-filled pussy onto her mouth, feeling her tongue slide immediately up into her pussy, sucking and slurping at the cum which filled her.

John watched for a couple more minutes before silently letting himself out of the cabin, elated at his luck and a plan hatching in his head. When he rejoined Jenny he told her that he had an idea that would made their month at the camp even more unbelievable than she could have possibly imagined. Unable to sit still, John dragged Jenny from the program, which she really hadn’t been too interested in anyway, and explained to her what he had just done.

Jenny was completely shocked that John had just gone into someone else’s cabin, but she too was elated when he told her what he had seen there. John explained to her that only some of the people had brought children with them, that when there was a program for the children, like there seemed to be scheduled every evening, that they could sneak away and go into the different cabins and watch the show. Jenny almost choked when he explained his idea, then her eyes widened when he further suggested that they get the other kids involved too. Just think of the fun we could have, John said.

Going back to their cabin, they quietly let themselves in, noticing a light under the door to Fred and Sheila’s room. Slipping into their room removing the mirror, they saw that they were all four there again. This time Sheila was on her hands and knees, Jack’s cock in her pussy from underneath, while Fred’s cock was buried in her ass. Jean was laying on her back and Sheila was sucking her pussy while the two guys fucked her in the pussy and the ass at the same time.

Jenny was shocked when she saw Fred’s cock sticking out of Sheila’s ass. She had never entertained the idea of having a cock there. She could feel John’s hands on her pussy and tits as they watched. She was getting really horny when Fred and Jack both began to cum, filling Sheila’s ass and pussy with cum while she continued to suck Jean’s pussy. When they finished cumming and their cocks had fallen out of Sheila, she rolled over onto her back, pulling her knees up until they rested on the bed next to her head, her cum-filled pussy and ass sticking up in the air.

As they watched in astonishment, their mother got to her knees and began to feast on Sheila’s upturned ass and pussy, sucking them both and running her tongue in and out as she sucked the cum from her. Meanwhile, Sheila was sucking both Fred’s cock and Jack’s at the same time as they dangled them in her face. Jenny was so inflamed by this that she pulled John down on the floor, extricated his cock from his shorts and impaled herself on him. John loved the feel of his sister’s pussy clasping his cock as she began to ride up and down in a fury, fucking him as hard as she could.

This time when John was about to cum Jenny did not get off his cock. Instead, she ground her hips into him, using the muscles of her pussy to milk his cock as his balls emptied into her pussy. When he had finished cumming, Jenny scooted up his body until she had planted her cum-filled pussy on his mouth. At first John did nothing, then Jenny felt his tongue begin its familiar journey through her pussy as he began to suck her. Jenny writhed on his face as he sucked her pussy, chewing on her clit and causing her to spasm uncontrollably. Then Jenny began to cum, flooding his mouth with her juices and his own as they ran unconstrained from her pussy. John eagerly slurped at her juices, drinking her up as she came.

“Jesus, Jenny,” John exclaimed when he had finished sucking her pussy. “Now I see where you get your urges from. You and Mom are a lot alike.”

“Well, I think that’s just fine,” Jenny said. “At least we both understand pleasure.”

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” John said, getting to his feet.

Quickly slipping out of the room naked, John went to the bathroom. He had just finished peeing when the door suddenly opened and Sheila walked in, completely naked, shutting the door behind her before she realized that John was standing there with his cock in his hand.

“Oh!” Sheila started, shocked at seeing John.

“Don’t you believe in knocking?” John asked, staring at her, his cock still in his hand.

“I’m sorry,” Sheila blushed. “The light wasn’t on and I didn’t think anyone was in here.”

“So I see,” John said, staring at her closely. “Well?”

“Well, I need to pee,” Sheila said.

“Go ahead,” John said, stepping back from the toilet.

“Aren’t you going to leave?” Sheila asked, flustered.

“No, I think I’ll watch you like you got to see me,” John said matter-of-factly, leaning back against the wall and continuing to hold his cock in his hand, gently massaging it.

Quickly moving by him, Sheila sat on the toilet. John could see her nipples getting harder and harder as the sound of her peeing filled the bathroom. When she finished, she took a piece of toilet paper and reached between her legs, drying herself.

“Are you happy now?” she asked, standing up and staring at him, his cock now semi- hard.

“Sure,” John said. “But there’s something I’d like to show you.”

“Maybe I should get some clothes on, don’t you think?” Sheila asked. “And you too.”

“It’ll only take a minute,” John said. “It’s in our room.”

“Well, be quick, then,” Sheila decided.

Turning and opening the bathroom door, John stepped out and into the room he shared with Jenny, Sheila right behind him. He loved the look on Jenny’s face when she saw Sheila naked come into the room behind him. She had been lying on the bed, her fingers busy in her pussy when they came in and she quickly sat up, staring at them.

“We met in the bathroom,” John explained. “I wanted to show her something real quick.”

“Sure,” Jenny said, staring at Sheila as she looked at her in surprise.

Moving over to the wall where the mirror was, John turned and beckoned to Sheila.

“It’s over here,” he said. “Come look.”

Hesitatingly, Sheila stepped over to where John stood by the wall. Suddenly he reached up and took down the mirror, then turned to Sheila and told her to look through the hole in the wall. Blushing, knowing what she was about to see, Sheila stepped up to the wall and looked in. What she saw was Jean sucking Jack’s cock while Fred banged into her from behind. She watched for a minute before turning to look at John, who was smiling at her, his cock now hard in front of him.

“So you’ve been watching us,” Sheila said. “What about it?”

“Oh, nothing,” John said. “I just thought you’d be a little more excited knowing that you had an audience.”

“We’ll just use your parents’ room from now on,” Sheila said.

“Then I’d have to tell them about how you came on to me in the bathroom and then showed me this mirror to look through,” John said.

Sheila’s mouth just dropped open when she heard John’s threat. Looking over at Jenny, she could see that she was equally shocked by what John had just said.

“What’s your point, John?” Sheila asked.

“I’d like to play, too,” John replied, reaching out and caressing Sheila’s tits, pinching her nipples.

“Would you now?” Sheila said. “And what makes you think you’re ready to play at 18 years of age?”

“This,” John said, reaching out and grasping her by the hand and wrapping it around his cock.

“You are big for your age,” Sheila said, not relinquishing her grip on his cock even though he had let her hand go.

“Suck it for me,” John said.

“But your sister,” Sheila said, looking at Jenny.

“She can watch and then you can suck her too,” John said. “I’d think you’d like that.”

Gently pushing Sheila backwards until she came up against the bed, John gave her one more shove and she was sitting on the bed, his cock pointed at her face. While Jenny moved close to watch, Sheila leaned forward, opening her mouth, and engulfed his cock, sucking it right down into her throat. John groaned as Sheila’s experienced mouth began to work his cock. It was just too much for him and all too soon he began to cum, pumping his cum into her mouth as she gulped, swallowing him.

“Is that what you had in mind?” Sheila asked, licking the head of his cock one more time before letting it go.

“Just perfect,” John said, looking down at her. “Now lay back,” he said, pushing her shoulders.

Jenny helped pull Sheila backwards and then quickly straddled her face, rubbing her pussy on her mouth as Sheila began to suck her. Meanwhile, John had dropped to his knees and pushed Sheila’s legs apart. He pushed her knees up, spreading open her pussy, and slid his tongue into her hole. He could feel her pushing up into his face as he began to suck her pussy. This was a lot different than sucking Jenny’s pussy or the pussies of her friends. This was a full grown woman with kids. John buried his face in Sheila’s pussy, sucking and slurping as he ate her. Then he fastened his teeth on her clit, gently chewing on it and sucking on it. He was rewarded with an explosion of juices gushing from Sheila’s pussy as she came, and John slurped and drank like a crazed person, gluing his mouth to her hole and running his tongue up into her. Out of the edge of his awareness he could hear Jenny groaning as she came. Then there was just quiet as they rested, each of them spent.

Sheila struggled to her feet, her face flushed.

“I’ve got to get back over there,” she said.

“Please visit us again,” John said, smiling at her.

“Bring Fred with you,” Jenny said, “but don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

“No, I don’t think I will,” Sheila laughed. “Not yet at least.”

John and Jenny watched at the mirror as Sheila entered the other room, immediately diving into Jean’s pussy and slurping at the cum which was dribbling onto the bed. It was only a couple of minutes, but Sheila had Jack’s cock shoved into her from behind while she was sucking Jean’s pussy. John and Jenny watched until everyone came again, then put the mirror back up and jumped into bed in a sixty-nine, slowly sucking on each other.

In the other room Jean and Jack were getting to their feet to return to their own room. After they had gone and Sheila had heard the door to their room close, she moved to the mirror on the wall to the kids’ room and removed it, looking in. When she saw that John and Jenny were locked in a sixty-nine on the bed, Jenny on top of John sucking his cock while John had his face buried in her pussy, she beckoned to Fred to come look.

Looking into the hole Fred was startled to see John and Jenny sucking each other. He didn’t really know them that well, but he knew that they were the children of Jean and Jack and that they definitely had no idea that they were up to things like this. He smiled as he watched Jenny sucking John’s cock, her pretty little mouth stretching wide as she slid down his cock, sucking it deep into her throat.

Then Sheila began to tell him what had happened to her when she went to the bathroom. Fred listened in shocked silence, not taking his eyes from the scene in the other room, his cock getting hard, as Sheila described her experience with them. When she told him that Jenny had suggested that she bring Fred with her to visit, then he turned and looked at her.

“Well, what are we waiting for then?” he asked.

“You mean we should go now?” Sheila asked.

“Why not?” Fred questioned. “I’d love some of that.”

“Well, okay then,” Sheila said, smiling. “John’s cock was very tasty. I’d like to see if he can use it as well.”

Quietly they left their room, moving silently to the door to John and Jenny’s room. Sheila gently turned the handle and opened the door, slipping in with Fred right behind her. Shutting the door, she could see that they were so engrossed in sucking one another that they hadn’t noticed them. She felt Fred move past her to stand at the end of the bed where Jenny was sucking John’s cock, his own cock dangling down near her head. When Jenny noticed him she looked up, startled, then surprised as she saw his cock dangling in front of her face. Reaching out with one hand to grab it, Jenny opened her mouth to let it slide in as Fred stepped forward.

John just had time to start to sit up to see what was going on before Sheila’s leg swung over his head and her pussy came down on his face as she engulfed his cock in her mouth. John sucked on Sheila’s pussy for only a couple of minutes before she climbed off his face and turned around, sitting on his cock and beginning to ride him. Reaching up and squeezing Sheila’s tits and pulling and twisting on her nipples while she fucked him, John could see Fred sliding his cock in and out of Jenny’s mouth, fucking her face. Then Fred pulled his cock from Jenny’s mouth and spun her around so that her ass and pussy were pointing at him. Jenny was leaning on her elbows right next to John, their faces almost touching.

As John watched, Fred approached Jenny’s pussy with his cock, slowly pushing it into her. John could see Jenny’s eyes widen as she felt Fred’s cock filling her pussy, pushing all the way in. He watched her eyes glaze and her mouth drop open as Fred began to fuck her, plunging his cock in and out of her pussy. While Sheila continued to ride his cock, John saw her reach over and slide her hand around Fred’s cock while it continued to slide in and out of Jenny’s pussy. He could see Sheila’s hand rubbing in Jenny’s pussy while Fred fucked her.

Then Jenny’s eyes rolled up into her head and she began to cum, gasping as Fred’s cock continued to plunge in and out of her pussy. The look on Jenny’s face and Sheila’s gymnastics on his cock triggered John’s orgasm and he began to cum, spurting up into Sheila’s pussy as she continued to ride him. Then he heard Fred groan and saw him slam his cock into Jenny’s pussy as far as it would go as he began to cum, filling her pussy.

When he had finished cumming, Fred again spun Jenny around and stuck his gooey cock in her face. Jenny eagerly opened her mouth and sucked it in, slurping all of their combined cum from it. At the same time Sheila crawled up John’s body and planted her cum-filled pussy on his face, rubbing it against him. John responded by gluing his mouth to her pussy and sucking, slurping all of the cum from her, including his that he had just left there.

When Fred and Sheila were through getting sucked clean, they both got to their feet, smiling at John and Jenny.

“That was very nice,” Fred said. “Thank you for inviting me.”

“Oh, I liked it too,” Jenny said, staring at him. “You won’t tell our parents, will you?”

“No, I don’t think we’ll tell your parents, not yet anyway,” Sheila laughed. “But maybe later it wouldn’t hurt if they found out. You have a very nice cock, John. You’re a lot like your father that way. But we better go now. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

And they left, leaving John and Jenny on the bed, her pussy filled with Fred’s cum and John’s cock covered with Sheila’s pussy juices and his own cum.

“I’ll suck your cock if you’ll suck my pussy for me,” Jenny said, rolling over and grabbing him.

“Why not,” John said, lifting her leg over his head and diving into her swampy pussy.

This is the sight that Fred and Sheila saw when they went back to their room and looked through the hole in the wall. They smiled as they saw John and Jenny sucking each other, thoroughly enjoying themselves. Then they fell in bed and fucked each other before falling asleep.

The next day John and Jenny spent the day with the other young people, enjoying a nice long hike in the mountains. When they returned to the camp for the evening meal, John suggested an idea to Jenny. When she agreed, he approached Emily and Sarah.

“Would you two like to learn something about your parents that you would never have imagined in your whole lives?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked. She was a very pretty brunette with a nice smile and a ripening body.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” John insisted. “I have to show you.”

“How would you do that?” Emily asked. Emily looked much like Sarah, except she was a couple of years older and her body was filled out more.

“We’d come over your cabin during the program tonight and show you,” John said.

“I don’t know,” Emily said. “It sounds sort of strange to me.”

“It’s stranger than you could even imagine,” John said with a smile. “I’ll bet you.”

“What would we bet?” Sarah asked. “And why?”

“Are you interested?” John asked.

“You have to tell us first if you want us to think about it,” Emily insisted. “Otherwise we won’t even bother.”

“You won’t like it,” John said. “If I tell you and it makes you mad or you absolutely don’t believe me, will you give me just five minutes to prove what I tell you tonight?”

“Okay,” Emily agreed slowly. “But you have to tell us first.”

“Okay,” John said. “Here goes. Your parents are having group sex with other adults here at the camp every night.”

“How could you even say something like that?” Emily said, aghast. “Where do you even get ideas like that?”

“I’m telling you the truth,” John said. “And I’ll prove it tonight during the program. You agreed. I can see you’re mad and I know you don’t believe me, but I’m telling you the truth. I’m only telling you because I think you’re both really nice and it’s something you should know about. Don’t you think so? If you knew that about my parents, wouldn’t you tell me?”

“Maybe I would,” Sarah said. “But that sounds so weird. People don’t do things like that, especially not our parents.”

“Well, when you see for yourself tonight, I’ll let you in on another secret too,” John said. “Okay?”

“Okay,” Emily said defiantly. “But if you’re lying, I’ll tell my parents what you said.”

“And if I’m telling the truth?” John asked.

“I can’t even imagine that,” Emily said.

“Okay, then,” John said. “We’ll find you in about an hour at the program, okay?”

“We’ll be there,” Emily said, shaking her head and walking away with Sarah.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Jenny asked John.

“What the heck,” John said. “You never know what might come of it.”

About an hour later John and Jenny found Emily and Sarah at the program and they got up and left with them, walking towards the cabin they were in. John explained that it was very important to be very quiet until they were in their bedroom, then he would show them what he was talking about.

When they got to the cabin, they all quietly entered and went into the bedroom the two girls were sharing. John had noticed a light on in the adjoining room so he knew he was right. When the door was shut behind them, Emily stood right in front of John, her chest heaving and challenged him to back up his words.

“Okay,” John said, moving over to the mirror on the wall and removing it. “Come look here,” he said, looking into the next room.

He was delighted to see two women locked in a sixty-nine on the bed while two men sat nearby and watched, their cocks in their hands. Emily and Sarah slowly moved over to where John was looking through the wall, unsure now of what to expect. Looking into the hole, Emily gasped, her hand flying to her face as she took in the scene in the next room. She tried to stop Sarah from looking, but Sarah was too quick, peering into the other room.

“Wow,” she said as she watched, her mouth hanging open. “You were telling the truth.”

“Sarah, you shouldn’t be seeing this,” Emily said, trying to dissuade her from watching.

“Look, Emily,” Sarah said. “Mommy and Mrs. Hill are licking each other between the legs. Look at Daddy’s thing and Mr. Hill’s too. They’re so big.”

“How would you know what big is?” Emily retorted, dismayed that Sarah was completely unshocked by what she saw. She herself was mortified, unable to believe that her parents would do such a thing.

“Oh, look,” Sarah said, “Daddy’s putting his thing in Mrs. Hill’s mouth. How does she swallow it like that? And Mommy’s doing the same thing to Mr. Hill. Wow, this is so neat. Is it fun to do that?” she asked to nobody in particular.

“It must be,” John said, “because all the parents here are doing it.”

“You’re kidding,” Emily said, not taking her eyes from the other room.

“I’m not,” John insisted. “If you come with us, we’ll show you.”

“Really?” Sarah asked, her eyes lighting up. “I’d like to see.”

“Let’s go then,” John said. “You can watch them every night if you want to.”

Leaving the cabin as quietly as they had entered, John led them through the camp until he got to a cabin with only one light on. Again reminding them to be quiet, then snuck into the cabin and into a room adjoining the one with the light on under the door. Quickly going to the mirror, John took it down and looked in. He smiled as he saw another repeat of the same scene through the wall. Stepping aside, he let Sarah and Emily step up to the wall and look through. Emily gasped as she saw a woman on her knees straddling a cock in her pussy, another plunging in and out of her ass, all the while stretched forward with her face in another woman’s pussy, sucking like crazy.

“She has two things stuck in her,” Sarah said in wonder. “How does she do that?”

As they stood and watched the people in the other room, John could see that Emily was getting more and more bothered by all of it. Her cheeks were flushed and she was unconsciously rubbing herself as she watched. Sarah was totally into it. John didn’t think it would take much to get her clothes off of her.

“Let’s watch until they cum, then we’ll go see some more,” John suggested.

“What’s cum?” Sarah asked.

Smiling, John explained to her what cumming was. Soon they could see that indeed the people in the other room were cumming. When the woman being fucked rolled off the man under her and dislodged the cocks from her body, they could see cum dripping from her pussy and ass at the same time. They watched mesmerized as the other woman dove into her pussy, sucking and slurping at the cum that dribbled from her, chasing it up into her pussy as she sucked her.

“Come on, let’s go see one more,” John said, putting the mirror back.

Quietly they left the cabin and John led them to their own cabin, quietly sneaking in and removing the mirror from their bedroom wall. Stepping back, he let Sarah and Emily stand close and look in. What they saw was Sheila and Jean on their knees, Fred and Jack fucking them from behind.

“This is so neat,” Sarah said, rubbing her hands with glee.

“That’s our parents,” Jenny said, moving closer.

“You’re kidding?” Emily said, looking closer. “Which ones?”

“The lady closest to us and the other man,” Jenny explained.

“Do they know you’re watching them?” Emily asked.

“Not our parents,” John answered, “but Fred and Sheila know.”

“How could they?” Sarah asked.

Then Jenny explained how they had found out, not going into the details of what occurred afterwards.

“And they weren’t mad?” Sarah asked.

“No, they weren’t,” Jenny said. “In fact, they came and visited us after they got done with our parents.”

“No!” Emily said. “Are you kidding?”

“No, they came in here naked,” Jenny told them.

“And then what did you do?” Sarah asked, holding her breath.

“Well, we talked at first,” Jenny explained. “Then we tried it with them.”

“Tried what with them?” Emily asked, looking at her.

“That,” Jenny said, indicating the next room.

“You mean. . .” Sarah started.

“Yes,” Jenny said. “It really was fun, too. They promised not to tell our parents or anything.”

“I can’t believe it,” Emily said. “They’re adults.”

“I’ll bet your parents would do it with us,” John said.

“Of course they wouldn’t” Emily replied.

“Like they wouldn’t have sex with other people, right?” John asked. “I’ll bet they’ll do it with us tonight.”

“You must be crazy,” Emily said.

“I’ll bet you,” John said.


“If your parents do it with us tonight, you two do it with us tomorrow night,” John said.

“No way,” Emily said.

“Okay,” Sarah said at the same time. “Why not, Em? If you don’t think Mommy and Daddy will do it with them, why not bet? But if they do, well, why shouldn’t we try it too?”

“Okay then,” Emily said grudgingly.

“Come on, then,” John said, leading them from the room.

They quickly went back to Emily and Sarah’s cabin, going into their room and removing the mirror. They saw that they were still there, going at it.

“Which ones are your parents?” Jenny asked.

“The lady and man closest to us sucking on each other,” Sarah said. “Wow, look at them.”

“Okay, you two watch from here,” John said. “Come on, Jenny.”

Leaving the room, they went to the next door. After whispering together for just a moment, they both quickly dropped their clothes on the floor, then opened the door and just walked in, closing the door behind them.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the woman who was Emily and Sarah’s mother said, looking up from sucking her husband’s cock.

“We heard there was a party here and we thought we’d come,” John said, smiling.

“You just leave right now, young man,” the woman said, “or we’ll tell your parents about this.”

“I think you should invite us to stay or we’ll tell Emily and Sarah about this,” John said with a laugh.

“What did you have in mind?” the other woman asked John, looking up from the cock she was sucking.

“That looks good,” John said. “But I’d much rather suck your pussy,” he said, moving over next to them.

“And I’ll suck your cock for you,” Jenny said, reaching out to stroke it.

“Now wait just a minute,” the other two said. “This is not right.”

“Okay, I’ll suck your pussy for you then,” John said, moving over to the other couple.

“Now, you. . .” she started, but John shoved his cock into her face.

Almost automatically her mouth opened and she sucked his cock into her mouth, while Jenny easily slid onto his face, rubbing her pussy all over him as he began to suck her with gusto. Then John rolled her over onto her back and fell on her body, his face finding its way into her pussy where he began to feast. Meanwhile, Jenny had fallen onto his cock and was sucking it while he sucked her pussy.

The other couple watched in amusement for several minutes, then he walked over and pushed his cock into Jenny’s pussy from behind, impaling her. At the same time, his wife went and lay down so that her pussy was pointing right at the other one, and John began to eat both pussies at once, going from one to the other.

The man fucking Jenny from behind began to cum rather quickly, dumping his load into her pussy. When he pulled his cock from her pussy, the other man who had been laying under her and licking her clit the whole time glued his mouth to her pussy and began to suck, slurping the cum from her pussy as she continued to suck his cock. Then John groaned and began to cum into the mouth of Emily’s mother while he continued to suck both their pussies. When everyone had finished cumming, John and Jenny said that they should get back to their own cabin before their parents missed them. They promised to come visit again and left as the others were quickly falling on each other again. Picking up their clothes, they dressed and made their way back to their own cabin, walking into their parents coming naked out of Fred and Sheila’s room.

“What are you doing back so late?” Jean stammered, blushing as she stood there naked in front of her children.

“We were visiting some people,” Jenny said, staring at her father’s cock.

“Did you just come from their room?” John asked, indicating Fred and Sheila’s room.

“We were saying goodnight,” Jean said lamely, her nipples getting hard.

“Well, good-night,” Jenny said, going to their room.

They were trying so hard not to laugh, knowing that they would be heard. John couldn’t believe they had caught them in the act. Fred and Sheila were looking into John and Jenny’s room, having heard the encounter outside their own room. As they watched, John pulled Jenny onto the bed on her hands and knees and stuck his face in her pussy and ass, sucking on her. Then he stood up and slid his cock into her pussy, burying it. Giving each other a quick look, they left their room and went next door, letting themselves in. Moving over to the bed, Fred sat in front of Jenny and let her suck his cock, while Sheila stood on the bed next to John and pushed her pussy into his face.

Back in Jack and Jean’s room, Jean was worried about her encounter with her children. She worried about what Fred and Sheila might say if they were asked something about it. So getting to her feet, Jean quietly went next door and let herself in. She was surprised when nobody was there, then she noticed the mirror missing from the wall. Taking a deep breath in anticipation, Jean looked through the wall and saw Fred and Sheila on the bed with John and Jenny. Her shock became even more complete when she realized that it was John who was fucking Jenny and that Jenny was sucking Fred’s cock at the same time while John was sucking Sheila’s pussy.

Quickly running back to her room, Jean dragged Jack into Fred and Sheila’s room, over to the wall, and urged him to look. When Jack looked into his children’s room, his eyes almost popped out of his head. He couldn’t believe his little girl was getting shagged by her own brother while she was sucking his best friend’s cock. Turning from the wall, Jack left the room with Jean right on his heels. Barging into John and Jenny’s room, he stormed up to the bed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he demanded.

John turned from sucking Sheila’s pussy and looked at his parents in shock, his hips still on automatic as they pumped his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy.

“Dad, Mom,” he said, stunned.

At that moment Fred began to cum in Jenny’s mouth, and Jenny struggled to swallow all of his cum, knowing that her parents were standing there watching her, knowing that John was still fucking her.

“Mom, Dad,” Jenny said, still swallowing Fred’s cum. “What are you doing here?”

“John, you stop that this minute,” Jean demanded, watching his cock sliding in and out of Jenny’s pussy.

John groaned as he pulled his cock from Jenny’s pussy, cum spurting from it all over Jenny’s pussy. Sheila quickly fell to her knees, capturing his spurting cock in her mouth and sucking the rest of his cum from it before turning and sucking the cum from Jenny’s pussy.

“You have very tasty children, Jean,” Sheila said.

“Sheila, how could you?” Jean asked.

“Hey, they invited us,” she said.

“What?” Jean said, stunned.

So Sheila told her the story, not leaving out any of the details this time. Jack and Jean stood there stunned as Sheila told them about their encounter the night before. They were just as devastated to know that they had been watching them while they were with Sheila and Fred.

“How could you two do this?” Jean asked.

“Mom, we just wanted to be like you and Dad,” Jenny protested. “We saw you with Sheila and Fred and we’ve seen other adults together. We just wanted to have fun and play too.”

“But you shouldn’t be doing this,” Jean protested.

“Why not?” Jenny asked. “Cocks fit in my pussy just fine, and I like sucking them too.”

“But it’s not right,” Jean said again.

“Really?” Jenny said, looking from her parents to Fred and Sheila. “It’s only sex. I mean, it’s just fun, isn’t it?”

“She’s got a good point, Jean,” Sheila laughed. “It’s not like we’re emotionally involved with each other, we just like to fuck, don’t we?”

“But these are our children,” Jean complained.

“And they’re wonderful children, Jean,” Sheila said. “In fact, I highly recommend trying them out. I know I’ll join them for more fun.”

“I’m going to bed,” Jean said. “We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

“Well, good-night, then,” Sheila said, not moving.

“Aren’t you going to bed?” Jean asked.

“I thought I’d stay a while longer yet,” Sheila replied, reaching down and caressing John’s cock.

“Sheila!” Jean protested. “Stop that right now.”

“Jean, come here,” Fred said, reaching out and grabbing her by the hand and drawing her closer to him. “You need to relax,” he said, gently pushing her so that she was sitting on the bed, his cock in her face.

“But –” Jean began, but Fred shoved his cock into her mouth, pushing her over onto her back, pinning her to the bed.

“Now just be quiet and suck my cock,” Fred said. “Sheila, how about a little help.”

“Sure,” Sheila said, letting go of John’s cock and getting to her knees between Jean’s legs.

John and Jenny watched very closely as Sheila pushed open their mother’s legs, spreading her pussy wide. The watched as she began to sluice her tongue in and out of her pussy and they heard her moan as she began to get turned on by Sheila sucking her pussy and Fred’s cock in her mouth. Jenny beckoned Jack to come and stand by them, and reluctantly he did. Jenny let her arm slide around her father’s waist as she sat on the bed, and the three of them watched while Jean sucked Fred’s cock and had her pussy sucked by Sheila.

Jenny was aware of Jack’s cock beginning to grow as he watched his wife being ravaged, and turning her head to the side and opening her mouth, Jenny sucked his cock in, closing her mouth on it when it was completely buried in her throat. Jack groaned as he felt his daughter beginning to suck his cock. It felt unbelievable. Then Jenny was pulling him onto the bed by his cock, stopping only when she had her legs wrapped around his waist, his cock poised at the entrance to her pussy.

“Come on, Dad, fuck me,” Jenny implored, pressing her pussy up against him.

Taking a deep breath, Jack fell forward, impaling Jenny on his cock. He could see Jean staring at him from around Fred’s cock as she sucked it, her eyes a tale of misery. Then he was surprised by Sheila climbing on the bed, straddling Jenny’s face and rubbing her pussy all over her. He could see Jenny’s tongue go shooting up into Sheila’s pussy as he fucked her, her tight pussy clasping his cock as he plunged it in and out. Then he saw that John had taken Sheila’s place sucking Jean’s pussy. He watched in amazement as John sucked the very hole from which he had entered this world, noticing that Jean was arching her back in response to his tongue in her pussy. Then he watched as John stood up and pushed his cock into his mother’s pussy, burying it completely. This was just too much excitement for Jack, and he began to cum, splashing cum deep into Jenny’s pussy. When he finished cumming, Jenny wriggled off his cock and dove onto it, swallowing it as she slurped the juices from it.

Then they heard Fred moan as he began to cum, filling Jean’s mouth as he pumped his balls dry. When he had finished cumming and Jean had sucked the last of his cum from his cock, Jenny swung her leg over her mother’s face and planted her cum-filled pussy on her mouth. At first nothing happened, then Jenny felt her mother grip her hips and begin to suck her pussy in earnest. She sighed as Jean’s tongue slid up into her pussy, searching out the cum that her father had just left there. Then John groaned and began to cum in his mother’s pussy, slamming his cock in as far as it would go as he filled her. When he finished cumming, Jenny jumped off Jean’s face and onto John’s cock, sucking the juices from it, then she dove into her mother’s pussy, slurping and sucking at the cum there, drinking her dry.

“What great kids,” Sheila said, marveling at their performance.

“This is just too much,” Jean said, struggling to sit up.

“Didn’t you like it, Mom?” Jenny asked.

“Of course I did,” Jean answered. “It’s just too much for me right now.”

“It’s wonderful to suck your pussy, Mom,” Jenny said. “And Dad’s cock feels just great. Did you like my pussy, Dad?”

“Of course he did, Jenny” Sheila said. “He fucked you like crazy. Doesn’t her pussy taste great, Jean?”

“Tasted full of cum to me,” Jean grumbled.

“I love pussy the most when it’s full of cum,” Jenny said.

“It’s getting late,” Jean said. “We should all go to bed.”

“Oh, Jean, you can be such a spoil sport,” Sheila sighed.

“You two go to bed now,” Jean admonished. “I mean it.”

“Oh, Mom,” Jenny complained.

“Right now,” Jean insisted. “Sheila, Fred, please.”

“Okay, Jean,” Sheila laughed. “Come on, Fred, let’s go fuck by ourselves. Goodnight, you two,” she said, leaning over and kissing each of them, giving John’s cock a squeeze. “It’s been fun.”

Finally everyone left the room and only John and Jenny were left. John looked at Jenny and laughed.

“I can’t believe it,” he said. “After all that, they still left us alone in here.”

“Isn’t that convenient,” Jenny said with a smile, reaching over and grasping his cock. “You think you have any more left in you?”

“I’m sure I do, if you’ll just suck on it a bit,” John said. “And I think I’ll suck your pussy at the same time.”

So they fell into a sixty-nine, sucking at each other as they writhed on the bed, unaware that Sheila and Fred were watching them from the mirror in the wall. When John’s cock was full and ready, Jenny mounted him, his cock sliding easily up into her pussy. They fucked and fucked, finally cumming and then falling asleep in each other’s arms.

John awoke the next morning to the sensation of his cock being sucked. Opening his eyes, he could see that Jenny was still in his arms, so looking downward John saw Sheila sucking him, a big smile on her face. Jenny then stirred, waking up, and she too noticed Sheila. Laughing, Jenny made room on the bed for Sheila, maneuvering so that Sheila was kneeling over her face while she continued to suck John’s cock. Jenny gripped her hips and began to suck her pussy, slicing her tongue in and out of her as she sucked.

Then the door opened and Jack walked in, stopping when he saw the tangle of bodies on the bed. Moving over to the bed, he stood there, watching as his children sucked and were sucked by Sheila. He watched as Jenny slid her tongue around in Sheila’s pussy, her knees up and apart, her pussy lips spread open. Dropping to his knees, Jack lowered his face into his daughter’s pussy, gluing his mouth to her as his tongue slid up into her hole. Jenny sighed as she felt a tongue in her pussy and renewed her assault on Sheila’s pussy as her own was sucked.

Then she felt a cock replace the tongue that had been in her pussy. Stopping her sucking of Sheila’s pussy for a moment, she looked down and saw that it was her father who was pushing his cock into her. Smiling at him, she arched her back, trying to impale herself even further on his cock. Soon he was slamming his hips back and forth as he fucked her, feeling her velvet smooth pussy gripping his cock.

Then the door opened and Jean was standing there.

“I can’t believe this,” she said as she saw what was going on. “Have you no shame?”

“Hi, Mom,” John said, looking over at her as Sheila continued to suck his cock. “Good morning.”

“Jack, are you crazy?” she asked.

“Honey, what’s the difference?” he asked. “They’re doing it anyway, why not?”

“Yeah, Mom,” John said. “It’s great too. Why don’t you come and sit on my face and I’ll suck your pussy for you.”

“John!” Jean said.

“Come on, Mom, I’m thirsty,” he complained, flicking his tongue out at her. “Come on over here.”

“For god’s sake, Jean,” Sheila said, looking up from John’s cock. “Sit on his face and relax.”

Shaking her head in resignation, Jean crawled onto the bed, straddling her son’s face and drawing a deep breath as she felt his tongue slide up into her. He was gripping her thighs and sucking her like crazy, his teeth catching her clit and worrying it. Jean couldn’t believe how good it felt, John’s tongue sliding in and out of her pussy. She began to rub herself on his face as he sucked her, all the while watching as Jack slammed his cock in and out of Jenny’s pussy. She felt herself get really excited as she watched Jenny sucking Sheila’s pussy while her father fucked her. She could see the juices glistening on his cock each time he drew it back, covered with a sheen of pussy juices. Falling forward, Jean nudged Sheila off of John’s cock and sucked it into her own mouth, feeling it fill her mouth as she let it slide down into her throat.

Jenny was groaning into Sheila’s pussy as she sucked her, Jack’s cock exciting her to heights of pleasure that she could barely handle. Then she felt her father’s cock stiffen even more in her pussy as he began to cum, splashing his cum deep inside of her, filling her pussy. She clamped her teeth onto Sheila’s clit and was rewarded by a flood of juices as she too came, her pussy pouring forth its offering. Turning her head to the side, she was rewarded by the sight of her mother and John locked in a sixty-nine. She was fascinated as she watched her mother sucking his cock. She really knew how to get the most out of it. Then she saw John’s hips rise up off the bed and his hands gripped Jean’s hips even more firmly. She watched as her mother’s cheeks billowed as John’s cock erupted in her mouth, his cum spurting as she sucked on him. She could tell her mother was cumming too, watching her hips grind into John’s face as he sucked her. Then all too quickly it was over. Everyone had cum and they were all catching their breath when Fred came into the room, his cock sticking out in front of him.

“Did I miss all the fun?” he asked, smiling as he came over to the bed.

“I’ll say,” Jenny breathed, her face covered with Sheila’s pussy juices and her pussy full of her father’s cum.

“What should I do with this?” he asked, reaching down and fondling his cock.

“I think you should fuck Mom with it,” Jenny said.

“Sounds good to me,” Fred said, reaching out and grabbing Jean and swinging her hips around until her pussy and ass were pointing at him.

“Let me help,” Jenny said, struggling up and moving over to her mother.

Bending over, Jenny stuck her face into her mother’s pussy, sticking her tongue into her as she tasted her, while at the same time holding and stroking Fred’s cock in her hand. After just a minute or so, Jenny lifted her face from her mother’s pussy and drew Fred’s cock close so that the head of it was resting against her pussy. Letting go of his cock, Jenny watched as it slowly slid in to her mother’s pussy, not stopping until the entire length of it had disappeared. Then Fred began to stroke his cock in and out of her pussy.

Laying down under her mother, her pussy right in her face as Fred’s cock slid back and forth in its journey, Jenny began to lick and suck on her mother’s clit while Fred fucked her. Jean groaned as she felt her daughter’s mouth fasten on her clit while Fred’s cock slid in and out of her. Falling forward, she buried her face in Jenny’s pussy and began to eat the cum that Jack had recently deposited there. She was awarded by a renewed attack on her clit by Jenny.

She sucked and sucked on her daughter’s pussy, marveling at how sweet it tasted, even full of cum, the whole while Fred continued to slam his cock in and out of her. Then she felt Fred’s cock swell as he began to cum, and then suddenly it was no longer in her pussy. Lifting her face from Jenny’s pussy and looking back, she saw that Fred’s cock was in Jenny’s mouth and that she was gulping his cum as fast as she could. Smiling, Jean returned to Jenny’s pussy, sucking even more on it as Jenny swallowed Fred’s cum. Then they were finished and Jenny crawled out from under her, cum smeared across her face and a big smile.

“Oh, Mom, you sucked my pussy so nice. And watching Fred’s cock sliding in and out of your pussy was just wonderful. I loved the taste of it when he began to cum, all covered with your juices and then squirting that tasty cum into my mouth.”

“Well, good morning to you too,” Jean said, laughing. “Your enthusiasm is to be commended.”

“I think I’m addicted to sex,” Jenny confessed. “I don’t really think about anything else. I’m always just wanting a cock or a pussy. It doesn’t really even matter to me.”

“That’s a healthy attitude,” Sheila said. “Sex is sex, it doesn’t matter who it is.”

“Now, let’s not get carried away,” Jean admonished. “And we should get to breakfast, I think.”

Jumping up, Jean left the room, followed by Jack and Fred and Sheila. Jenny and John quickly got dressed, joining everyone as they went to breakfast. At breakfast they noticed more than the usual number of glances over their way. Jack and Jean were puzzled, but John and Jenny said nothing, pretending not to notice except when they exchanged glances between themselves.

After breakfast John and Jenny went in search of Emily and Sarah, eventually finding them standing talking with their parents.

“Hi, everyone,” Jenny said as they approached.

“Oh, hi, Jenny,” Emily said, noticing them. “How are you?”

“Just great,” Jenny smiled. “These are your parents?” she asked innocently.

“Yes. This is my mom, June, and my father, Harry.”

“Hi. Nice to meet you,” Jenny said, smiling at them as they stood there in shock.

“Hello,” Harry said, smiling back. “You four know each other?”

“Oh, we met,” John said. “There aren’t that many of us here.”

“Should we go join the rest of the group?” Sarah asked, a grin on her face.

“Sure we should,” Jenny said. “Come on. Maybe we’ll see you later,” she said to Harry and June as they turned and ran off with Emily and Sarah.

“God, I sure hope they don’t spread their ways with Emily and Sarah,” June sighed.

“Their ways?” Harry exclaimed. “I thought they were our ways.”

“You know what I mean,” June said. “They’re too young to understand yet.”

“Whatever you say,” Harry said. “But I liked that girl and I know you enjoyed her brother. I sure wouldn’t mind seeing them again.”

“I’m sure you’ll get your wish too,” June sighed. “And it will be fun,” she agreed, smiling.

“Well, what did we tell you,” John said when they had gotten out of sight and stopped.

“I couldn’t believe they let you two do those things with them,” Sarah said. “It was so neat.”

“I wouldn’t say it was neat,” Emily said. “It was actually sick as far as I’m concerned.

“Then why were you rubbing yourself so much while we watched them?” Sarah asked with a laugh. “I was actually sore a little bit between my legs from rubbing myself so much. We watched them for hours after you left.”

“Are you going to keep your end of the deal?” John asked.

“Of course I am,” Sarah said. “I can’t wait. It will be fun.”

“What about you, Emily?” Jenny asked, staring at her.

“I guess so,” Emily agreed, shaking her head. “Though I can’t imagine what you have in mind.”

“You’ll love it,” John promised.

“When do we meet?” Sarah asked.

“Why not during the program?” Jenny suggested. “That way we can play in your room while your parents are playing in theirs. Sort of poetic equality or something like that.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” Sarah laughed.

“What if they catch us?” Emily asked.

“What could they possibly do?” John asked. “Tell someone?”

“Okay, then. We’ll meet at the program tonight,” Jenny said. “See you later.”

“Bye,” Sarah said, laughing. “See you later.”

“What should we do?” Jenny asked.

“I think we should tell Mom and Dad exactly what we’re doing, get them to invite themselves over to their cabin tonight. That should be a lot of fun. You never know what will happen.”

“What a great idea,” Jenny marvelled.

So John and Jenny went and found their parents and suggested to them that they might enjoy meeting Harry and June. They wouldn’t tell them any more than that, which aroused their curiosity. That evening John and Jenny found Emily and Sarah at the program and they all quickly left. When they got to Emily and Sarah’s cabin, they saw that only one light was on, again in the middle room. Quietly entering the cabin, they quickly moved into the girls’ room and removed the mirror from the wall. John was pleased to see that Jack and Jean were in the room with Harry and June and the other couple. Stepping back, John made room for Emily and Sarah to look into the other room. After just a minute, Emily turned away, looking at John.

“I guess you were right,” she admitted. “This is nothing but a big swapping camp for the adults. They just come here to have sex with other people.”

“Yeah, isn’t it great,” Jenny said, moving next to her and letting her arm go around her shoulders. “You shouldn’t feel bad. It’s not like it’s bad or because of anything you’ve done.”

“Of course it’s bad,” Emily insisted. “They should only be with each other.”

“Well, that’s one way of looking at it,” John admitted. “But this is another,” he said, indicating with his head the other room. “They’re not being unfaithful to each other and there’s no passionate love affairs going on, they’re just having sex. And having fun. Nobody is hurt by it.”

“What about us?” Emily asked. “I’m hurt by it.”

“But why?” John asked. “Just because your expectations got shot down. Grow up. They’re adults and they can make their own decisions. They haven’t neglected you or mistreated you or tried to get you to be like them, have they?”

“Well, no, of course not,” Emily admitted.

“Then relax,” John said. “It’s our turn to have fun now.”

“All right,” Sarah said, turning from the wall. “What should we do now?”

“Well, first of all I’d say we should undress,” Jenny said with a laugh.

“Okay,” Sarah said, quickly stripping off her clothes and standing there naked, her budding breasts heaving with excitement and her nipples screwing into knots. They could see the beginnings of hair growing between her legs, but her pussy lips were easily visible. “What about the rest of you?” Sarah asked, fidgeting.

“No problem,” John said, stepping out of his clothes, his cock standing out in front of him.

“Wow,” Sarah said, staring at his cock as Jenny undressed. “Can I lick it like my mom’s doing to your dad?”

“Sure you can,” Jenny said, smiling at Sarah as she stood next to her, her red hair contrasting nicely with her brown locks. “Aren’t you going to undress, Emily?” Jenny asked as she stood there watching.

“In a minute,” Emily said faintly, staring at the three of them standing there naked.

“Here, Sarah,” Jenny said, dropping to her knees in front of John and grasping his cock in her hand. “Come try.”

Eagerly, Sarah dropped to her knees beside Jenny and watched as Jenny licked the head of John’s cock, running her tongue all around it. Then Jenny released his cock, letting it just stand out in front of him. Hesitating at first, Sarah reached out and grasped John’s cock in her hands, squeezing it.

“Oh, it feels so soft and warm,” she said, squeezing it again. “It’s nice.”

“Go ahead and suck on it,” Jenny encouraged her, rubbing her hand between her legs as she watched.

Emily moved closer, her mouth hanging open as Sarah leaned forward with her mouth open and let John’s cock push in. She closed her lips around it and gently sucked, tasting him and running her tongue all around his cock before letting it slide back out of her mouth.

“Oh, it tastes nice,” she said. “Emily, you should try. This is nice.”

Emily blushed as she watched Sarah return her attention to John’s cock, licking it and sucking it into her mouth. At the same time Jenny was rubbing and squeezing Sarah’s tits, pinching her nipples and squeezing them as she continued to suck John’s cock. Sarah was squealing with delight as Jenny pinched and twisted her nipples while she sucked John’s cock. Then Jenny got to her feet and moved over next to Emily, hugging her.

“Come on, Emily, I’ll help you,” she said, reaching out and undoing a couple of buttons.

Blushing, Emily allowed Jenny to help her undress, finally stepping out of her clothes and standing naked in front of htem.

“Wow, you look great,” John said from where Sarah was enthusiastically sucking his cock.

“You’re beautiful, Emily,” Jenny said, staring at her. “Your tits are perfect,” she said, reaching out and caressing one perfectly formed breast, its nipple rock hard on the end.

Emily shuddered as Jenny caressed her tits, closing her eyes. Jenny moved closer and wrapped her arms around her, holding her tight, their tits pressing against each other. With one hand Jenny continued to caress Emily’s tits, and with the other she let her hand slide down her back to caress and rub her ass, squeezing the cheeks as she pressed herself into her.

Emily was stiff at first, embarrassed, then she began to relax, stimulated and turned on by Jenny’s attention to her tits. Then she sighed out loud when Jenny bent forward and captured one of her tits in her mouth, sucking on the nipple and teasing it with her tongue. She let her hand go to rest on Jenny’s head as she continued to suck her tits, chewing on her nipples and sending sparks of pleasure through her body. Then she almost jumped from her skin when she felt Jenny’s hand slide between her legs to cup her pussy. Her legs almost collapsed with weakness as she felt Jenny’s finger slide through her pussy, rubbing across her clit as she stood there, Jenny sucking on her tits.

Then Jenny stopped sucking on her tits and stood up, removing her hand from Emily’s pussy.

“You have such a sweet body,” Jenny said.

“That felt so nice,” Emily admitted, blushing.

“Why don’t you try it with me?” Jenny suggested.

Her eyes wide, Emily hesitantly reached out and cupped one of Jenny’s tits in her hand, hefting it and feeling the weight and texture of it. It was different from her own. Jenny just stood there as Emily began to feel her tits, squeezing them and pinching and twisting her nipples. Then Emily leaned forward and gently began to suck on one of Jenny’s nipples. Jenny sighed with delight, cupping Emily’s head in her hand as she held her face against her tits. Emily wrapped one arm around Jenny’s waist as she continued to suck her tits. After a couple of minutes, Jenny felt Emily’s hand tentatively slide up the inside of her thigh to rest lightly on her pussy. Jenny felt like her pussy was pulsating as she felt Emily’s hand resting upon it. Then she felt Emily’s finger slide into her pussy, gently stroking up and down, rubbing against her clit and just barely pushing into her hole.

“Oh, Emily, that feels so nice,” she said, caressing her head.

Emily continued to suck Jenny’s tits and to rub her finger in her pussy, pushing further and futher into her as she got more comfortable. Looking over at John, Jenny could see that Sarah was sucking his cock with real energy, bobbing up and down on it. She saw John reach down and pull Sarah to her feet, seeing her face flushed with exertion and excitement.

“That’s great, Sarah,” John said, leaning down and kissing her on the mouth. “Did you like it?”

“Oh, yes,” Sarah said, coming up for air from John’s kiss. “This is so wonderful. Will you lick and suck me too?”

“You bet I will,” John said. “Would you like to watch through the wall while I suck your pussy?”

“Can I? Can you?” Sarah asked excitedly. “I’d really like that.”

“Sure, no problem,” John said, taking her by the hand and moving over to the wall.

Making sure that Sarah was able to see through the wall, John sat down on the ground, pushing Sarah’s legs apart. He could see her pussy lips clearly, slightly parted as she stood with her legs apart and John sitting between them. Holding her breath and looking down at John, Sarah could see his tongue sticking out as he moved his face closer to her pussy. She almost collapsed when she felt his hands on her pussy, pulling it open, and then his tongue slid into her. Sarah had to bite off a cry as she collapsed against John’s face as his tongue began to get busy in her sweet virginal pussy. Sarah thought she was going to die from pleasure as John’s tongue began to slither here and there in her pussy. She gasped, catching her breath when she felt his tongue slide up into her hole, his mouth glued to her as he sucked. Sarah was having trouble concentrating on the scene in the other room as John continued sucking her pussy. As she focused she realized that her mother was getting fucked in the pussy and the ass and sucking on a cock all at the same time. She almost forgot about John’s tongue in her pussy as she watched the three cocks slamming into her mother in the other room.

Meanwhile, Jenny had slowly moved backwards until she felt the bed behind her, then she sat down, laying back and pulling Emily with her. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed, a deep swirling kiss. Then Jenny rolled over so that she was on top of Emily and began to kiss and suck on her tits again. Slowly she licked and kissed her way down Emily’s body until she was nuzzling her nose in Emily’s pussy hair. Emily was silent, unmoving as she felt Jenny’s tongue begin to make its way through her pussy hair and find her pussy lips. She gasped out loud when she felt Jenny’s tongue slide between her pussy lips, running up and down her pussy.

“Oh, Emily, your pussy tastes so nice,” Jenny said. “It’s so sweet.”

“That feels unbelievable,” Emily said, gripping Jenny’s hair in her hands.

“Umm,” Jenny said, sticking her tongue again into Emily’s pussy.

Emily was writhing on the bed as Jenny continued to suck her pussy, driving her crazy. At the same time John was sucking Sarah’s pussy while she watched the live show in the other room. Soon both girls were gasping for breath as their excitement mounted. Then John stopped sucking Sarah’s pussy and got to his feet, his cock standing straight out in front of him. Pulling Sarah by the hand over to the bed, John grabbed Jenny’s ass ,which was sticking up in the air as she sucked Emily’s pussy, and spread her cheeks apart, exposing her asshole and pulling her pussy lips apart and exposing the inside of her pussy. As Sarah watched in fascination, John knelt down and stuck his tongue into Jenny’s pussy, swirling it around in her hole for a minute before stopping.

“You try it now,” he said, turning to Sarah.

Eagerly Sarah dropped to her knees and gazed intently at Jenny’s pussy open before her eyes while John continued to hold her cheeks apart. Then leaning forward, Sarah licked her tongue up and down the entire length of Jenny’s pussy, tasting her.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said, turning to look at John, licking her lips.

“You go ahead then,” John said, stepping away.

Sarah eagerly used her own hands to pry Jenny’s pussy open, sticking her tongue back in her pussy and beginning to lick and suck while Jenny continued to suck her sister’s pussy. John then crawled up onto the bed and straddled Emily’s face, letting his cock dangle on her mouth. Gently rubbing his cock back and forth on her lips, he was finally rewarded when the tip of Emily’s tongue slid between her lips and began to explore John’s cock. Then her mouth opened and John slid his cock in, feeling her warm moist tongue as it lathed him, her lips closing on his cock as she began to gently suck. Now the four of them were all sucking one another in a daisy chain of tongues. The sounds of tongues slurping in pussies and lips smacking on a cock filled the room.

Then Jenny lifted her face from Emily’s pussy and turned around, dislodging Sarah’s tongue from her pussy. Grabbing her by the face, Jenny kissed Sarah long and hard, their tongues meeting and swirling together as they kissed. Jenny could taste herself on Sarah’s mouth and she knew that Sarah could taste her sister on hers. Nudging her into the position she herself had just vacated between Emily’s thighs, Jenny watched as Sarah began to lick and suck her sister’s pussy. Emily was writhing and making all sort of noises as she sucked John’s cock as it slid back and forth in her mouth.

Moving up to where John was fucking Emily in the mouth, Jenny nudged him off her face and took his place, lowering her pussy onto Emily’s mouth. Immediately she felt Emily’s tongue slither up into her pussy as she clamped her mouth on her hole and began to suck. John, meanwhile, had gotten off the bed and gone to stand behind Sarah, his cock resting against her ass. Using one hand to pry her pussy open, he used the other one to guide his cock as he slid it up and down between Sarah’s pussy lips, coating it with a sheen of pussy juice. Slowly he began to push his cock against the entrance to her pussy, trying to enter her. Sarah grunted into Emily’s pussy as she felt the pressure of John’s cock pushing against her pussy.

Then suddenly John’s cock pushed its way into her pussy, driving in several inches. Sarah gave a cry of pain as she felt John’s cock pushing into her virgin pussy, spreading her open and filling her completely. Slowly but surely John pushed his cock until it was completely buried in Sarah’s pussy, letting it rest there throbbing deep with her. Sarah had tears streaming down her face from the pain of the penetration but kept licking and sucking her sister’s pussy without interruption.

In the other room they were all on the bed in a six-person daisy chain, everyone sucking someone, when Sarah cried out. When June heard her, she disengaged herself from the chain and went to the wall and removed the mirror, looking into the next room. She was shocked when she discovered that the mirror from the other side was missing and that she could look unobstructed into the other room. Her face went pale white in color and she gasped as she realized that she was watching her daughters on the bed with John and Jenny, John’s cock sliding in and out of her youngest daughter’s pussy.

When she gasped, Jenny heard and looked over towards the wall. Seeing June’s face where the mirror was supposed to be, she smiled at her, grinding her pussy into Emily’s face. John too looked over and continued to slam his cock in and out of Sarah’s pussy as she sucked her sister, oblivious to the fact that her mother was watching them. As she watched, John pulled his cock from Sarah’s pussy, covered with a sheen of pussy juices and some red flecks of blood, and moved up onto the bed next to where Sarah was sucking Emily’s pussy. Encouraging Sarah to raise her head, John pushed his cock into her face, which opened to receive it in her mouth, sucking it and tasting herself on him at the same time. Before June could open her mouth to protest, John began to cum, pumping gobs of cum into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah didn’t know what to do as John’s cum came streaming into her mouth, filling it. She tried to hold it all, but some of it trickled down her cheek to dribble from her chin. Then gulping reflexively, Sarah swallowed all of John’s cum, gulping it down as he continued to cum in her mouth. When he had finished cumming, John moved his cock from her mouth and unblocked her view of the wall with the mirror. Sarah was still swallowing his cum when she saw her mother’s face framed where the mirror was supposed to be, a look of horror and shock on her face. Sarah just stared at her in disbelief as she wiped the cum from her chin and licked it from her fingers.

Emily, meanwhile, did not know that her mother was watching from the wall and continued to suck Jenny’s pussy, her mouth glued to her as her tongue probed up into her hole. Finally Jenny began to cum, flooding Emily’s mouth as she rubbed herself against her face. When she had finally finished cumming, she got off of Emily’s face, bending over to kiss her, her tongue seeking out Emily’s and swirling around with it, tasting herself. Then she sat up, looking at the wall where June was still watching. Emily noticed her gaze and looked at the wall herself, the color draining from her face when she saw her mother’s face there staring at her in disbelief. Then June’s face disappeared.

“You sucked my pussy so nice, Emily,” Jenny said, reaching out and caressing her cheek. “I just loved it.”

“I can’t believe she was watching us,” Emily said nervously.

“So what,” Jenny said. “What can she do? She can’t undo it. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“You know I did,” Emily said. “I liked it a lot.”

“Me too,” Sarah piped up. “But it hurt at first when John pushed his cock into my pussy. I think I screamed and that’s when mom looked in and watched us.”

“You mean John fucked you?” Emily asked, her eyes wide in astonishment.

“I think so,” Sarah said proudly. “It was great once it stopped hurting.”

“My god,” Emily said. “Did mom see you?”

“She sure did,” John said with a smile. “I saw her watching while I was fucking her. Then she was still watching when I came in Sarah’s mouth.”

“You came in Sarah’s mouth?” Emily asked, not believing.

“You bet,” John said. “She has the nicest pussy and mouth. It was hard to decide where to cum.”

At that moment the door burst open and June and Harry entered, still naked.

“What do you think you’re doing?” June asked, angry.

“W-w-what do you mean?” Sarah asked nervously.

“You know very well what I mean,” June said.

“We were just doing what we watched you doing,” John said. “And what you did with me and Jenny last night.”

“But these are our children,” June explained, exasperated.

“Well, while you were fucking my father and sucking my mother, did you tell them that you fucked and sucked us last night?” John asked. “I didn’t think so. We watched you tonight fucking your friends and our parents. Last night you fucked your friends and us. Why do you think Emily and Sarah shouldn’t do the same?”

“This is madness,” June said. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“You bet I do,” John said. “Sex is great fun. If you don’t have any emotional attachments about it, it’s really fun. Just good, healthy exercise.”

“But our children,” June complained.

“They’re growing up, aren’t they,” Jenny added. “You should be proud of them. They only learn from your example. Do you think what you do here is wrong?”

“We’re not discussing us,” June said.

“And why not?” Jean said, coming in the door behind them with Jack, both of them still naked.

“Jean,” June said, flustered. “You’re not making this any easier.”

“It wasn’t easy for Jack and I either,” Jean said. “But we thought about it and accepted the fact that our children were as open minded as we are. We just hope they learn from us, not from someone who doesn’t have their best interests at heart.”

“Thanks, Mom,” John said, getting up from the bed and moving over to stand next to her. “You’re the best.”

“Did you enjoy our children last night?” Jean asked.

“Well,” June blushed. “They just showed up all naked and asked to join us. What could I say?”

“You could have said no if you felt the way you do about Emily and Sarah. After all, these are our children.”

“I see your point,” June said. “I guess I’m just not ready for you two to be so grown up already.”

“Oh, Mom,” Sarah said. “It’s okay. And it was fun, too.”

“John, Jenny, come with us now,” Jean said. “We should let them talk by themselves.”

“Okay,” Jenny said, getting up from the bed and gathering her clothes. “You come visit us if you want to,” she said as she dressed.

“I will,” Sarah said. “I’d like to do this some more.”

Emily just stood there, not knowing what to say. On the one hand she was extremely embarrassed at being caught by her parents. On the other hand, she was still excited over the sensation of Jenny sucking her pussy and how nice Jenny’s pussy had tasted. Watching her parents, she felt her excitement rising again as she stared at her father’s cock standing out in front of him and her mother’s tits all screwed into hard nipples, a sheen of moisture on her pussy.

“You’re not mad at us, are you?” Emily asked, slowly moving over next to her parents, her nipples hard with excitement.

“We’re just surprised,” June said, not knowing how to respond.

“I didn’t mean to do anything to hurt you,” Emily said, leaning against her mother and wrapping her arms around her. “But it did feel nice.”

“Are you sure you’re okay,” Harry asked, putting his arm around Emily’s shoulders.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m sure,” Emily said, turning and hugging him, feeling his arms go around her and his cock press into her belly.

As Harry held her in his arms, Emily let her hand drop and grasp his cock, causing him to start. At the same time June moved over to where Sarah was sitting on the bed, her legs crossed and her pussy pouting open.

“Are you okay, Sarah?” June asked, sitting down next to her.

“Oh, yes, Mommy,” Sarah said. “I feel great. I loved it when John sucked my pussy. And when he pushed his cock into me, I felt just so full.”

“Did he hurt you?” June asked.

“No, he didn’t, not much anyway,” Sarah said. “Only at first. Look, Mommy, I’m okay,” Sarah said, laying back and opening her legs, showing June her pussy. “Will you lick my pussy like you did the other ladies?” Sarah asked.

“Sarah, what are you saying?” June asked.

“Please, Mommy. Don’t you like my pussy?”

“You’re a beautiful girl,” June said.

“Then please lick my pussy,” Sarah said, her hands rubbing herself.

Sighing, June leaned over and licked her daughter’s pussy, tasting the sweet juices that were still seeping from her. Sarah sighed as she felt her mother’s tongue in her pussy, feeling her juices begin to flow again. At the same time, Emily had been standing holding her father’s cock in her hand, gently massaging it. As she watched her mother bend over and begin to suck Sarah’s pussy, Emily dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, allowing her father to push his cock in. Closing her mouth on his cock, Emily could taste many different tastes as she began to suck on him. Soon she was just kneeling there as Harry ran his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face.

John and Jenny watched in delight as Emily and Sarah were with their parents. Jenny reached out and grabbed her father by his cock, pulling him over and falling back, holding his cock at the entrance to her pussy. As he pushed his cock into her, Jean was climbing on top of John, sliding her pussy down onto his cock, completely enveloping it.

As the four of them fucked, they all watched Emily and Sarah with their parents. Emily was almost choking on her father’s cock, so deep was he thrusting it into her mouth, while Sarah was sighing and moaning as her mother’s tongue slashed through her newly deflowered pussy, sucking and slurping on the sweet virgin nectars that still flowed from her pussy.

They watched as Harry groaned, his balls exploding and spurting cum into Emily’s mouth. Emily choked as her mouth quickly filled with her father’s cum. Gulping reflexively, she swallowed the mouthful she had, only to make room for the rest of his orgasm. Surprising herself at how tasty she found his cum, Emily renewed her efforts sucking his cock, squeezing the last of his cum from it before stopping, licking her lips, a satisfied smile on her face.

Then she turned and watched as her mother sucked her sister’s pussy. Leaning close, she could see her mother’s tongue stabbing in and out of Sarah’s pussy, darting into her hole as she sucked her. Sarah was gasping in desperation as her pussy exploded, spasms of delight and white lights exploding in her head as she came for the first time in her life. June slurped and swallowed all of her first orgasm as it flowed from her sweet young pussy, not stopping until Sarah had stopped cumming and just lay there exhausted.

“Oh, Mommy, that was the most wonderful feeling in my whole life,” Sarah said, tears streaming down her face as she sat up. “Thank you so much,” she said, leaning forward and hugging her mother, feeling her arms go around her and stroke her head.

“There, there, it’s okay,” June said, feeling her throat choke up in reaction to her daughter’s emotion.

“Promise me you aren’t mad at us,” Sarah implored, looking up at her mother. “We didn’t mean to do anything wrong, we just wanted to be like you.”

“I’m not mad at you, either of you,” June said, smiling down at Sarah and then looking at Emily. “You’re both the most wonderful daughers in the world and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone.”

At that moment both Jack and John grunted as they began to cum, John filling his mother’s pussy and Jack his daughter’s. When they finished cumming, Jean and Jenny fell into a sixty-nine, sucking and slurping the cum from each other’s pussies while the rest watched.

“Oh, it’s so wonderful to see,” Sarah sighed, sitting up. “They seem so close somehow.”

“I’ll say they’re close,” Emily said, laughing. “It doesn’t get any closer.”

“You guys will be closer than ever now too,” John said. “It really is great.”

“Come on, children,” Jean said. “I think we should go now and leave them to themselves.”

“Oh, do you have to go?” Sarah asked.

“I think so,” Jean said with a smile. “You’ll see each other tomorrow, no doubt.”

So, amid much excitment and many hugs and kisses, they gathered their clothes, dressed and left, leaving Emily and Sarah with their parents.

As they walked back to their cabin, Jenny hugged her mother.

“Mom, you’re the best parents in the whole world,” she said.

“I’ll say,” John agreed.

“Well, you two are certainly turning into two of the finest children parents could ask for,” Jean said as they entered the cabin.

When they walked into the cabin, they were greeted by the sight of Sheila and Fred naked on the floor with another couple who happened to be black. They stopped and stared, Jenny mesmerized by the size of the cock that was slamming in and out of Sheila’s pussy from behind. Fred and the other woman were locked in a sixty-nine on the floor and Fred’s cock was completely buried in her throat. Jenny quickly dropped to her knees next to Sheila, staring with wide eyes as the thick, long, black cock slid in and out of Sheila’s pussy. Leaning forward, Jenny began to lick the cock each time it slid out of Sheila, tasting her juices that covered the cock.