A Daughter Belongs to her Daddy

Trent pulled into the lookout carpark and I felt immediately like someone was watching us, I had a horrible feeling of gloom in the pit of my stomach — as if I was doing something wrong and was going to be punished for it. The lookout it a gravel lot on the side of the road that looks out over the ocean. It’s a hotspot for horny teenager, gay guys and cheating spouses alike. People who have nowhere else to go.

Heavy trees lulled over the carpark. There were no moon or stars, only the tiniest sign of ripples to let us know there was water at the bottom of the cliff. Trent and I go through this routine every weekend. He will take me to a movie, or sometimes for a drink now I am eighteen. On the way home we stop here for a quickie. If I’m even five minutes late my overprotective father will start calling me and get very angry, so we have to make sure he is never late in dropping me home.

Trent turned off the car, leaving the radio playing.

‘You look so beautiful, baby.’ He said, leaning in to kiss my lips.

I opened my mouth as his lips met mine, letting his tongue touch me, but my mind was not with that kiss.

‘Why don’t you close your eyes, Tilly?’ asked Trent.

‘I have that feeling, you know, when you think someone else is there, watching you.’

Trent sat up and turned the headlights on. They lit up into the empty sky but gave a better view of the carpark. There was only one other car, it looked like it was empty, no one in it.

‘See, babe. No-one.’ Assured Trent. ‘Even if there is, it’s just some pervert who wants to look at you.’

‘Eww!.’ I cried.

‘Come on. It’s horny, being watched.’

I laughed at him and forgot about my earlier worries. He pushed his warm hand up my thigh and rested it on my underwear.

‘Mmm, your so wet already, I can feel it.’ He said.

He kissed my neck and grabbing me by the hips pulled me onto his lap violently. I almost hit the car into drive with my shoe. I gave a playful shriek and Trent grinned. I grind myself against him and can feel his cock bulging in his pants. As he unzips his jeans I pull it out of his pants, hard and upright, more than ready to go, as always. Pulling my underwear to one side I kneel and push my pussy against the head of his cock.

‘Oh no, don’t do that… I want to play more first.’ objects Trent.

‘It’s ten thirty. We don’t have time.’ I reply.

Without waiting for agreement from Trent I lower myself onto him. He lets out a groan. Moving up and down on his shaft, he moves to rub my clit with one hand. His head is back and his eyes closed.

‘I’m going to come…’ he announces.

With that, it is over, all within a few minutes. I clamber back over to my side of the car and straighten my skirt a bit.

‘Did you come?’ he asks hopefully.

‘Yes, of course.’ I lie.

It’s not that I dislike sex. It just always feels like we are doing some thing wrong, and are so rushed, I never get to stop and enjoy things.

Suddenly, the car next to us starts and its headlights turn on. Screeching the tires it pulls out of the lot in a great hurry and onto the road. My stomach fills with fear. It was my Daddy’s car.

‘Trent! Trent, that was my Dad watching us! That was his car!’

If Daddy knew what I had been doing he would kill me! He would lock me up in my room for life! He would never let me leave the house again!

‘No. No Way, You’re just really paranoid.

Trent drove me home, I sat in the passenger seat full of fear. Was it really him? If it was what would happen when I got home?

Walking through the front door was the hardest thing I have ever done. The TV was on, so Dad must be in the living room. If I could walk through the entry and get to my bedroom I would be OK. It would mean that I really was paranoid and it wasn’t him in the lot.

I unlocked the door and walked through the entry.

‘Hi Daddy.’ I said as I stepped through.

He didn’t reply. I made it to the hall. I might just make it to my bedroom.

‘Honey. Can you please come in here.’

His voice was deep and commanding. It made me cringe. I was sprung. I entered the living room.

‘Yes Daddy?’

‘How was your date?’


‘Is there anything you want to tell me?’ he asked.

‘No Daddy.’

‘We need to have a talk. A talk about what you did tonight. What you have been doing.’

That was the moment I knew I was caught for sure. Daddy sat in his arm chair, tall and broad. He had a thick head of hair and big hands. He was a strong man. Please be kind to me, Daddy, I thought. Please don’t ground me, or never let me out again.

‘Do you know what I’m talking about, Tilly?’ he asked, his voice gentler.

‘I..I..No….’ I stammered.

‘Yes you do. Tell me what you did tonight, with that boy.’

‘We went to the movies. Then he drove me home.’

‘Don’t lie Tilly. I was watching you. I saw you in the carpark.’

I started to cry a little. Not since I was twelve had I cried in front of my Dad before.

‘Come over here Tilly, come to Daddy.’

I did as he told me and moved closer to his chair, standing at his feet.

‘Tell me what you did, did you kiss him?’

‘Yes Daddy.’

‘Good girl. Did you touch him? Did you touch his cock?’

I was silent. I was embarrassed and ashamed. ‘Sit on my knee, baby.’ He said.


‘Sit on Daddy’s knee.’

I did as he said, although I was very confused.

‘You’re my girl you know. You belong to me, not some nasty dirty boy. I’ve condoned this as long as I could. I just can’t anymore.’

‘Daddy? What are you doing?’

I sat on his knee and he rubbed my thigh under my skirt.

‘You’re going to have to tell me what you did. Did you touch him?’

‘Yes Daddy.’ I said.

He stopped rubbing my thigh then gave it a slap.

‘No baby. You won’t do that anymore. That was a slutty thing to do.’


‘Now.’ He said, rubbing my thigh again, ‘What did you do then?’

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‘We… we were at the lookout. Trent kissed me, I pulled his… his penis out…’

‘His cock.’ He corrected.

‘I pulled his cock out of his pants.’

‘Good girl. Keep going.’

He started rubbing my pussy through my underwear as I spoke. I was a little shocked at first. Nothing like this had ever happened before, this was my Addy, then amn I loved and trusted. I was too scared to say anything to him, I just let him keep rubbing my things and pussy.

‘I rubbed it a little. I rubbed his cock, it was so hard. Then he asked me to go down.’

‘He wanted you to suck his cock?’

‘Yes Daddy.’

‘Say it baby, tell Daddy.’

‘He wanted me to suck his cock. So I did a little. We didn’t really have much time though.’

Daddy slipped his hand inside my underwear and started playing with the lips around my pussy.

‘You’re wet baby. I can tell you’ve been out being a dirty slut. Keep telling me what you’ve done.’

In truth it was my Daddy making my pussy wet. It wasn’t right, but the way he rubbed my pussy made me more horny and wet than Trent ever had. I could feel his cock in a bulge inside his pants. I wondered what it would look like.

He started slipping a finger in and out of my pussy. Then he would stop and rub circles over my clit.

‘Then Daddy, I sat on top of him… and we … well we had sex.’

‘You fucked him. You let him put his cock in your pussy?’

‘Yes Daddy. He put his cock in me.’

Daddy gasped a little. ‘You’re a bad girl, you’re a little slut.’

‘Tell me, did you like it?’ he asked.

‘A little, Daddy.’

‘Well, you need to know you are Daddy’s girl. Get on your knees.’

I didn’t want him to stop plying with my pussy. It had started to feel good, but I was too scared to disobey him. I kneeled on the ground facing him and he unbuttoned his pants pulling out his cock for me. It was big and hard, it was an amazing looking cock, when I looked at it I was overwhelmed by thinking about how much I wanted it inside me. I had never felt lust like that for any man.

‘Suck Daddy’s cock, baby.’

I started to protest but he gave me a look that made me think the better of it. Kneeling on the ground, I lowered my lips around the head of his cock. Slowly I moved down the shaft, fitting more and more of him into my mouth. I only got about halfway, he was just to big. I started moving up and down the best I could. Daddy started rubbing my tits as I did, and pinching on the nipples.

‘Suck it. Suck Daddy’s cock.’ He said. ‘That’s it, get it all in your mouth.’

Hearing him talk to me like that made me want his cock even more. I wanted to get all of it in my mouth, I wanted to rub it all over my face.

‘Suck it, suck my cock, you little slut!’ he cried.

Faster and faster a worked my way down his cock until all of it was inside of my mouth.

‘Oh yes baby.’ He said.

I kept moving up and down as fast as I could, trying to get it all in my mouth. Daddy grabbed my hand and put it on his balls, making me rub them. I came up for air and licked his balls a little, then licked up and down the shaft of his cock, like a cat. I sucked on the head again and went to move the entire shaft back into my mouth.

Suddenly he stopped me.

‘On your hands and knees.’ He said. ‘On the floor.’

I obeyed, he removed my top and underwear, leaving me on all fours in only a skirt.

‘So do you know why I have to do this?’ he asked.

‘Because… I don’t know.’

‘Because you’ve been a naughty slut.’ He said. ‘Say it.’

‘Because I’m a naughty slut.’ I repeated.

‘That’s right. You’re Daddy’s little slut.’

He kneeled behind me and started fingering me again. After sucking his cock I was even more wet than before. I could feel my own moisture running down my thighs. He pumped one finger in and out of me, then pushed in two. I moned a little, but I wanted more. I wanted that big cock inside of me.

‘Daddy is going to have to fuck you. It’s a punishment for what you’ve done.’

He pushed his cock up against my pussy.

‘You want it though, don’t you?’


I thought about it. I did want it. I wanted my Daddy’s cock in me more than anything else.

‘Yes Daddy.’

‘Say it.’

‘I want you to fuck me Daddy. I want you’re big cock’

‘Good Girl.’

‘Put you’re big cock in me, Daddy! Please fuck me.’

He slid his cock into my dripping pussy. It felt amazing, his big cock stretching my pussy. My big strong Daddy started fucking me slowly, letting his cock slide in and out of my pussy, it was too tight for him to fuck me at a normal pace.

‘You’ve got such a tight little pussy, don’t you?’

‘Yes Daddy, please keep fucking me Daddy.’

‘Yes, you like it.’

‘Yes Daddy, please fuck me faster.’

He started pushing his cock into me harder. It hurt a little as he jammed his cock into me but I didn’t mind.

‘More Daddy!’ I cried.

‘Baby, you’re going to make Daddy come. You’re going to make Daddy fill your cunt up with my come.’

With he words I pictured his hot white come filling up my pussy. The image drove me over the edge. I exploded into an insane orgasm, shaking my whole body, while addy kept fucking me on all fours. After it passed he still kept fucking me.

‘Good girl. Daddy’s good girl.’ He said.

He pulled his cock out of me, still hard.

‘Have you had a cock in your ass before?’ he asked me.

‘No, Daddy.’ I said truthfully.

Tentativly he slid a wet finger into my asshole. It’s tight so he moved it in and out a few times to loosen it, when he can he puts two finger in. Pushing his cock into my ass slowly I squeals.

‘Oww, it hurts.’

Not stopping, he moved his cock in and out my ass. Despite my cries it glides in easily. It’s so tight, I can feel his cock get bigger and harder.

‘Oh god Daddy, this hurts too much you got to stop.’

Ignoring me he lets out a groan and starts fucking me faster. Arching my back I moved my body in motion with his cock, scared I am going to pull away from him, he grabs a fistful my hair and yanks it hard towards him.

‘Ow Daddy!

‘Oh you liked that, didn’t you?’ he asked.

I am even wetter than before. When he controls me, I get turned on. I don’t understand it.

‘Get on your back.’ He demanded.

In a daze I obeyed. Lying on my back he straddled my face.

‘I’m going to fill your mouth up with Daddy’s come.’ He said.

He pushed his cock into my mouth and started fucking my face. It made me incredibly horny all over again. Him in control, forcing his cock into my mouth as fast or slow as he wanted, and again that image of my Daddy’s come made me want to scream.

‘You want Daddy’s come, don’t you?’

I couldn’t answer of course.

‘Do you want it in your mouth?’

I nodded in reply.

He started moving faster and the closed his eyes a little. I knew the look, he was going to come in my mouth.

‘Oh, I’m going to fill your mouth with come, baby.’

I felt the first salty drops on my tongue. Then he suddenly moved his cock out of my mouth, coming all over my chin and face, then a little on my breasts. At that moment, seeing all that come leave my Daddy’s cock and spread all over me made me come again instantly.

Still shaking, Daddy fetched a cloth to clean his come off me.

‘Yes.’ He said softly. ‘You are Daddy’s girl. You belong to Daddy.’