Daddy’s Little Girl Gets Ravaged

“Dear Diary: I’m so glad I have you, my dear diary. If I didn’t have you, I think I would go crazy. Daddy and I have lived up in these isolated mountains for 2 years now. There is nobody to talk to, nobody to visit, and nobody to have sex with. Since I’ve written of that problem many times inside your pages, you already know the situation. I am just sooooo ready to have sex that I can hardly contain myself. I am in a constant state of “horniness” with wet panties all day long. Maybe the lack of candidates for sex has created my latest dilemma.

You won’t believe who I have been fantasizing about, diary. My own father! Can you believe that? I have been dreaming about it a lot lately. I have woken up actually orgasming from dreams where my father has tied me up, torn my clothes off and has raped me. Only, it’s not the kind of rape that emotionally scars women for the rest of their life. I actually love what he does to me. I watch him as he sucks on my breasts and then moves his way down my body to burry his face in my cunt and start licking, lapping, and sucking until my hips can’t stay on the bed. Then he takes me like a man takes a woman and I love it! It’s usually at this point I wake up. I know I should be thoroughly disgusted by what I’m dreaming, I mean, it’s incest and it’s wrong. Right? But somehow just the thought of how taboo it is, only makes it more exciting and erotic.

I don’t know how dad does it. I mean he hasn’t been with a woman in two years. The only time we see anybody is when we go to town 100 miles away to get groceries and I’m always with him. Anyway, I’m glad he can’t read minds because if he knew what I think about the majority of the time, he’d kill me! But, my hot incestuous, rape thoughts are just between my good friend, diary and myself. Right? So, I’ll visit you again in a couple of days diary, until then, wish me sweet dreams. Love, Meg”

Snapping the book closed, he couldn’t believe it! His little girl had written this! She had been thinking about having sex with him. She was dying to have sex…with HIM?? That’s why she’s been acting a little strange lately. Her strange behavior was what prompted him to search for answers as to its cause while she was out hiking. Running his fingers over his face and through his hair, he shakes his head. What is he going to do now?

It’s true we’ve been isolated for two years since his divorce from her frigid mother. Meg’s mother had been so disgusted by sex that she didn’t want any reminders that she had ever had sex. This included her 16-year-old daughter, Meg. The problem always was that I, on the other hand, had an inexhaustible desire for sex. I was so convinced that something was wrong with me, that I moved Meg and me up into these mountains to suppress my sexual urges. It hadn’t worked really well. I still wanted sex; I just had no way of having it. Well, Meg was wrong about one thing, I thought as I looked down at my fully erect shaft. I’m not mad at her. How can I be mad at her for thinking about the same thing I’d been thinking about for the past year and a half? Resisting the urge to take my little girl was getting harder to do. Well, it looks as if resistance is no longer needed, I thought, feeling my cock jump with arousal.

So, my little girl wants to be tied up and raped by her daddy hmm? Well, I think I just may be able to give my little girl exactly what she wants. As I busy myself getting ready for the night’s events, the thoughts of making my little girl cum many, many times keeps me in a constant state of arousal.

“Whew! I shouldn’t have gone quite that far today. I’m pooped. Boy is a hot shower going to feel wonderful,” I thought to myself as I walked in the back door into the kitchen. “Hi daddy! I’m back.” I said as I saw my father busy at the counter.

“Ah! Just in time dear. I’ve fixed us some chicken breasts and baked potatoes for supper, sit down and eat. We don’t want it to get cold now, do we?”

“Oh good! I’m starving,” washing my hands in the sink at sitting down at the table. Looking at my father as he finished dishing up the food, I noticed that he had on a pair of jeans and his shirt was hanging unbuttoned down his lightly furred chest. God! He’s gorgeous! No wonder I fantasize about him. Too bad I could never act on the attraction. I watched him bring the plates to the table and set them down. I picked up my drink and drank half of it down before I felt it burn. My eyes watered and I started coughing. “Daddy!” I croaked, “What in the world is this?”

Laughing, he said, “A very strong long island iced tea. I thought you and I could drink together tonight. You are, after all, getting to be a big girl now.”

“Well, thanks, daddy. But you could have warned me.” I said laughing. With that I started eating and finished off my drink. I watched as dad poured me another. “Supper was great dad! Thanks. I’m going to go take a shower now, OK?” I stated as I got up and put my plate in the sink and headed to the bathroom.

“OK, Meg. You go get cleaned up for daddy.” He said. Puzzled I glanced back at him, wondering at the odd phrasing. Shrugging, I continue on my way.

I was right, the shower felt wonderful. I dried myself off and put on my nightie, which came to my knees. I brushed my teeth and hair and stepped out of the bathroom. “Oh! Daddy! You startled me! I didn’t know you were right there.” I said, laughing up at him. “I think I’m going to go on to bed, dad. I hiked too far and I’m getting sore.”

“Well, why don’t you come to my room and let me massage your legs with lotion for you, honey? It will keep you from being too sore tomorrow.” He suggested.

“Would you do that for me dad? That would be great! Lead the way.” Thankful for anything that might eliminate the stiffening in my legs. I tipped the drink I had taken with me and finished it off. “Wow, that iced tea you made gets better and better daddy.”

“I’m glad you liked it baby. It will make you more relaxed.” He said, giving me an intense look. He dimmed the lights, making the room shadowy and intimate. “Now climb up in daddy’s bed and lay on your stomach. I’ll do the backs of your legs first.” I climbed up in the middle of the bed and did as he asked. I felt him climb up next to me and lift my nightie up onto my back. “Daddy!” I started, uncomfortable with having my pantied bottom exposed to view. “It’s OK baby, I’m your father. I’ve seen you naked before, even if it was a long time ago. Just relax, I need to get your muscles loosened up for you.” He said squirting lotion onto the backs of my legs. Then he began to gently, yet firmly massage the backs of my thighs and calves.

“OOOOHHHH, daddy! That feels toooo good!!” I sighed.

“I know, and it’s only going to get better dear.” He answered. He continued to massage, then instructed me to turn over so he could get the front of my legs. I complied immediately. This felt too good to hesitate. I was intensely aware of the wet spot growing in the crotch of my panties. Having his hands on me was arousing me. Thankfully, he wouldn’t be looking at my panty-clad pussy. I sighed and closed my eyes. Just enjoying the sensations. I was almost asleep when I felt him shift towards the head of the bed. I felt him reach down and take my wrist and pull it up to him, and then he did the same to the other. I stirred myself and looked at him. I smiled and tried to stretch.

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“What the…?” I breathed, finding myself unable to move my hands. As I looked up to see that my wrists were cuffed to the headboard, I realized that my father was strapping something around my right thigh. “Daddy! What in the world are you doing?” I yelled. The yell turned into a screech as I felt him pull that strap up and fasten the other end to the headboard as well. This had the effect of pulling my knee up and out to the side. When he was finished I saw him move to the other side and proceed to do the same to my left leg.

“Well, baby. It’s about time you learned some things about your daddy. I’m also going to teach you some things too. Did you know your mother was frigid?” He asked, pausing long enough for me to shake my head indicating that I had not known. “She hated to have sex. If I had sex with her, I had to force her. Which was fine with me. The struggling turned me on, but then, she stopped struggling and it was like dry fucking a sponge. I, on the other hand, needed to have sex several times during the day. As you can see, it didn’t work out for us. So, I thought maybe something was the matter with me, so I moved up in the mountains where I wouldn’t have access to any women. I wanted to see if I could “cure” myself.”

“Well, as you can see from your current position, I haven’t “cured” myself. It has only built up like a dam that’s ready to explode. I also realized that I do have access to someone to fuck. You.” He smiled down at me with a lust-filled, devilish look in his eyes. “Don’t worry though, you are going to love it too. I’ll make sure you cum many times for daddy before I’m through tonight.” With that he reached down and grabbed the neck of my nightie and with one fluid motion, ripped it from my body.

“Daddy! NO!! You can’t do this daddy!” I cried. More turned on than I could describe, but unwilling to fully give in to the wickedness.

“Yes, I can. Look at yourself baby; you’re tied down to your own daddy’s bed with your legs spread wide open. There’s nothing you can do about it except to enjoy what I’m going to do to you. God, your gorgeous! Look at those tits; those are the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen. Now, let’s get rid of those adorable little panties.” he grabbed those and ripped them off, leaving my wet bare pussy exposed to his eyes. “Oh, baby! That’s just beautiful. I love a hairless cunt to eat. But, first thing is first. I just have to have one of those nipples in my mouth.” he growled as he lay beside me and bent his head towards my breasts. I watched in fascination as he touched the tip of his tongue to my nipple and licked all over it. Then, keeping eye contact with me, he opened his lips and sucked the nipple into his hot sucking mouth, watching my reaction to his sucking.

I caught my breath and arched my back at the sensation caused by his forceful sucking. It almost felt as if he were trying to suck my pussy juice up through my nipple. I cried out “No! Daddy, please stop!” I knew I was merely playing to my rape fantasy at this point, I also remembered daddy saying he liked a struggle. He merely smiled and sucked harder, then switched to give equal attention to the other nipple. God! The licking felt nice, but that hard sucking had me approaching orgasm.

“So, my little girl loves having her nipples sucked on, huh? I think my baby got her sex drive from me, thank god. I was afraid you might grow up to be frigid, like your mother,” he rasped, as he placed small open-mouthed kissed down my body. I shivered, feeling my daddy’s mouth on my body. I can’t believe this is happening, I thought to myself.

I felt him kissing the outer lips of my dripping cunt and held my breath. Then I felt him spread my lips wide with is hands and watched him pause looking deep inside of me. “Oh, baby! You turn me on so much, and you have so much juice for me to drink.” He muttered, and then he lowered his head and flicked his tongue firmly against my engorged clit. “OOOO…” I cried. Then it was like hearing my pleasured reaction made his control crack. He started urgently lapping my clit with his tongue making occasional sweeping movements from the bottom of my cunt back up to the top.

“Oh, daddy, YES!! God that feels so good daddy!” I yelled, unable to stop myself. I began pushing my hips up as far as I could through my bindings, trying to feed my pussy to my daddy even more. “Please daddy, untie me! I want to touch you.” I begged. He looked up from his ministrations and smiled “No, baby, not yet. I’ll let you up when I’m ready.” With that, looking into my eyes, he stuck out his tongue and rammed it as deep up my pussy as he could and started a delicious in and out rhythm making my head thrash from side to side. As he continued to drive me wild with his tongue I saw him remove his clothes. I couldn’t wait to run my hands down my daddy’s body. I wanted to please him the same way he was pleasing me.

“Oh, baby! You taste so good daddy loves to eat your little bare pussy. But now, it’s time to take my little girl’s innocence.” As he rose up and moved to position himself between my legs, I got my first look at my father’s cock. My eyes about popped out of their sockets. That thing must be at least 10 ½ inches long and 3 inches wide. I started to panic, there was no way that thing was going to fit into my virgin pussy!

“Daddy! NO, that thing isn’t going to fit inside of me! You’ll kill me with that.” I screamed.

“Now do you see why I left you tied up baby? Don’t worry–it will fit. I know when a pussy can’t take any more of my cock. I won’t put more in you than your little cunt can take. Of course, it is going to hurt when daddy pops your cherry, but then I’ll make it feel all better.” As soon as he finished saying that, I felt the head of his cock at my entrance. I watched in fear as he started to push into me. I felt the first inch slide into me and relaxed. “OOO..that feels nice daddy.” I whispered. I felt him feed even more of his cock into my pussy until he came to my cherry.

“OK, baby. It’s time for daddy to pop your cherry.” He pulled his hips back then thrust them forward fast and hard ripping through my virginity. “OWWWWWW NOOOO daddy! No more please! Please no more daddy!” I screamed in agony. “SHHHHH, honey. It’s OK. It had to be done. We’ll rest for just a minute to let you get used to having my cock inside you.” He held his cock absolutely still inside my newly initiated pussy, yet his mouth was not so still. He leaned down and sucked one of my nipples back into his mouth and started sucking the way he knew I liked.

The sucking soon made me crazy again and I started to unconsciously move my hips. “OOOOO…” My eyes got wide as the movement of my hips pushed me further onto my father’s cock. There was no more pain, just warm tingling sensation. “See?” my father asked as he began moving in and out of my pussy “I told you I’d make the pain go away. Now open your mouth and kiss your daddy, little girl.” I did as I was told and received a kiss that no daddy should ever give to his own little girl. I gave him my tongue and felt him suck on it. Then he began to spear his tongue in and out of my mouth the same way he was spearing his cock in and out of my pussy.

“Oh, little girl, look down to where I’m fucking you.” He commanded. I looked down astonished to see that he had every inch of his cock up inside my tight little pussy. I looked up at him with wonder in my eyes. “Baby, I’ve never been with anyone who has been able to take my whole cock inside her,” he stated in awe “this proves that your pussy was meant for me to fuck.” With that, he started stroking his big hard cock deep into my pussy. At the end of each stroke I could feel the head inside my womb. I could do no more than lay there with my eyes closed and feel my daddy’s hot, hard, velvety soft cock stroking in and out of my wet passageway. The electrifying sensations were building to a peak I could only imagine.

“Oh daddy! Yes, fuck me daddy. Fuck me with your big cock. You’re going to make your little girl cum with your big hard dick. Please, make me cum daddy. YESSSSSS…” I moaned as the feelings began to take control of my mind and body. Hearing me begging him to fuck me sent him into over-drive and he began pistoning in and out of my pussy harder and deeper than ever. “HMMMM daddy…daddy I’m cumming…” I panted, “YES! YES! YES! Fuck me!! Aaaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiii” hips bucking up to meet his thrusts.

“That’s it baby, cum for daddy. Cum on daddy’s big hard cock.” He stroked me through my orgasm and kept up the pace, quickly bringing the sensation back to the brink and throwing me over the precipice once again. “HHHHMMMMMMM, I’m cumming again daddy! Fuck me! Cum inside me daddy, please!”

“OH YES baby! You want your daddy’s cum baby? OK, here it comes–daddy’s going to shoot his cum inside your tight little pussy. RRRAAAAAA” he shouted as his release hit him and he started shooting jet after jet of his hot, potent seed deep into my pussy. God, it felt like he shot a gallon inside my womb. The force of his orgasm, spurred my third, making me cry out and milk his exploding cock dry of every last drop of cum.

Daddy lie on top of me until we both caught our breaths, sweat covered both of us from head to toe. Slowly he moved and untied my hands and legs from his headboard. My hands immediately moved to his chest and touched him all over, stopping to play with his nipples. I moved my head to suck his nipples like he had mine. This made him groan and place his hands on the sides of my head. I worked my way down and looked at his still half-erect cock.

“Oh, daddy! It’s beautiful–you have a beautiful cock. I just can’t resist tasting it.” having said that I took it in my mouth and started to tongue and suck my daddy’s cock. I pulled off of it and looked up at my father and asked: “Oh look, it’s hard again daddy. When I get done sucking on it, will you fuck me again?”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m going to be fucking you all the time from now on. Yes, you sure did get your love of sex from your daddy. Now suck daddy’s cock like a good little girl and I’ll fuck you some more…”

That night began the most beautiful kind of father/daughter relationship anyone could ever have. And it led to a new addition to the family about 19 months later, a little girl they named May.