Suzanne was running for her life through muddy fields and dense forest, attempting to evade the sniper who was on her tail. She’d been grounded by one of their anti aircraft missiles, and her parachute was kind enough to tangle itself into a chestnut tree, of all things. The spiky shells of the nuts had pierced the fabric of the chute and stuck as if they were deliberately trying to hinder her escape, and so she had to hurry to cut herself down. From her vantage point in the tree she couldn’t miss the convoy of vehicles that was attempting to negotiate the rough terrain to intercept her.

As she made her way through the trees the convoy had been her most pressing concern, right up until the point that Suzanne felt herself being pelted with the bark of another chestnut tree. The bullet had lodged itself into the unfortunate tree at about the height of her knee, and had missed hitting her by only a few centimetres. From the direction that the tree had been hit, Suzanne realised that it could not have been a member of the convoy who had fired upon her. She was being flanked by a sniper.

He was fast, and he was a good shot. From the shot that had come near to her, it looked as if he was aiming to wound her rather than kill. Some consolation at least, although she certainly didn’t want to find out what he would do to her if he caught her. She rounded a corner to find a thicker patch of trees in the distance that would provide better cover, if she could get to them. She ran for it, using the small rocks for cover as best as she could. She reached the trees safely and continued running for several minutes before sinking to her knees to rest.

After catching her breath, Suzanne thought it best to move on. She quietly got to her feet, scanning the trees ahead for the best route out of the forest. Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes met those of her pursuer; he was crouched in the trees no more than twenty feet away from her. She panicked and ran, attempting to get a head start before he could get up. Too slow, too slow, too slow! her brain chanted as she stumbled on the uneven ground. Her sniper, used to this land, had no such trouble. He seemed to have decided that he was too close to use his gun in such dense forest. Or he was just enjoying the chase. Either way, at least she wasn’t getting shot at.

Suzanne didn’t spare a moment to look back, but she knew he was close; she could hear his breathing as he ran along behind her. He laughed as he saw her stumble, but he didn’t catch her. He was playing with her, enjoying the chase. Bastard. He said something to her as he matched her pace. Her Serbian wasn’t too good, but she was pretty sure that what she heard went against the Geneva Convention. Her face burned in rage as she heard him mention something about enjoying the view and almost not wanting to catch her.

She reached the top of a small hill within the woods and cried out in shock as she realised that the ground dropped out from under her feet for several metres, and she didn’t have any hope of stopping in time. She fell through the air and landed back on the forest floor with a thud. Winded, she tried to roll over and get back to her feet, but she was dragged backwards and flipped onto her back again. Caught. Shit.

Sasha was glowing with the thrill of the chase, but he kept his expression brutal. The woman was still trying to get away, and aimed a kick at his shin while attempting to punch him in the face. She was impressive; she connected both of her strikes before he was able to evade. Not a problem; she was fast but she couldn’t hit as hard as his bones were used to. He grabbed her wrists and held her still, growled in her ear for her to lie still. She either didn’t understand him or she was ignoring him. It didn’t matter either way, he still needed her to stop. He slapped her hard, and then backhanded her as well, but she only redoubled her efforts to escape. She was screaming what he could only assume were insults as she continued to kick.

“Get off me you murdering bastard!” the woman screamed as she tried to free herself from his grip. Her face had turned an angry red from the force of the blow that he had inflicted on her, but she seemed determined not to let him see that he had hurt her. Angered by her refusal to cooperate, Sasha screamed “Shut up!” at her in Serbian. She stopped screaming, but wrestled her arms free and rolled on top of him so that she could put her weight behind her fist as she smacked it into his jaw.

Sasha had had enough by now. He could have shot the woman easily, but his commanding officer wanted her for questioning. He’d been given specific instructions to deliver her alive and as unharmed as possible. He dragged himself back on top of her, and decided to threaten her in a different way. He yanked her legs apart, and moved on top of her so that his groin was digging into hers, then dragged her hands above her head and held her down. She groaned as he held her face level with his, and shouted at her to shut up again. She obeyed.

Suzanne was stuck. The threat was unmistakable, regardless of which language they were speaking. She could lie still, or he would play dirty. He was slowly grinding his hips into hers and she groaned in disgust as she felt a treacherous heat start to build inside her body. She writhed against him, trying to break free of his hold before her body betrayed her any further. It didn’t work. He let go of her face and slid his palm over her breasts and squeezed until she screamed in anger.

They carried on struggling, until eventually Sasha had the woman lying still on the ground. She was brave, but she did not want to be raped. He knew that she understood at least some of his language, so he decided to talk dirty to her until he got a reaction.

Suzanne groaned softly as the sniper continued his assault on her, grinding into her while holding her down and whispering into her ear. He was saying that he was going to fuck her and that he was looking forward to hearing her scream as he came inside her. He hissed that she was going to blow him until he collapsed and that she would be begging him for more by the end of the day. She tried to hold back a moan of fear as Sasha slid his hand back up to hold her head still, and then bent down and kissed her. She felt her body go rigid against him as he continued his assault on her mouth.

His warm lips felt scorching against her freezing skin, causing a bolt of electricity to burst through her veins. As he hunted for a way inside her mouth, Suzanne struggled to drag air into her protesting lungs and she suddenly found herself swathed in his scent. The analytical part of her brain noticed faint traces of soap, gun oil and sweat before she felt him begin to nibble. His tongue bathed her chapped lips in yet more heat as they danced across the trail left by his teeth. The heat of his mouth was trickling into her own body, and Suzanne shuddered as he leaned into her, deepening the kiss.

Bleep. The man finally came up for air and seemed to curse to himself as he grabbed his radio and silenced the sound before talking into it too rapidly for her to try to comprehend. Following this, he was up and dragging her to her feet in a matter of moments. Suzanne felt dazed, and fairly disgusted with herself for showing a reaction to her attacker. She scowled at him as he looked down at her. He had tied her wrists together behind her back and was about to lead her off to god knows where. He noticed the scowl and grabbed her by the chin.

The sniper held Suzanne’s eyes level with his as he pulled her against him. With her arms behind her back she had no way of holding herself away from him. As her body slid against his again a confusing wave of primitive emotion rushed through her; fear and anger and a small amount of arousal that scared her more than any threat of physical pain. He started to talk and the wave of emotion became a storm, threatening to overwhelm her.

“You’re very lucky that my commanding officer wants to speak with you,” he growled softly. “Otherwise I would have had so much fun with you, little girl.” Suzanne didn’t understand everything he was saying, but she definitely got the gist. “For your own sake,” he went on,” I hope you can tell him what he wants to know. Otherwise, you’re going to suffer. He has people who are trained to cause pain without damaging your body, so that they can make you scream for days. They’ll hit you and fuck you until you can’t move anymore, until you stop screaming and you wish they would kill you. And if you still won’t tell him what he wants to know, he’ll throw you to the grunts and let them fuck you until you do.”

This was not Suzanne’s first field mission, and her training had taught her better than to show fear in a situation like this. So when the sniper’s words dragged a whimper out of her chilled and tired body, she told herself she had done so on purpose so that he might underestimate her in the future. But she wasn’t entirely sure that this was true, and that uncertainty shocked her back to her senses.

It wasn’t so much his words that scared her, but the burning arousal that was apparent in his eyes, his voice and his body. He wanted to hurt her, he wanted to hear her scream for him. Her eyes hardened in defiance; they could do whatever they wanted to her, she wasn’t going to beg. He smiled down at her nastily; as if he knew exactly how to wipe that look off her face. He inched his face downwards, allowing his mouth to caress hers once again. Electricity and warmth started to flow through her again, and she tried to twist her face away but his grip was like iron. He deepened the kiss and continued his torture until Suzanne couldn’t hold back a tiny moan of arousal.

With the look of defiance erased from Suzanne’s face, the sniper released her from his grip and then grabbed her by the arm, shoving her ahead of him. He had his pistol in his hand, a gentle reminder that trying to run away would be a bad idea. It took only a few minutes to reach their base camp, and then he was disappointed to be parted from his prize.

Suzanne was relieved to find that she was being taken away from the sniper and would be brought for an audience with the man in charge, who thankfully spoke English. Her mission so far had not gone to plan, and she needed to find a way back on target as quickly as possible. She wasn’t sure exactly how she was going to manage that, until she was dragged in front of an older man who took far more care over his uniform than the rest of his soldiers. A Serbian officer whose face she recognised in a heartbeat.

“Why were you flying over this area?” the man asked. Careful to try to mask the fact that she recognised the man, Suzanne feigned stupidity, and replied that she was sightseeing. The man snorted, then warned her that she would suffer greatly if she didn’t cooperate. To that, Suzanne smiled sweetly and replied that she looked forward to it. He also smiled at that, then motioned for the guards who had marched her in to pick her up. She was placed at the front of a small platform and tied to a beam in the ceiling so that her arms were above her head, and her toes only just touched the floor.

“I will ask you one more time,” the man in charge said. “What were you doing in my country?” Suzanne remained silent. He snorted again, then motioned to someone standing in the shadows to one side. Suzanne heard someone walk towards her. “I believe you have already met Sasha?” he asked, and the man came in to view. The man from the woods.

She didn’t recognise the name for a moment; it had not been in the mission files. But as Suzanne’s brain sifted through the hours of intel that her handler had provider to her, it suddenly made a connection. Sasha was a pet name, short for Aleksandar. And that name she definitely did recognise. As her brain helpfully recalled the gory details of this man’s past deeds, Suzanne had to suppress a tremble of fear that was trying to flee down her spine. She had originally worried that she was being taken away from her mission when Sasha had caught her, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The man in charge motioned to Sasha, and Sasha stopped in front of Suzanne, a rather mean-looking knife in hand. He was tall, she realised as his eyes met hers. The platform that she’d been standing on had raised her at least eight inches, but she was still no higher than him. He stared into her eyes, smiling cruelly. He let the knife play across her cheek as he gauged her reactions.

“Sasha is very talented in the ways of causing physical pain,” the man in charge continued, and Suzanne wished that she could have suspected him of bluffing. “I strongly suggest that you cooperate with me, so that you can leave here with your body intact.”

Sasha turned to the other man and spoke softly in a dialect that she couldn’t understand. The other man laughed and turned back towards Suzanne. “He wants me to stop asking you to cooperate,” he said. “He will be very disappointed to not have the opportunity to hear you scream for him.”

“Well I would hate to disappoint him,” Suzanne replied, intending it to sound sarcastic. To her own disgust, her voice was shaking. Her retort came out as more of a plea than an insult and Sasha smiled at that, stroking his free hand into the hair at the nape of Suzanne’s neck so that he could hold her still. He slid his mouth to her ear and licked over her earlobe, then gently started to suck until Suzanne gasped in response and had to bite her lip to stop a moan from escaping her mouth.

Oh god! Suzanne thought. How does he manage to make me respond so easily? She tried to turn her head away, but his hand in her hair kept her still. He came up for air and took a small step backwards, looking her over slowly.

He was dirty, but then so was she. They had gotten spattered in mud during their fight earlier, and his short brown hair was still crusted and matted down against his head. His dark brown eyes glinted with a sadistic gleam as he seemed to consider his next course of action, and Suzanne resigned herself to the fact that this was going to be a very long night. If she was going to stand any chance of getting out of this and completing her objective, she was going to have to let them think that they had the upper hand.

She knew that the normal reaction in these circumstances would be fear, and she was definitely afraid. But there was something about this man that her body was reacting to, and she was more afraid of that than of the pain she was going to receive. He stepped back towards her and slid his mouth against her ear again.

“Are you getting wet for me?” he whispered, his voice going gravelly. It took Suzanne a couple of moments to decipher the meaning of the rather unfamiliar language. She blushed as she realised what he was saying and tried to turn her head away, but Sasha had slid his knife up to rest against her cheek. He pressed very gently until she moved her head back against his. He repeated his question; he wanted an answer.

“Ne!” Suzanne replied, hoping she wasn’t going to have to try to speak too much Serbian. Her comprehension of the language wasn’t very good, but her pronunciation was even worse.

“No?” Sasha repeated. He didn’t seem convinced. He slid his hand from the small of her back, over the curve of her arse and between her legs. Suzanne yelped and tried to pull herself away from his probing hand, but only managed to thrust herself against his body. He laughed at that, held her against him. She whimpered in despair as he continued to probe between her legs for a couple of moments, then decided that he couldn’t feel enough to decide if she was wet or not.

Suzanne struggled pointlessly against her bonds as he stripped off her clothes until she was entirely naked, using his knife to cut through her shirt and bra. Staring straight ahead, she tried to block out the shame of being naked in front of these people. Sasha put his knife away and looked her over. Her breasts were full, slightly large for her frame, and had delicate pink nipples that were rapidly hardening under his stare. Her legs and stomach were taut and toned, but she still managed to have full hips and a round arse. He moved behind her, sliding his left arm around her waist and his right hand to the front of her thigh.

“Are you sure you aren’t wet?” he asked softly, stroking his hand from the front to the inside of her thigh. He smiled as he saw Suzanne’s face darken with anger at his touch, and she wriggled against him in an attempt to get him off her. “Mmm? Do you want me to touch you?”

Suzanne repeated her answer from earlier, but it sounded a lot more desperate than it had before. He laughed softly, stroked a little higher, his fingers rubbing the line where her thighs met her nether regions, then higher… He slid one finger inside her very gently, eliciting a humiliated cry from the girl. There was no way that she could deny the fact that she was utterly wet and ready for him. He moaned softly and growled something that she couldn’t quite understand, something guttural and raw. Her body reacted regardless of the fact that she didn’t understand; he sounded powerful and masculine and entirely erotic. She felt her muscles tighten around his finger as she moaned wantonly and wanted to die right there; he was supposed to be raping her and it seemed like her body wanted him inside her more than it wanted air in her lungs.

“Shhh,” he whispered softly, sliding his finger out of her, his actions still gentle. He moved so that he was facing her again, and held her jaw still. “I’ll be inside you soon, and I’ll fuck you as hard as you need.” He slid his finger—glistening with moisture–to rest on her lower lip. Suzanne did as he wanted, sucking his finger clean. He growled, dragged her against him and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth to taste the juices that she had licked from his fingers.

Suzanne was whimpering as Sasha kissed her. She was trying to control herself, but it just wasn’t working. She moaned in pleasure as he slid his mouth to her throat and started to nuzzle. “Oh god,” she whispered as he continued to torment her. “You’re so sexy.” She froze in shock as the words tumbled out of her mouth, but then relaxed a little. He didn’t speak English and the other guy was too far away to hear what she had said…

She froze again as Sasha replied, in English: “Thank you. So are you.”

“You speak English?!” she snapped, trying to hide her embarrassment with anger. He smiled back at her.

“Never said I didn’t,” he replied. Suzanne’s eyes were blazing.

“You bastard!” she whispered. “Let me down so I can kill you!”

“No,” he replied simply. He slid his right hand onto her left breast and stroked over her nipple. She was not amused. She kicked out at him, and hit him square in the balls, hard. She expected him to go down, or double over at least. He grunted and took a step back, that was all. These people were tough. His eyes turned black with anger and he grabbed her by the throat.

“Okay baby,” he growled, switching back to his own language. “No more fucking foreplay.” He balled his right hand into a fist and punched her in the left cheek, and he didn’t pull his punches. Suzanne’s head lurched to the side and she stayed there for several moments, stunned. She slowly came back to her senses and realised that blood was flowing from her nose and her mouth. As she raised her head she saw him prepare to hit her again, but she wasn’t going to be able to stop him in time. The second blow was harder, and she cried out in agony as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back up to face him.

Sasha stopped, his hand raised to hit her again, when his boss growled “Sasha! If you go on like that, she’ll be dead in twenty minutes.”

“More like ten,” Sasha replied. His breathing was heavy, but from anger rather than exertion. Suzanne was well aware that he could keep up this treatment for hours; would be happy to beat her as long as she stayed conscious. He changed his aim, ready to hit her other cheek this time and even out the bruises.

“Stop it Sasha,” the boss growled. “There are better ways to hurt a woman.”

Sasha smiled nastily at that and Suzanne shivered. Her body had finally cooled off, but at what cost? Her face was aching and she knew that whatever he had in store for her next couldn’t possibly be good. He slid his hand up one of her arms, searching for a moment. He found what he was looking for and pressed gently, then harder. Suzanne shrieked in pain as he dug his fingers into a pressure point on her arm. This was even worse than the pain in her cheek.

Sasha maintained the pressure on the girl’s arm, enjoying watching her squirm and hearing her scream. Tears were running down her cheeks and mixing with the blood that was drying on her face. He wasn’t going to stop until she begged him to. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Stop it Sasha!” she whimpered softly. “Please!” He let go, then rubbed the bruised skin tenderly for a moment.

“Do you have any idea how many different points there are like that on your body?” Sasha asked. Suzanne did; she had been taught to use them and knew exactly how painful this was going to be. “I can keep you screaming for days and all you’ll end up with is bruises. And then I can do it all again. And again. Do you want that?” It wasn’t the worst experience Suzanne had ever had, but she didn’t need to let him know that. She shuddered before replying “no.”

“Do you want to tell him what he wants to know?” Sasha asked, sliding his hand to the same point on Suzanne’s other arm. He pressed very gently, and Suzanne started to feel ill.

“No,” she replied, bracing herself for the nauseating pain again. She wasn’t sure how much time passed before he stopped again, but she was covered in bruises and her throat was raw from screaming. Sasha moved toward her again and slid his mouth back to her ear.

“Ready to talk yet, baby?” he breathed, and Suzanne laughed, scorn showing clearly through the pain in her face.

“Is that the best you’ve got, big guy?” she spat. “I’ve had better beatings from my grandmother, and she only had one arm!”

Sasha grinned for a moment; he seemed to appreciate her stubbornness. “Okay,” he growled. “Let’s do something a little different.” He slid his jacket off his shoulders, revealing another, cleaner one underneath, which he also took off. What remained was a black t-shirt that left little to the imagination, but this time Suzanne was unmoved. He slid his hand to her jaw and lifted her face to kiss her. Suzanne jerked her head away from him, trying to concentrate on simply breathing in and out. He smiled.

“You want to fight me this time?” he asked, and Suzanne scowled at him. “Do you want more pain? I wonder how long you’ll last.” He tangled his hand into her hair and pulled her head back viciously, exposing her throat. He licked over her neck and shoulder, then started to bite and suck, his other hand travelling to one of her breasts and squeezing hard. Suzanne moaned, this time in pain. She was almost relieved that her body wasn’t betraying her, until she felt his hand travel down towards her vagina.

The first time that Sasha did this, he had been incredibly gentle. He made up for it this time. He pushed two fingers inside her hard, kept up the pressure until they were fully inside her. Suzanne wasn’t sure what hurt the most, him pushing into her or pulling out. She closed her eyes tightly and whimpered, the whimper turning into a scream as he pushed two, then three fingers into her roughly.

“You’re so beautiful when you scream,” Sasha whispered into Suzanne’s hair. He started circling his fingers inside her slowly, going as deep as he could. “Scream for me, baby.” She moaned softly, writhing against him in an attempt to reduce the pressure he was using, but it didn’t work.

Sasha was burning with desire while he watched the girl whimper and moan for him. He increased the pressure that he was using on her, and was rewarded with a scream of agony that made his dick throb. He leaned down and caught a nipple in his teeth, increased the pressure still further until she was hysterical, then let go. Tears were streaming down her face and he licked them off hungrily. He needed to be inside her before her body started to lubricate itself in self defence.

Suzanne whimpered in relief as Sasha pulled his fingers out of her and left her alone for a moment. Her head lolled back and she closed her eyes, trying to rest for a minute. She tried to tell herself that the metallic sound she just heard was not him unzipping his pants and coming back towards her…

He slid his cheek against hers and murmured the words “Ja cu te da jebem” into her ear, but it took her a few moments to be able to understand what he had said. I am going to fuck you. As her overloaded brain finally deciphered his words, she felt her gut spasm in horror.

“Look at me,” Sasha growled, his hand going back to her hair and dragging her head upright. Suzanne did as she was told. He lifted her up slightly as he positioned himself at her opening, then slowly pushed into her, his eyes burning into hers. She had promised herself that he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of hearing her scream, but the pain in her body combined with the indignity of the situation proved to be just too much. As he moved inside her, he growled something that she couldn’t understand, but she didn’t care. Right now, the only thing that she could focus on was the pain in her body.

Hearing the girl cry as he moved inside her, Sasha shuddered in satisfaction. She was incredibly tight, and he had to slow down his movements until they were measured and deliberate to stop himself from coming too soon. She moaned softly in gratitude and he smiled, slid his fingers to her bitten nipple and squeezed. He didn’t want her thinking he was going soft on her. He couldn’t delay things any further, he was going to come soon. He slid his mouth to the girl’s ear and started to talk, in English to make sure that she understood.

“I’m going to come baby,” he growled. His accent was strong and masculine, and made her almost shudder with desire regardless of the pain in her body. “I’m going to leave everything I’ve got buried as deep inside you as I can go, and you’re going to scream for me, baby.”

Suzanne scowled at Sasha, every feature on her face expressing loathing and hatred. No. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her scream yet again. She gritted her teeth against the pain that she knew was coming as he increased the speed of his movement inside her.

Sasha could feel the girl tensing against him and knew that she was going to do everything in her power to stop herself from screaming. He could easily hit another pressure point and get her to scream that way, but he didn’t want to. He wanted a heartfelt scream of pain and despair and he was going to get it.

“Get used to this, baby,” he whispered. “It’s the only thing you’re going to have from now on. You’re never going to see your family again. You’re mine and I’m going to fuck you until you pass out every day for the rest of your life, until you’re raw and bleeding and you can’t even beg anymore.”

His words hit home. Suzanne moaned wretchedly and struggled against her tormentor in one last futile act of defiance that caused her aching arms to burn with pain. Sasha grabbed her arse and growled, the sight of her writhing finally sending him over the edge into orgasm. He buried himself deep inside the girl as he felt his semen spurt inside her, and she gave him the scream that he wanted, then collapsed against him, sobbing into his chest. Her vagina was raw and bleeding, and the hot, salty wetness of Sasha’s sperm flooding her was like acid burning her insides.

It took Sasha several moments to recover before he trusted his legs to keep him upright. He pulled out of the girl slowly and sorted out his clothes. She was hanging limp from her bindings, not even bothering to hold herself up on her toes anymore. Her head had flopped forwards but what he could see of her face was caked in blood and salt from her tears. Her body was almost entirely covered in bruises and her left nipple had darkened with blood where he had bitten it. She had scratches and nail marks where he had held on to her hips and her arse, and his semen was slowly oozing down her leg, tinged pink from blood where he had fucked her raw.

She was beautiful.

He looked to his superior officer for his approval. The older man smiled nastily, he was impressed. He got up and left the room, leaving the torture of the girl in Sasha’s capable hands. Sasha reached up and unhooked the girl from the ceiling, then dumped her on the floor. She didn’t even moan as she hit the floor, and stayed where he had dropped her. Satisfied that she didn’t have the energy or the will to fight him, he untied her wrists. They were raw and bleeding from the rough rope that had been used to tie her.

Suzanne was immensely grateful to have her weight taken off her aching arms, and she made the most of it by lying still and appreciating simply being left alone. She finally moaned in dissent as she felt strong hands on her body again, lifting her. Sasha. She wasn’t sure if she had passed out after he finished with her, but it seemed like an age since he had been inside her. Not that the ache in her body had subsided any. He carried her out of the room, but she didn’t have the energy to look where they were going. She laid her head against his chest and closed her eyes, falling unconscious for a few precious moments until he dumped her on the floor again.

Sasha dragged the girl to her feet, holding her against the wall until she got the idea and tried to support her own weight. She was shaking but she managed to stand upright. He pushed her towards a doorway, and growled “take a shower”. In a daze, she wandered through the doorway and turned on the shower. She got under the water and closed her eyes, stood there for several minutes, the warm water soothing her bruised skin.

She must have taken too long, for when she opened her eyes again, Sasha was standing by the shower and staring at her angrily. She gasped and backed away as he got into the shower with her. He pinned her against the wall, hot and wet and oh god, already hard again. His mouth descended onto hers and she swooned, had to hold on to his shoulders to keep herself upright. She submitted to him, baring her neck for him again. This time he didn’t bite quite so hard.

Sasha slid his hand down to the triangle of fur at the top of the girl’s legs, and tangled his fingers in it, sliding onto her clitoris and stroking for a moment. She whimpered softly as she opened her legs for him, the whimper becoming an agonised whine as he slid a finger inside her. The pain overwhelmed her fear of retribution, and she slid her hand to his wrist and held his hand still.

“Please Sasha,” she whispered softly. “It hurts so much. Can we do something else, just for now? Please?” She was shaking, expecting a blow to the head or worse. He considered fucking her in the arse just to punish her for trying to tell him what to do, but he wanted to save that for a special occasion. He gasped as he felt her hand slide along his abdomen and rub just alongside his penis. “Is there nothing else you’d like me to do?” she whispered, staring up into his eyes like a porn star parody of an innocent schoolgirl. She completed the look by licking her tongue across her lips suggestively, showing off her tongue piercing. He was lost.

Without any prompting, the girl sank to her knees at his feet and stroked her palms over his thighs before moving her left hand and gently grasped him, stroking up and down. She used her other hand to stroke over the head, flicking his frenulum gently. He moaned in appreciation, whispered that phrase that made him sound so sexy and Suzanne shivered. After a few moments, she slid her mouth down over the head of his penis and sucked on his glans before sliding more of him down her throat.

Sasha had completely lost all ability to think. He slid his hands into the girl’s hair and stroked in encouragement. He had been looking forward to forcing her to give him a blow job, but this was so much better. She wanted him to leave her throbbing vagina alone so badly that she was doing everything she could to make him come. She was talented as hell with her mouth and the tongue piercing was driving him crazy. He groaned in contentment as she increased her speed, allowing him to thrust against her at the pace that he wanted. He was getting dangerously close to coming already, so she slowed down to let his arousal subside for the moment.

Suzanne’s original intention had been to distract Sasha so that she could attempt an escape. But even the relatively small movements that were currently required of her body made her muscles scream with pain, and her limbs felt twice their normal weight. There was no way that she would be able to outrun him, distracted or not. So, unless she wanted him to realise her plan, she was going to have to actually finish this job.

Sasha had to lean against the wall of the shower enclosure to stop himself from collapsing as Suzanne brought him close to orgasm again. This time she didn’t slow down, and was rewarded with his salty semen flooding her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She struggled to her feet, still stroking his twitching penis gently as her eyes met his. She opened her mouth so that he could see his white fluid still within it, then swallowed slowly, licked her lips to make sure she hadn’t missed any.

Sasha couldn’t breathe. The girl’s performance had been amazing and the encore was enough to make him almost ready to fuck her again straight away. He pulled her to her feet and leaned down to slide a nipple into his mouth, stroking the other one gently. She moaned; he was incredible with his hands when he wanted to be. And his mouth… She wasn’t sure if it was the blow job that had done it, but she was suddenly aching with need regardless of the terrible pain in her body.

Suzanne could feel an orgasm building, but she knew she was going to need something more to send her over the edge. She whimpered as Sasha slid his hand down and over her clitoris. She badly needed something inside her but she knew that the pain would be overwhelming. He shushed her gently.

“I’m not going to go inside you,” he whispered. “Just relax.” She did as he asked and cried out as the pleasure started to build within her still further. After just moments, she was whining in desperation. Sasha smiled, slid to his knees and nudged her legs apart. He slid his tongue onto her clitoris, taking it into his mouth and biting its base gently as he sucked on the end.

It took five seconds of this treatment to send Suzanne over the edge. She keened as her muscles started to contract, and she fell to the floor with a thump as her legs gave way completely. Sasha gathered her up and lifted her out of the shower, drying her with a towel so rough she was sure it was really shark skin in disguise.

He led her into a dingy room that consisted of a bed, a chair and a very small window that was too high to see out of. He pushed her onto the bed and she laid down gratefully, curling into a ball. He left, closing the door behind him quietly. Suzanne suddenly felt cold as she heard the turning of a key; he had locked her in alone, and with no idea if and when he would come back.


Suzanne slept fitfully, too tired to keep her eyes open but too afraid to sleep properly. She had no idea how much time passed before she heard the key turning in the lock of her prison again, but she was hungry and thirsty and the ache in her body had dulled slightly, so it must have been a while. She wanted to stay in her foetal position on the bed, but figured it probably wasn’t the best of ideas.

She had expected Sasha, and she was wrong. A guard that she hadn’t seen before motioned her to follow him out of the room. He marched her, still naked, down a long corridor that was as dingy as her cell, and into a familiar room. The man in charge was there, but there was still no sign of Sasha.

“I trust you slept well?” he asked, grinning sadistically at the state of her appearance. Suzanne was clean, but her bruises had darkened and her mouth felt swollen from where Sasha had hit her. She sneered at him in an attempt to look as though she wasn’t ashamed and embarrassed at her nakedness.

“I don’t think I would make reservations at this hotel again,” she replied. “I had asked for a sea view, you know.”

He was not impressed. He stood up and leaned over his desk at her. “I had thought you might be a little more cooperative after you had a few hours to think things over. Perhaps you don’t understand the gravity of your situation? Was Sasha not clear enough in explaining things to you? Perhaps we should ask him for another demonstration of his abilities?”

Suzanne started to tremble at the thought of her tormentor touching her again, but she wasn’t going to cave in and simply give them what they wanted. Not when she still had a chance of completing her objective. “Do you actually expect me to tell you something useful?” she asked, and he raised one eyebrow in disbelief.

“Oh yes you will. We can always use more conventional styles of coercion,” he growled. “If you won’t cooperate with us being civil.”

“Civil?” Suzanne repeated, a look of disgust on her face. “Look at me!”

“Nothing that won’t heal in a matter of days,” he replied. “We can easily change that; start slicing you open and leaving scars. Removing parts that you would miss… Sasha would be disappointed with such a messy method, but I’m sure he can be convinced. If need be.”

Suzanne doubted that Sasha would be disappointed at all, unless the messy method was going to kill her. If that happened, he would be without a plaything to torture. She allowed her body to start shaking visibly, hoping the officer would notice and believe her to be close to giving in. The pain that she had already suffered had been excruciating, but she had known that they could do a lot worse. It seemed as if they felt it was only going to be a matter of time before they found some terrible punishment that she just couldn’t handle and she cracked. No harm in letting them continue to think that way.

She was letting them think that they were winning, and at first it was almost entirely a pretence. But Suzanne was tiring, and she knew it. Nobody could withstand torture indefinitely. She had to find a way out of this situation as quickly as possible, before she really did give in. The only problem was, she was either tied up or locked up for almost 100% of the time. That, and her body was slowly losing the ability to perform even the most basic actions as her muscles ached more and more.

She couldn’t give up. She knew damned well that once she told them what they wanted to know she would be useless to them. Unless of course she wanted to stay on as Sasha’s plaything; he had said that she belonged to him now. He’d said a lot of things that had terrified her at the time, but her panicked brain was now clutching to them as proof that perhaps he wouldn’t kill her as soon as they had the information that they wanted. His plaything. But if she was a mess, would he even want her for that?

The futility of Suzanne’s predicament was beginning to sink in. She didn’t want to give up the information that they wanted, but she didn’t want to die. And even if she did give them what she wanted, she was either going to die or become a slave to the whims of her captors until they were bored with her.

Stop that! She chided herself for her own stupidity. It didn’t matter what they would do to her, because she would not be giving them any real intel, period. And she did not need this man — this sick and evilly twisted man, at that — to rescue her. What she did need was time. Time to get herself into a position so that she could do what she came here for, and — hopefully — time enough to get back out again.

She squared her jaw in defiance, and looked at the man sitting smugly in front of her. “We all have to do what we feel we must,” she said, and he nodded. He motioned to the guards who tied her dangling from the ceiling again. The ropes cut into her already-raw skin, but she didn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing her wince. She had to do what she had to do.

Sasha arrived, walked up to her and took her jaw in his hand. He was much cleaner than she remembered, and had also made the effort to change into a clean set of clothes. The effort hadn’t gone as far as shaving, however, so he maintained his rather brutal look. “Am I going to have to break you?” he said softly, stroking her cheek gently. He didn’t look like he was looking forward to the idea. He slid his mouth to her throat and nuzzled, and Suzanne’s breathing became erratic. “Give him what he wants, and I can protect you,” he whispered into her ear.

“Not good enough,” Suzanne replied. “I want to go home.” Sasha’s eyes darkened in anger. His grip on her jaw became cruel.

“It’s the best you’re going to get!” he growled. “You’re in no position to make demands. Maybe you don’t quite understand? You are mine. Once he’s done with you, it’s me who decides what happens to you. Now you can either do as I say, or you can spend the rest of your life being raped by the 200 hungry Serbian soldiers outside. And I’ll warn you, they won’t care how much they hurt you as long as your body is still warm. It’s up to you.”

Suzanne glared at her captor defiantly. “I hope you rot in hell you evil son of a bitch!” she growled, and spat at him for good measure. Sasha released his grip on Suzanne’s jaw, throwing her head to the side in disgust. When she looked back at him, she got a glimpse of something moving towards her face at high speed, and then there was the familiar sickening *crack* of a fist connecting with her face.

This time, Sasha’s boss did not stop him, and the beating continued for an eternity. When it became apparent that Suzanne was about to pass out, he stopped. Not out of kindness; he just didn’t want her to miss any of her punishment. She was weak from hunger and dehydration, and she hoped that he would let her sleep for a while, but he had other plans. He slapped her until she focused her eyes on him groggily, made sure that she was awake again, and then the beating continued.

Suzanne didn’t think that she could possibly have any tears left, but Sasha managed to make her cry again. And whimper, and scream. After a particularly long bout of punishment, Sasha paused as he thought that Suzanne was about to pass out again. However, she surprised them both by dry heaving violently; her body had nothing to throw up but it made her suffer shuddering pains nonetheless. He hit her another couple of times, but she was fading in and out of consciousness every few seconds. It was time to stop.

Sasha joined his superior officer and left Suzanne hanging alone while he went for some food and a drink. It occurred to him that the woman had not eaten or drank anything in over 24 hours at least, which was probably a good reason for her fainting constantly. He returned to find her still out cold. He allowed his fingers to wander over her body, enjoying the feel of her cool, soft skin. He was amazed at the delicate texture which was a stark contrast to the hard calluses on his hands. The smaller bruises on her body were being disguised by the larger ones caused by the latest beating that she had endured, and she still looked beautiful.

Suzanne woke slowly to find rough fingertips stroking over her skin. She tried to pretend that she was still asleep, but her pretence was spoiled when the fingers traced over her nipples and she moaned as the callused skin aggravated her bruises. Her assailant slid his palms fully against her breasts and squeezed, and Suzanne instantly recognised the hands as Sasha’s. She leaned her head back and relaxed into him, trying to avoid provoking his aggression.

Sasha slid one hand up into the girl’s hair and pulled her head upright, then leaned in and kissed her. She moaned again, arched against him until he slid both hands to her arse and held her against him. He started to grind against her slowly; he was aching to be inside her straight away, but he wanted her to beg this time. She broke the kiss and whimpered “Oh god, Sasha!” into his ear, her breathing ragged. He smiled smugly, slid his middle finger into her mouth and let her suck for a moment until it was slick with her saliva. He slid it over her clitoris for a couple of seconds, then pressed gently.

Suzanne yelped as Sasha stroked, easing his wet finger inside her. The pain inside her had lessened considerably since she woke up and his movements inside her were beginning to feel good. She knew that she shouldn’t let him do this, that she should fight or scream or do anything but cooperate, but when he touched her like this it took away the pain from the rest of her body. And that was worth an awful lot right now. He continued to stroke until she was squirming, dangerously close to orgasm. And then he stopped.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispered into her ear hoarsely. Suzanne whined, a pained look on her face, but he wouldn’t touch her.

“Please let me come,” she whispered softly. She was shocked at hearing the words come out of her own mouth, but the temptation to avoid pain for a few moments was overwhelming. Sasha stroked his finger over her clitoris again slowly, but only once.

“Is that all you want?” he asked, and she shook her head. “Then tell me. What do you want, baby?”

Suzanne closed her eyes, her cheeks burning in shame. “I need you inside me,” she whispered, and he stroked her again in encouragement. She moaned in pleasure.

“You can do better than that,” he whispered, and she sighed shakily. She knew what he wanted her to say.

“Please fuck me, Sasha,” she whispered. After another moment, she added: “hard.” He growled softly at that, slid his tongue back into her mouth and kissed her, his mouth bruising hers brutally. She arched against him again and opened her mouth as she kissed back. Sasha reached up and released her wrists from the rope again, then picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

He didn’t speak as he carried her back to the room and locked the door behind them. He set her back down on her feet and threw her against the wall, pinning her with the weight of his body. He slid his hand into her hair, holding her so that she had to look him in the eye.

“Tell me again,” he growled, his eyes burning into hers. Suzanne felt a wave of heated shameful pleasure ripple through her body at the thought of having to repeat herself while looking into his eyes. She remained silent for several moments, too embarrassed to say what he wanted to hear.

“Fuck me,” she eventually whispered, almost too quiet for him to hear. Then louder: “Fuck me hard.” Sasha shuddered in response and pressed his mouth against Suzanne’s ear, giving her some much needed privacy without compromising the intimacy of their embrace.

“Tell me what you want,” he growled again. “Do you want to be on top?”

“No,” she replied, and Sasha smiled against her ear.

“You want me on top of you?” he asked softly, and Suzanne had to slide her hands to his shoulders and cling on to stop herself from feeling faint. “Do you want my weight on top of you, holding you down? Do you want to feel dominated, baby?”

“Oh god,” Suzanne whimpered as Sasha whispered into her ear. “Oh please!”

Sasha leaned back and looked into the girl’s eyes again, let her see the look of barely-contained desire and just-controlled violence on his face. She moaned in shock, her eyes darkening in pleasure at her ability to drive him so totally wild. He grasped her chin viciously as he wiped all traces of desire from his face and replaced it with the cold brutality that had made her so wet when he first touched her. She gasped, half in fear, and half in anticipation.

Sasha pulled the girl away from the wall and threw her onto the bed, turned away from her as he kicked off his boots. He turned back towards her as he dropped his knife, his gun and its holster to the floor. Suzanne was sitting up in the middle of the bed, her hands braced against the mattress, and her legs slightly apart and shaking violently. She skittered as far away as possible, pressing her knees together hard as Sasha unzipped his pants and stalked towards her, utterly predatory.

He grabbed her as he got onto the bed, dragged her by the legs until she was back in the middle, then forced her thighs apart. He wedged himself between her legs, tugged his underwear out of the way and pressed himself against her opening, pinning her wrists above her head. She cried out in pain as he thrust into her hard and settled his weight on top of her. Her heart was beating crazily with fear, but her body betrayed her as within what seemed like only moments, her muscles clenched around him and her back arched in orgasm.

Sasha groaned in pleasure as he felt the girl’s vaginal muscles contracting around his penis erratically. He continued to thrust hard inside her, waiting until she had recovered from her orgasm. When her eyes started to focus on him again, he leaned down and slid his mouth against her ear.

“Did you like that, little girl?” he growled, his voice guttural again in arousal. For the moment he had lost the ability to think in English, and had switched back to his own language. Suzanne had quickly learned to expand her vocabulary of Serbian smut over the past several hours, and she was able to understand exactly what he was saying as he went on. “Do you like being held down and fucked by a killer?” The girl whined in response, arched against him as she whispered “oh yes,” into his ear.

“You moan like a whore,” he whispered in English, sliding his hand to her arse so that he could pull her against him even harder. “You’re a beautiful, dirty little slut. Aren’t you?” He switched back to Serbian for a moment as he growled “moja mala kurva” into her ear. Little Slut.

Nobody had ever spoken to Suzanne like this before, and her face was burning in shame. But her body was burning twice as much as he called her a slut and a whore, and she liked it. She had never felt so desired in all her life. “Yes,” she whispered in reply, and he shuddered.

“Say it,” he growled, releasing his grip on her arse so that he could force her to look at him. “Tell me what a slut you are.”

Suzanne didn’t have a clue how to go about saying this in his language, so she had to resort to English. “I’m a slut and a whore, and I need you so much! Oh god Sasha, please don’t stop!”

“Do you want to feel me come inside you?” he asked, his voice hoarse and his head spinning. His eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure at the thought of the girl calling herself a whore for him.

“Oh god yes!” she groaned. “But please not yet!” He smiled intensely.

“You want more?” he growled, sinking his teeth into her throat.

She cried out in pain, the sound turning into a desperate cry: “Yes!”

“You still need more, little slut?” he asked. “What does that make you?”

“I’m a total whore for you, Sasha,” she whispered. “Oh god, please let me come!”

Sasha slid his hand between their bodies and rested just to the side of Suzanne’s clitoris. She whined in need and he smiled, a sadistic glint in his eye.

“You’re mine,” he growled. “Say it.” She did as he asked. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you scream for me like this every night. Do you understand?” She did. “And nobody else is ever going to touch you, do you understand that?”

Suzanne whispered another yes to Sasha’s final question. She would have said yes to anything. He slid his thumb on to her clitoris and stroked gently, then harder. Suzanne went rigid and screamed as she finally exploded into orgasm again. The contractions were even harder this time and they pushed Sasha over the edge into his own sexual bliss. He groaned “Oh, fuck!” as he thrust into the girl one final time, shuddering as his orgasm took control of him completely and he collapsed on top of his exhausted, beautiful little captive.

Sasha left Suzanne alone in the dingy room once again. She drew herself into a ball and shivered in the darkness. Her head was a lot clearer with him gone, and she growled angrily as shame-filled tears started to fall down her face. She was going to have an awful lot of trouble ever looking him in the eye again. Did he really think of her as a slut and a whore, or had he only said it to get a reaction? Even though she’d had little choice but to let him screw her if she wanted to survive, she couldn’t help but feel used.

His opinion of her mattered to Suzanne, she realised suddenly. And so it should. He had said he was the one who would decide what to do with her once his boss was done. Her tears intensified as a cold feeling of dread fell over her. He was rapidly becoming her only possible escape route. What if he lost interest? She sobbed in confusion. She had no way of knowing what he wanted or what he was thinking, so there was little point in dwelling on it. She was thirsty and aching and oh, so hungry…

On closer inspection of the room Suzanne noticed that Sasha had left a glass of water on the floor for her, and she reached out an aching arm until she managed to lift it towards herself. She wondered for a moment whether the water would be drugged or poisoned, but she dismissed the idea. Sasha enjoyed inflicting pain far too much to cheat himself out of his grand finale. Trying not to gulp, she finished the rest of the water and laid back down on the bed of her prison. Curling into a ball, she shivered against the cold until sleep claimed her once again.


He’d said he could protect her.

The thought tumbled round and round in Suzanne’s head as she dangled from the ceiling of that damned room yet again. She repeated this to herself like a mantra as Sasha stood in front of her, that familiar brutal expression on his face. And a knife in his hand. She still hadn’t managed to acquire any clothes, so the knife couldn’t be intended for use as an aid to undressing this time. She’d already received her customary beating for the day and she felt like she was going to faint; were they going to make her suffer even more? Oh god. She was going to have to think of a way to make them believe that she had given them what they wanted. Preferably before they killed her.

Sasha was playing with fire, and he knew it. He had never before met a woman who was as stubborn as this girl. She had more training and was a lot tougher than he had originally suspected, and he was glad of it. He respected her tenacity, regardless of the fact that she was making his life rather difficult. Plus, she was so beautiful — bruised and bleeding and most of the time scared out of her mind. He’d beaten her, raped her and humiliated her, and for some reason, she still wanted him. His commanding officer had warned him that if he wasn’t successful in getting the girl to talk today, he was going to throw her to the grunts. Sasha wasn’t prepared to let that happen; he wanted her for himself no matter what the cost.

He admired her courage, but in the end it would come to nothing, and they both knew it. She’d give them what they wanted, it was just a matter of time. His knife, usually a favourite instrument of torture, felt cold and alien in his hand. He didn’t want to do this. He had no problem with hurting her — he’d already made her scream until she was coughing up blood — but that had been with his own hands. It was intimate and personal and he’d never done any permanent damage. This was going to be a different thing entirely. And she would never be the same afterwards. It wasn’t right. He was the one who carried the scars.

Suzanne had fallen into a faint, but the sharp pain of a knife pressing into her throat woke her with a start. She flinched back from the pain to find Sasha standing in front of her again, the knife still in his hand. “Am I going to have to make you bleed, or can we stop now?” he asked softly. Suzanne moaned softly in fear, but she said nothing. He sighed, and moved closer so that the girl was leaning on him, her head on his shoulder. He rested the point of the knife on the back of her thigh and paused for a moment.

“Tell me to stop,” Sasha whispered gently, but she didn’t reply. With his face out of sight of both the girl and his commanding officer, he closed his eyes and frowned in apprehension. Her teeth bit down on his shoulder as he increased the pressure on the knife until he broke the skin, and he slid his free hand into the hair at the nape of her neck and stroked gently. She released her bite in order to moan softly in pain, the moan quickly rising into a scream as the blade cut deeper.

Sasha grimaced as he noticed the blood running down the girl’s thigh to drip off her foot and collect into a red puddle on the floor. He slid his mouth to her ear, whispering so that only the girl could hear. “Let me end this. Please.”

Suzanne gasped at the emotion in Sasha’s voice. He didn’t want to do this. There were some lines that he still didn’t want to cross. Maybe, she dared to allow herself to think. Maybe he does still want me? If that was the case, perhaps she would still have a chance of escape if she gave them the information they wanted.

The sharp pain of the knife helped to focus Suzanne’s thoughts temporarily, and she was able to decide on the details of the information that she would give to Sasha’s superior. However, she had to make it look convincing, and Suzanne would never accept being made to look cowardly. So she gritted her teeth and remained stubborn for as long as she could possibly stand.

She wasn’t sure how long she managed to hold out, but it didn’t matter. In the end, she told them when they wanted to know. She was going to have a scar, but at least the searing pain had stopped.

Sasha turned to his superior officer to find him standing up to leave, and giving him a nod of satisfaction. “We’re done with this one,” he said to the sniper, and then walked towards them. “Get rid of her,” he said, as if he were talking about yesterday’s old news paper. “And go home, get some rest.” He patted Sasha on the shoulder like an old friend as he said “you’ve earned it.”

She’d passed out again, Sasha realised as he turned back towards the girl, reaching up to unhook her from the ceiling. He didn’t bother to wake her as he untied her wrists and carried her off in search of some clothes. Ten minutes later, he had her dressed (after a fashion) in a spare soldier’s uniform, and was carrying her out to one of the waiting vehicles, his rifle slung on his back. He received some quizzical looks, but nobody dared to challenge him until he put the girl into the truck.

One of the Commander’s lapdogs — Sasha thought his name was Boskovic — put his hand out to stop Sasha from opening the driver-side door and getting in.

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“Cavoski hasn’t told me of you needing a vehicle today,” he said, trying to look important while tapping a pencil on his clipboard. He was a weedy little scumbag of a man with an irritating nasal voice. Sasha resisted the urge to sneer, and instead fixed the smaller man with a look of stony intimidation.

“I also need some fucking indigestion tablets,” Sasha spat back. “Do you need to know that too?” Boskovic lifted his jaw in an attempt to look intimidating, and this time Sasha couldn’t resist the sneer. He grabbed his rifle and liberated it from its harness, holding it in front of himself in a not altogether unthreatening manner. The intruder took several steps back in fear, and mumbled some sort of apology before suddenly finding great interest in a pile of sandbags several metres away.

Sasha climbed into the truck and carefully placed his beloved rifle beside him out of the girl’s reach, just in case. He had a reputation even among the rest of the soldiers as being particularly ruthless and talented in killing people, and so nobody else challenged him as he left the camp, with his unconscious, bruised and battered prisoner beside him.


Suzanne woke up to find herself lying naked in an strange bed in an unfamiliar room. The bed was warm and cosy and complete with blankets, but her stomach was growling and she was in desperate need to pee, regardless of the fact that she couldn’t possibly have a spare drop of water in her body. She sat up and slid her feet to the floor, and experimented in standing up slowly. Her bones ached and her thigh felt like it was burning, but she was damned if she was going to let herself fall over. She was still alive, and that was worth more than a sore leg. She hobbled to the door and was amazed to find it unlocked.

She stuck her head out of the door slowly, suspicious of suddenly being allowed some degree of freedom to roam in her surroundings. When no danger was immediately apparent, she crept out of the room in search of a bathroom. Once that bodily function was satisfied, she crept down the stairs to find out if anyone else was home.

Sasha was sitting at the kitchen table, efficiently dismantling and cleaning his rifle and his handgun. Suzanne stood shaking in the doorway, unsure if she was going to anger him by having left the bedroom. Although it seemed as if she was no longer under immediate threat of death, she knew that she had only bought herself a limited amount of time. And even that was dependant on keeping this clearly unstable man happy.

She smelled the familiar scent of gun oil and was suddenly reminded of the first time that Sasha had kissed her. Her cheeks were already flushed red as he glanced over at her, his eyes lingering for a moment on her still-naked body, and then motioned for her to come closer. She sat down in the chair opposite him and watched him work, not daring to speak.

They weren’t at the army camp any more, that much was obvious. And although he wasn’t talking to her, Sasha didn’t seem angry with her at all. She’d given them what they wanted, and so the pressure was now off of him. She wondered what that would mean for their twisted little relationship. Perhaps some day he would trust her enough to let her wear clothes again, she thought to herself, her face twisting in an ironic grimace.

“What is it?” Sasha asked softly as he noticed the expression on Suzanne’s face. She blushed even more deeply, looked down at the table in front of her.

“Nothing,” she whispered, her voice shaking a little in fear. She was disgusted but not surprised to realise that the fear was real. “I… just thought it would be nice to have some clothes. This isn’t the warmest of countries in the world.”

Finishing with his prized possessions, Sasha stood up, his face stern. The girl gulped in fear and he had to turn around so that she wouldn’t see him smile. He washed his hands in the old kitchen sink and turned back towards her. She stood up as he stalked closer, backing away in fright. He grabbed her by the throat and pinned her against the wall.

“Making demands already?” he asked, and she shook her head quickly.

“No!” she whispered, a desperate edge to her voice. “Of course not. I’m sorry. I’m just so cold, and—”

He kissed her, sliding one hand into her hair and the other to her breasts. She moaned, reaching up to cling to his shoulders and revelling in her ability to touch him for once. She slid one hand into his hair and he groaned in contentment at her gentle stroking fingers. Her other hand slid down and settled on his chest, feeling muscle that was well defined even through his clothes. She gasped as he picked her up and carried her back upstairs, lying her down on the bed and kicking off his boots before settling himself on top of her, one leg between her thighs.

Oh god, she could get used to this. Suzanne sighed as Sasha slid his tongue over her belly, and onto her inner thighs. She parted her legs in anticipation, desperately trying to resist the urge to grab him by the hair and pull him against her. He kept moving closer and closer until she could feel his breath exactly where she needed him most, and then he would move back to her other leg. She was keening in frustration and eventually lost control of her arms. She slid her fingers into his hair and then froze, terrified of what he would do. He looked up at her and grinned wickedly, slid the tip of his tongue to the bottom of her opening and licked all the way to the top, very lightly and very, very slowly.

Suzanne’s hands flew back to the bed and she gripped the sheets painfully, a low moan escaping her body as she instinctively arched her hips into Sasha’s tongue. He lifted her legs, slowly parting them wide as he settled into a more comfortable position, and started to suck. When he slid two fingers inside her and his other hand glided up to squeeze a nipple sharply, Suzanne was lost.

Sasha let the girl calm down for a couple of moments, slid his mouth against her and touched her warm, wet tongue with his. She kissed back, tentative at first, her hands shyly moving over his clothes, waiting for him to tell her if she could remove them. “Sasha,” she whispered softly, tugging on his shirt. “Please…”

He’d avoided taking his clothes off in front of her in the past, except in the shower where it had been unavoidable. He had scars and markings that he didn’t particularly like looking at himself, never mind showing them off to her. But if he was going to keep her around, he supposed she would have to see at some point. He pulled his shirt off over his head with a grimace, then got up to slide his pants off his legs.

Suzanne shivered as Sasha settled his body back over hers, the feel of his skin against hers making her moan in anticipation. She slid her fingers over the muscles in his arms, slowly at first until he groaned with satisfaction. She traced around a scar on his left arm, stroking near the wounded flesh gently and looking at him for consent.

“Bullet,” he said softly, nodding to say that it was okay for her to touch it. “Handgun. Nine millimetre.” Suzanne stroked over the marred skin for a moment before moving on to another. She spent several minutes exploring all of his injured skin, until he pushed her back down onto the bed and pressed against her.

“What do you want?” he whispered softly, his voice rapidly descending into desire-laden hoarseness. “This?” he asked, pushing so that the head of his penis threatened to enter her. She moaned in response, tried to lift her hips to meet his thrust, but he pushed her back down.

“No,” he growled as he held her against the bed. “You don’t move. I’m in charge. That’s what you need, isn’t it? That’s what you want.” He lifted her face level with his so that he could gauge her reaction to his next sentence. “To be controlled and dominated? And held down and fucked? Answer me.”

She wanted to tell herself that she said it to make him happy, but ultimately it wasn’t true. She agreed with everything he said, and she meant it. She enjoyed the feel of him on top of her, holding her down and pushing inside her until she cried out in pain. Hell, she had even enjoyed him calling her a whore.

Sasha pushed deep inside the girl with a single, punishing thrust, and shuddered in satisfaction as she whimpered in pain. He pulled out of her a little and started moving in slow, steady circles and she arched against him, reaching out her hands to pull him against her. He grabbed her wrists and held them down above her head.

“I said no,” he growled, and Suzanne whined in frustration. He carried on with his slow, steady rhythm and she laid as still as she could, moaning softly in pleasure. “Good girl,” he whispered against her ear. “Lie there and take it, there’s a good girl.”

Suzanne whined into Sasha’s neck, desperately wanting to pull him deeper inside her but knowing that he would not approve. “Oh please, Sasha!” she whimpered. “Please, oh god, I need you…”

“What do you need?” he whispered.

“Deeper,” Suzanne replied, her eyes rolling back in her head at the thought. “And harder. And faster. Oh please!”

Sasha stopped his circling movements and leaned into the girl so that he could push inside her hard and as deep as she could take. She cried out sharply in pain, but he didn’t stop. “Is that what you want, baby?” he asked. “Do you want me to fuck you until it hurts?”

“Oh yes!” she moaned, and he growled in response. She screamed as he came inside her, the pain mixing with incredible pleasure as she came for the second time, and gratefully allowed him to rest on top of her.


Two days later, Sasha found a shirt, pants and a pair of boots that were only a few sizes too big for her, and Suzanne dragged them over her still aching body, grateful to finally have some dignity once again. She had contemplated attempting to escape, but up until now Sasha had not allowed her to be out of his sight for a single waking moment. She waited as patiently as she could, assuming that he would slip up eventually.

He did. He had been outside unloading some supplies from the truck, and he entered the kitchen carrying a very large and cumbersome-looking sack. He glanced to the side while he was carrying the item, and saw that Suzanne was in the kitchen with him. Within an instant, they both realised who was closest to the open door.

She ran. Without a second’s hesitation, she bolted for the door and was out of the house before Sasha had time to lower the heavy sack to the floor. But he was fast, she knew that from past experience, and so she didn’t have the time or the energy to think about what she was doing as she headed for the trees surrounding the building.

He was shouting at her to stop, which occurred to her as strange. Why would he possibly think she would listen when she had a chance at escape? Focusing only on the speed of her stride, she failed to notice the note of anxiety in Sasha’s voice as he called to her to stop. It wasn’t until she finally noticed the warning marks on the trees that she stopped running, and stood absolutely still, scanning the forest floor in panic.

And there they were. No more than a foot away from where she stood, a piece of metal shone dully through the undergrowth, and Suzanne finally recognised it as an anti-personnel landmine. She glanced around and counted at least two others within touching distance of her current position. She had missed them on her way in by pure dumb luck, but the chances of her missing them again on the way out seemed slim. If she put enough weight on one of them to activate the mine, it would jump several feet in the air and explode, showering fragments of metal across the ground as well as her own internal organs.

She heard Sasha come to an abrupt standstill several feet behind her. On the edge of the minefield no doubt. But if he came any closer, he could set off one of the mines and kill them both.

“Don’t move!” Suzanne whispered, as if she was scared that the mines would hear her, and set themselves off. She shuffled on the spot so that she was facing Sasha’s direction to ensure that he was not moving.

Sasha scowled. “I told you to stop running. As if I don’t know where my own fucking landmines are. Now don’t move!” He slowly picked his way between the mines, edging his way towards her at the speed of a tortoise. But at least he didn’t manage to blow them both to pieces. When he finally reached Suzanne, he lifted her into his arms and carried her back to the house, picking up the pace once they were clear of the danger again.

Suzanne sank into a chair at the kitchen table as Sasha went back to the truck and finished unloading the supplies. She was too shaken to run for it again. As he finished putting some canned food into a store cupboard, Suzanne whispered in a puzzled voice: “You could have been killed, Sasha. Why did you come after me?”

Sasha looked at her, an unfamiliar expression on his face. He seemed to be troubled. “If I hadn’t, you would be dead,” he replied. This was probably true, but it did nothing to explain his actions. Nothing believable, anyway. Up until now, Suzanne had been sure that Sasha existed solely to enjoy causing other people pain. There was no way that he seemed capable of any depth of feeling. So why did it seem as if he was upset at the thought of her dying?

Suzanne dragged her shaking body to her feet and stumbled towards Sasha. She flung her arms around him and hugged for dear life. “Thank you,” she whispered, the words muffled since her mouth was pressed into Sasha’s neck. He slid his arms around her in response, and rested his cheek on the top of her head, holding her until her shaking subsided once more.


Several days passed; Suzanne wasn’t sure exactly how many. They settled into a semblance of a routine, twisted as it was. Sasha was generally out during the day, after having determined that the landmine infested woods were impassable and it was an un-walkable distance to civilization along the road. So, escape looking ever more unlikely, Suzanne busied herself with sleeping, and attempting to keep herself as fit as possible without the use of any equipment to help her. And waiting for Sasha to come home.

She was becoming attached to him, and that was a problem. He made her feel alive; like the time that she had first flown solo or rode a bike by herself, even. He was rough and he was brutal but he was beautiful and passionate and intense and she lo —

*No. Stop right there.*

It was definitely a problem. Suzanne had a job to do — to finish, and people were relying on her. She needed to get to a phone. Sasha had a mobile but he’d never left it where she could get at it without him knowing. She was going to have to think of something, she was running out of time. If she wasn’t careful, she was going to be late, in more ways than one.

The opportunity presented itself in the end. They were making dinner, and Sasha left Suzanne in charge of stirring the food while he went upstairs to take a shower. She turned away from the cooker to find that he’d left his mobile on the kitchen table. Strange. She waited for several moments, and then heard Sasha enter the bathroom and turn on the shower. It was perfect. She grabbed the phone and dialled the number for her contact, quickly stirring their dinner while making sure that she was in sight of the stairs. She’d see his shadow approach in time to put the phone back so that he was none the wiser.

It seemed to ring forever, and Suzanne bit her lip in trepidation. Was she too late? A strange mixture of emotion washed over her at that thought. Something else not to think about. The call connected just in time to spare her having to identify her emotions.

Silence. She spoke quietly, identifying herself with her call sign and password only. The person on the other end of the line was satisfied, and confirmed their identity to her. “Report?” Suzanne asked softly.

“Intelligence confirms they are acting on your information and moving into position,” the voice replied. “We will be ready to meet them. Everything is going as planned.”


“Approximately seven hours. A team will be ready for extraction. Location?”

“Can you trace the position of this call?”

“Of course.”

“Then it will be from here.”

“Agreed. We will extract you as soon as the operation begins.”

Suzanne’s breath caught in her throat and she didn’t respond for a moment. She had no idea that things were going to happen so soon.

“Ma’am?” the voice on the other end of the line enquired.

“Yes,” she replied, trying to mentally shake herself. “I’ll be ready.”

“I’m glad to hear your voice again, ma’am. See you back at Operations.”

“Thank you,” Suzanne replied, and ended the call. A moment later, the shower turned off. She searched through the unfamiliar language of the menus of the phone, trying to find the call logs. She found the entry for the call that she had just made and deleted that single entry, thankful that the mobile phone was a Nokia and she was familiar enough with it to do this even if she wasn’t sure of all of the language. She placed the phone back on the table exactly as if it hadn’t been disturbed, and returned to stirring their dinner.

Sasha returned to the kitchen feeling slightly uneasy but not sure why. He spotted the phone on the table and instantly recognised his potentially massive mistake. It didn’t look as if it had been moved, but he couldn’t be sure. “Dinner’s ready,” Suzanne said over her shoulder absently. When he didn’t reply, she turned to look at him, a puzzled look on her face.

He still didn’t say anything. Suzanne followed his gaze to rest on the mobile, then looked back up at him, a look of slight disappointment and embarrassment on her face. She looked away again, then turned back to the cooker and busied herself with stirring. The intention was to make him realise that she hadn’t touched the phone. Of course she hadn’t, and how could he think such a thing of her? He still wasn’t moving, so she sniffed a couple of times softly, willing tears to come to her eyes.

Sasha trusted Suzanne not to try to hurt him, and she hadn’t tried to leave when he’d left her in the house on her own. But to leave his phone where she could get to it? He wasn’t so sure that she wouldn’t have tried to contact someone. Not until he heard her sniffling, at least. He swore under his breath softly, walked up towards her and slipped his phone into his pocket on the way. He slid his arms around her from behind and slid his mouth to her neck, nuzzled gently.

Suzanne wiped the tears from her face angrily and redoubled her efforts in stirring, attempting to ignore Sasha in his quest for the extra sensitive area below her ear. “Come here,” he whispered, turning her around in his arms.

“No,” she replied sulkily, trying to stop him from turning her to face him, but she wasn’t trying too hard. He pulled her away from the cooker and leaned her against the table. “Dinner’s going to burn,” she warned, and he shrugged, sliding his hand along the back of her thigh and up to her arse, sliding the oversized shirt she was wearing out of the way as he went. He slid his other hand to her cheek and pulled her towards him, trying to placate her with a kiss that was far more tender than he usually offered. She pulled away from him, still putting up a façade of protest in order to save face. He pulled her back and kissed harder.

Needing to draw his attention away from his phone, Suzanne didn’t protest any further as Sasha lifted her onto the table and laid her back, then unbuttoned her shirt and pushed it out of the way. He slid his palms from the bottom of her breast down to her hips, laid a gentle kiss just above her pubic hair. She gasped as her body jerked sharply. She was burning immediately, her legs parting automatically and without her consent. He slid her towards the edge of the table, leaned over her to look directly in her eyes and slid one finger into her mouth. She licked for a moment, then sucked gently until he withdrew it again. He slid the wet finger over one of her nipples in a slow spiralling pattern, and she moaned in frustration.

Sasha repeated his actions, sliding his wet finger over Suzanne’s other breast. She arched against him, murmured in Serbian the equivalent of “Oh please just fuck me Sasha!” He slid his finger to her mouth and shushed her, slid his mouth against her ear again.

“Don’t talk,” he whispered softly. “Just relax.” He slid his finger into her mouth again, then slid the torturing wet digit down into her pubic hair and onto her clitoris. He stroked just long enough to tease, leaned over and slid a nipple into his mouth and sucked for a moment. Suzanne writhed, and then Sasha bit into her nipple. A low moan escaped her and she shuddered as her body surged into orgasm. Sasha smiled, slid back up to kiss her as her body relaxed again.

“I have to go out tomorrow,” Sasha whispered. “Early. I should be back by midday.” He was already sliding back down, parting her legs again and she felt his breath on her thighs. Oh god. Thinking was becoming difficult.

If he was going out in the morning, it meant that he was going to do a job. And the only job it could possibly be was the one she had given them information on. If he went there, he would die. And she couldn’t warn him without telling him why. Oh god.

She’d have to stop him. She was glad she had one more trick up her sleeve that would allow her to do that. He was by no means a good or decent man, but she wasn’t going to kill him. And she wasn’t going to ask herself why, either.

Sasha slid one finger inside her and his tongue onto her clitoris and Suzanne lost her train of thought completely. She slid her hands into his hair and ran her nails over his scalp, pulling him closer. He groaned in contentment and the vibrations from his voice caused Suzanne to come again.

“Please Sasha,” she whispered, and he rose to his feet.

He unbuttoned his pants and leaned over her, and Suzanne raised her legs and locked them around his back. The head of his penis nudged against her opening, and Suzanne whined in anticipation. Sasha braced his forearms on the table on either side of Suzanne’s head, and slid up and down for a moment, feeling a warm, inviting wetness drawing him towards her. She slid her arms along his sides until she reached his arse, and pulled a little. He bumped against her harder, stretched her opening slightly until she moaned in eagerness, then pulled back out to rest against her. She looked up at him, saw the look in his eyes and knew exactly what he wanted.

“Sasha…” she whispered softly, sliding her hand back across his hips and brushing her fingers across the length of his penis and down to her clitoris. She stroked for a moment, let her head fall backwards as she moaned in pleasure and he groaned in response. She looked back into his eyes as she whispered “I’m hot and I’m wet.” She slid a finger inside herself and then pulled it back out to stroke along his penis again. “See? Don’t you want to feel that?”

His mock resistance never did last long. Sasha cured the ache inside Suzanne with one forceful thrust which caused her to whine in pain-laced pleasure as he settled inside her. She slid her hands back to his arse and pulled, wanting him to move even harder. Every thrust was causing her to cry out in pain as he bumped her cervix, and she scratched her nails along his back until he had to hold her arms down. She came again, and her lust for pain lessened as her body calmed down again. Sasha slowed his movement inside her and she moaned in appreciation. He let her arms go and she slid them around him, one sliding into his hair and stroking through it.

“Aleksandar,” she whispered, using his full Christian name for the first time. “I…” She stopped herself from saying something very stupid. “You’re so beautiful.”

He looked at her for a moment, wondered what she had meant to say, but she wouldn’t look at him and so he couldn’t tell. She slid her hand between his legs and squeezed his balls gently and he forgot all about what she had started to say.

The dinner was burned, but they ate it anyway. Suzanne was quiet during the meal, worrying about the night ahead. Sasha didn’t notice; he was relaxed and he had a full belly and he was never much of a talker, anyway. Suzanne sneaked to the bathroom while they were cleaning the dishes, a sharp knife concealed in her shirt sleeve. She sat on the toilet with her left foot dangling over the bath, and felt along the arch of her foot for two small bumps. Grimacing, she slid the knife into the skin to the side of the left bump, and a small capsule plopped out of the wound, along with a ridiculous amount of blood. She ran her foot under the cold water and pressed tissue paper to the cut until the bleeding stopped, washing the capsule in the water as well. She hid the knife in the cistern of the toilet before padding down the stairs again.

Suzanne busied herself preparing a hot drink for both of them, breaking open the capsule and dumping the contents into Sasha’s cup while his back was turned. They drank their tea and then plodded upstairs to bed, Suzanne’s stomach in knots at the thought of what was about to happen. Sasha sank onto the bed, the sedative already taking its toll on him. He frowned; he knew that something was wrong but he didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. Suzanne lifted his face towards her and stroked his cheek gently.

“I’m sorry Sasha,” she whispered softly. “Please believe that I’m doing this to try to help you. I can’t let them kill you.” She wasn’t sure if he could hear her, but she had to say something. She knew that he would be mad as hell when he woke up in the morning.

Suzanne didn’t sleep. She sat up and watched Sasha sleep as she waited for her extraction team to arrive. The sound of an approaching engine signalled that she had to leave. She had slid on a pair of his pants as well as the shirt, but his boots were ridiculously large and so she had to go barefoot. She checked that Sasha was still sleeping soundly, then kissed him gently before creeping downstairs. She had to wipe tears from her eyes before she opened the door and met the familiar face of her handler waiting to meet her.


Sasha knew that something was wrong as soon as he woke up. His body was heavy and his head was groggy. He usually woke up instantly; a necessity in his line of work. And the other side of the bed was empty. And cold. And it was light. Shit! He laid back in the bed, trying to clear the fog in his head. She’s gone.

What could have gone wrong? He never overslept, and he never woke up feeling like this. The dinner had been burned, yes, but it wasn’t poisonous. She’s gone.

He leaned his head over the edge of the bed and threw up, his body expelling the majority of last night’s meal, and whatever was causing him to feel like this. She’s gone.

Sasha grabbed his rifle and his handgun and ran downstairs, checking to make sure that yes, she really was gone. Shit, shit, shit. He tried to calm himself so that he could think. His first priority was to get to his earlier destination, and find out what had happened. Then he could worry about finding the girl. He jumped into his truck and sped off, anger burning through the throbbing in his head. He almost couldn’t believe what he found.

Bodies. He’d expected bodies, but not the ones that lay on the ground in front of him. Someone had ambushed the Serb soldiers, and they lay dead in the mud, weapons strewn where they had dropped them. He spotted Boskovic and his commanding officer, and several others whose names eluded him, but they had all been stationed at the base from which he removed Suzanne. He left, not wanting to be a target for any snipers that might have been left behind, just in case.

The anger overtook his calm now as a hundred thoughts ran through Sasha’s head at once. She’d lied to him. She’d told them what they wanted to hear and they had believed her, biding her time until she could escape. She’d kept him happy with sex and lured the soldiers into a trap that was meant for him, as well. A wave of emotion washed over him that felt dangerously close to pain and he viciously kicked the side of the truck in frustration. He was meant to be dead here, too!

But she’d drugged him. Stopped him from leaving the house on time. Why? What could she have possibly gained by him not turning up to do his job as he’d been ordered? He growled furiously as he realised that this now looked as if he’d been the one who’d set them up. The chances of him getting out of this alive were slim indeed.

It was past midday. If she’d left after he’d fallen asleep, she would have had hours to get away now. He’d never find her today. Deciding that his best chance for survival was to get away from the scene as quickly as possible, he got back into the truck and headed east as fast as the shitheap could manage. He ground his teeth in frustration as he tried to work out a plan of action. He wasn’t going to stop until he found her, and he didn’t care where he had to go to do it. And when he did, she was going to regret it.


Suzanne had to endure a physical and psych evaluation on her return to Operations, and had been recommended four months of leave to aid in her recovery. On closer inspection of the available information, Intelligence had discovered that Aleksandar Jovanovic had not been among those killed during the fire-fight. Still, they’d managed to take out the leader and a great number of the soldiers, and so the mission was classed as a partial success.

She wasn’t sure how four months of sitting around and doing nothing was going to help her feel better, but she wasn’t going to complain. She was just glad that they hadn’t started questioning her about why Sasha hadn’t been where he was supposed to be that morning. She had fallen into a carefully constructed routine designed with the intent to numb her brain, and she was walking around in a daze for the most part.

It had been ten weeks, but Sasha was still preying on Suzanne’s mind. She was sure he was going to come after her, and a part of her was dreading that and what he would do. However, another small part of her ached at the thought that maybe he wouldn’t bother coming to find her. She felt utterly confused whenever she thought about him; it made her flinch at the memory of her bruises but she also felt a twinge of longing. She dreamt about him while she slept and spent her days trying to push him out of her mind, with little success. She often found herself daydreaming, her body burning at the memory of his hands and mouth moving over her skin.

The torture didn’t last much longer. Suzanne returned home tired after a day spent aimlessly wandering through the local shopping centre. She dropped her bags in the hallway and traipsed up the stairs and into her bedroom, not bothering to close the door behind her. She pulled her hair out of its pony tail and began unbuttoning her shirt, then froze as she heard the bedroom door close behind her.

Sasha stood leaning against the bedroom door, his arms casually folded and that characteristic look of brutal determination on his face. He looked a little tidier than usual, although he still wasn’t clean shaven. The look in his eyes was difficult to fathom completely, but Suzanne didn’t miss the smouldering anger within them. She felt her nether regions stir treacherously at the sight of him and took an involuntary step backwards, eyes darting about in search of any available weapons but finding nothing.

“Hello Sasha,” she whispered softly, standing awkwardly still as she tried to figure out what he was going to do. He didn’t reply. “What do you want?” she asked, suddenly conscious of the fact that her breasts were poking out of her half unbuttoned shirt.

Sasha snorted derisively as he pushed himself away from the door and stalked towards Suzanne. She raised her chin in defiance and refused to back away. He stopped in front of her, so close that his chest almost brushed against her breasts.

“You know why I’m here, my little slut,” he growled softly in Serbian. He slid his hand to her cheek and gripped painfully. “You lied to me, and you set me up. And you’re going to die.” Suzanne slapped his hand away from her cheek, then landed another blow to his left eye. He caught her wrist before she could hit the other side of his face and bent it behind her back painfully. She whimpered, then kneed Sasha in the balls in an attempt to escape. He grunted, his grip relaxing on her arm as he bent over in pain.

“Let’s get a couple of things straight Sasha,” Suzanne said, kicking him again as it looked as if he might straighten up. “Yes, I lied to you. It was my job. As for setting you up? I did that too. But if I hadn’t done things the way that I did, you would be dead right now, and you know it.”

Sasha straightened slowly, then shoved Suzanne against the wall, pinning her down. “Am I supposed to be grateful?” he growled, his hand holding her jaw still.

“That I risked my own life to save yours?” Suzanne replied. Sasha raised an eyebrow at that, unimpressed. “Yes, you should be. You were supposed to turn up to do your job and get slaughtered with the rest of them, but I stopped you from going. My employers are not exactly forgiving, Sasha. If they find out what I did, they’ll kill me.”

Sasha was silent for a moment. He hadn’t dared let himself think that perhaps Suzanne hadn’t wanted him to get hurt. The thought niggled at him, but he pushed it aside coldly. “Don’t worry,” he replied, sliding his hand to her throat and starting to squeeze. “I’ll save them the trouble.”

“I understand that you’re angry Sasha,” Suzanne said. “That you feel as if I used you. But we didn’t exactly have a traditional honest and loving relationship going on. I still didn’t want them to hurt you, though. I need you to understand that I did what I did because it was the only way I could stop them from killing you. And that was all that was important to me.”

He didn’t believe her, he couldn’t. He’d spent too long being as angry as hell over her making a fool of him, and he wasn’t about to let her do it again. So he ignored the look of pain on her face and chose to think only about the fact that everything else she’d ever said to him had been a lie. He gradually tightened his grip on her neck until she started to squirm desperately.

Suzanne wasn’t going to accept Sasha’s punishment without a fight. She punched him in the stomach and he grunted in pain, his grip loosening on her throat enough so that she could push him away from her. She hit him again in the jaw, but he grabbed her arm and held her still, a backhander to her cheek causing her to stagger in pain.

Sasha was slightly surprised by Suzanne’s return to her original more aggressive self. He wondered how much of her submissive behaviour had been an act to make him feel secure enough to trust her. It had certainly worked. He pulled her against him and slid his mouth to her ear.

“All that time you spent screaming for me,” he whispered. “All the times you writhed around underneath me and moaned my name. Was doing your job really worth being a whore for me?” Suzanne frowned at Sasha’s hard description of past events.

“That wasn’t a part of my job,” she whispered, and Sasha sneered. He didn’t believe her. He wouldn’t.

“Was doing your job really worth leaving?” he growled. Suzanne’s breath caught in her throat. How was she supposed to answer that?

“I…” she started, taking a shaky breath. “I didn’t want to leave like that. But I couldn’t have stayed, Sasha. I mean, you couldn’t have expected me to be happy sitting naked in a house all day just waiting for you to come home so that you could screw me?”

Sasha growled again in disgust, shoved Suzanne away from him and turned away. She staggered for a moment, but regained her balance without falling over. He still looked angry, but now there was something else there as well. He brought his hand up and rubbed his face, then raked it through his hair angrily before turning to face her again.

“I should have killed you when Cavoski told me to,” he said quietly, his right hand sliding to his back. He produced his handgun, switched off the safety and held it pointed at the floor beside him.

“You don’t mean that,” Suzanne replied, her voice even. “And you know it.” He was not going to kill her. Sasha snorted, walked towards her slowly.

“You think so?” he asked, raising the gun to her eye level. “Do you really think I’m not going to kill you, baby?”

Suzanne hoped not, but she wasn’t prepared to take any chances. She grabbed his wrist with one hand and slammed her elbow down onto his forearm. He growled in pain, and she swung her elbow back up and slammed it into the side of his face. He dropped the gun, but it wasn’t going to be enough for her to escape. He was still as tough as nails and he recovered in a split second.

The girl used the second that Sasha was recovering to make a run for the door. She managed to claw it open before he grabbed her by her shirt collar and shoved her forwards, slamming the door shut and her chest straight into it. He yanked her around to face him and slid his hand into her hair, pulling viciously.

“You’re not getting away from me ever again,” he growled, slapping her in the face as she continued to struggle. “I told you that you were mine, and I meant it!” Suzanne refused to stay still, kicking, hitting and scratching with every last remaining ounce of strength in her limbs.

“I do not belong to you!” she screamed. “You don’t own me, Sasha! And you can’t just make me do what you want!”

Sasha smiled nastily, slid his free hand to Suzanne’s chin and held her eyes level with his. “Who are you trying to convince?” he asked softly, which renewed Suzanne’s anger. She lashed out at him again, and they fought for several minutes. Sasha eventually slammed Suzanne back against the wall, his hips grinding into hers. He held her head tightly in his hands and kept her still as he kissed her, hard. There was absolutely nothing gentle in his actions; he was vicious and brutal, and Suzanne repaid him in kind. She continued to hit and scratch at him, and bit his lower lip until she tasted his blood filling her mouth. He grunted in pain, lifted his head away from her and punched her in the left eye, hard.

Suzanne was stunned for a moment from the force of Sasha’s blow to her face, and she couldn’t stop him as he pulled her away from the wall and threw her on to her bed. He followed immediately, straddling her legs and holding her arms above her head. He ripped open her shirt the rest of the way and yanked her bra aside, grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed harshly. Suzanne hissed in pain and started to struggle, but he had his weight on top of her and she couldn’t get any leverage. Sasha was not impressed by her continued struggling, and bent down to catch her other nipple in his teeth. She groaned, arched against him as her body tried to decide whether it wanted him dead, or inside her.

He leaned to the side for a moment so that he could unzip Suzanne’s trousers and drag them off her legs, but she was having none of it. She kicked at him, then wriggled away as best she could. She got one arm free and hit him in the face, then shoved at his chest, trying to get him off her completely. No chance. She was strong, but he was heavier. And he was far more used to this sort of thing than she was.

Suzanne was panicking. If she let him touch her she would melt, and she knew it. But she couldn’t get him off her, no matter how much she hurt him. He was determined to do what he wanted to do, regardless of her opinion of the situation. He succeeded in getting rid of her trousers — and her underwear — and slid back on top of her, forcing his legs between hers.

They continued their fight, Sasha alternating randomly between stroking her and hitting, kissing and biting. Suzanne fought him tooth and nail for as long as she could, but eventually found herself kissing him back, no less brutally than him. She groaned in anger as she felt his hand slide over her stomach and down into her pubic hair. He slid his fingers inside her, and found her wet.

“You see?” he growled, bringing his hand up to Suzanne’s face and wiping the moisture onto her mouth. “You always did enjoy me being in charge. What’s the point of being alone with no one around to fuck you until you scream? You’ll always be my little whore. Won’t you?”

Suzanne closed her eyes, angry hot tears falling down her cheeks. She relaxed her body for a moment, trying to regain some of her strength. If he wanted an answer then it would be a long time coming.

Sasha didn’t care. He took advantage of Suzanne’s stillness and settled his body over hers, pushed inside her slowly. Suzanne arched against him, hissing in response but not knowing if it was pleasure or pain. He let go of her arms, and she slid them around his back, scratching with enough pressure to draw blood even through his clothes. Her treacherous body reacted instantly to the familiar feeling of him being inside her, and her legs locked around his waist, pulling him deeper inside her. Sasha moaned in response, gentled his movements inside her until Suzanne whined in pleasure.

Sasha slid onto his back beside Suzanne after they had finished, and she didn’t miss the careful way in which he moved, settling himself with a wince. Dried blood was caked onto his lip and his nose from where she’d hit and bitten him. She felt similarly battered.

“This is ridiculous,” Suzanne said softly, looking over at Sasha.

“Mmm,” he agreed, wincing again as he looked towards her. Her face had fared little better than his own; he leaned over and stroked some hair out of her eyes.

“I’m sorry Sasha,” Suzanne whispered. “For leaving. I really am.”

He sighed. Closed his eyes and leaned back again. “I’m sorry I was going to kill you.”

“You weren’t going to though,” she replied. “Were you?”

Sasha looked back towards Suzanne, a look of seriousness on his face that told her that yes, he had intended to kill her. She bit her lip and looked away.

“So what do we do now?” she asked.

“Stay with me,” he said quietly, and Suzanne’s heart leapt into her throat.

“Where?” she asked, her mind suddenly racing with the thought that Sasha wanted her with him again.

“I don’t care,” he replied, sliding his palm over her breasts. Suzanne moaned in response, her back arching automatically until she noticed the pain that the move caused. He groaned in pain as he dragged himself upwards so that he could slide a nipple into his mouth and suck gently. Suzanne slid her hands to his shoulders and proceeded to remove Sasha’s clothes as quickly as their aching muscles would allow. He turned around and parted Suzanne’s thighs gently, slid his tongue down onto her clitoris and started to suck.

Suzanne nudged Sasha until he straddled her head and she could return the favour. He moaned softly as he felt her mouth envelope him, warm and wet and incredible. He slid two fingers inside her as he sucked, stroked them in circles inside her until she whined in pleasure, the vibrations in her mouth causing him to shudder in response. Shaking, he turned around again, slid her legs against her chest and pushed against her opening gently.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispered, his voice hoarse from arousal, the way that made her shudder in pleasure.

Suzanne wanted answers for herself first. “Do you love me, Sasha?” she asked, her hands stroking his hair gently. He frowned, and Suzanne didn’t think he would answer.

“You wouldn’t still be alive if I didn’t,” he replied. Suzanne sighed in relief, but she wanted to hear him say it for himself.

“Then tell me,” she whispered, holding his eyes level with hers.

An eternity passed by. They stared at each other for several moments, then Sasha nodded slowly. “I love you,” he murmured, and Suzanne smiled in relief. “Now tell me to fuck you!” he growled, and she did, with pleasure. Sasha slid inside her, hard, causing her to gasp in pain-laced satisfaction.

“Don’t stop,” Suzanne whispered softly against Sasha’s ear. “Don’t ever stop.” Sasha moaned softly, slid his mouth down to cover one of her breasts again and sucked hungrily until Suzanne came, her body jerking against him erratically. He followed shortly afterwards, collapsing on top of her as his worn out body refused to hold itself up any longer. They slept, Sasha still inside Suzanne and his weight half crushing her, but she didn’t care. They could decide what the hell they were going to do later.